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  1. lol, glad i didn't bother to read this crap
  2. Good to hear, I'm glad it's done, one of the things that hold rookies back the most is missing camp and pre season because of contract negotations. I am impressed with TD and Smith for the way things are being done.
  3. I think it would be great if we had Ryan and Baker playing for us. Ohh wait they do. LET IT GO If your not a Falcon Fan then leave
  4. A 5-11 or 6-10 season would be a good start for a rebuilding 1st year offense/defense team.
  5. If he wins the Job he should start if not he should sit, Smith asked him what is opinion was and he said he wanted to compete for the starting job. And thats what Smith wanted to hear
  6. Beer Man was drafted as a backup RDE to spell Abraham and special teams, he also can play all 3 LB spots, other than the first 3 picks everyone else can and will play multiple positions. guys watch the post draft interview.
  7. Actually your making yourself look like an Idiot, and doing a really good job of it.
  8. I think the 16million he got to steal was more than enough acknowledgement for him. Time to move on, with Matt Ryan
  9. Yea I've seen all that on replays also. Good riddance, we don't need fair weather fans around here don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  10. Maybe the players the drafted were a better fit for the system they are going to run. To be honest other the Dorsey, Ellis, and Laws NONE of the other DT's had what I believe Smith and TD were looking for. Go back and read the reviews of the other DT's every one of them at some point said they didn't give full effort. Were inconsistent, or IMO just plain lazy. Now if you can show me someone we passed over that wasn't like that then I will be upset with you bet you can't.
  11. You weren't he is a P.O. Vick Fan. Eventually they will all be gone and we can get some real football fans in here.
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