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  1. I was hoping we got Clayborne.. but he went to the Suckaneers
  2. I completely agree. Being that Green was a Bulldog that would have got a lot of hometown love for the guy, but hey I am sure with the supporting cast of these two guys Julio has a pretty good chance at a better career. Just saying Ochocinco seems like a wide-out with pretty good intangibles but we still dont know whos going to be throwing the ball to Green
  3. What ever happend to Sam Acho.. just wondering maybe if he slips into the second or deep into the third i see him as a golden steal
  4. I have faith in TD making the right choice at 27. Trading up wouldn't be to smart in my opinion because sure the team has voids to fill but i do not see these holes being THAT big of a problem.. maybe someone TG can mentor b4 his departure or some defensive help. Other than that i see a pretty solid team
  5. I thought Shockley was dropped back in the preseason and i saw him on the bench during the Bear game which confused me..
  6. The Eagles got Garcia because he is a proven vet.. everything Kolb is not.. The Eagles would start Vick if they could but the suspension makes the in dire need of a qb
  7. the atlanta falcons corners for this season will be Houston and Hill.. Sorry sugar nips.. your just to short
  8. bet that the falcons will have over 100 rushing yards and that Tony Gonzo will have over 5 receptions... i dont see that not happening against the Pats
  9. if someone could take a side profile pic of farve and give him the Viking's trademark mustache, hair and horn i think that would be hilarious... i learned photoshop back in highschool but dont have the program myself. Thanks
  10. I cant remember who we were playing but he also dropped a game winner last year.. i think it was denver
  11. My most hated "Falcon" in history has to be Petrino how can u just give up like that.
  12. I went to six flags one time and saw someone wearing a Jeff George Jersey
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