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  1. Based on what? A RB coach leaving? A DC that wasn't even calling the defense? Or the DL coach that was being out coached by a player? LOL. These overreactions are hilarious. We will be fine.
  2. Stephan A just brought up who we have played completely ignoring the complete CAKEWALK schedule the Patriots had and the HACK QB's they got to face. Talks about our playoff wins but fails to mention the Patriots played the TEXANS, and Steelers (who made ZERO adjustments). Watching these guys is hilarious.
  3. After yesterdays *** WHOOPING they are still talking about Rodgers and the Packers. This is hilarious.
  4. I love how he fails to mention that most of Rodgers stats came in GARBAGE time. Also what is up with everyone acting like that fumble was lucky? Collins muscled the ball out, Falcons FORCED that turnover.
  5. ESPN and First Take are an utter JOKE. "Aaron Rodgers falls short, is his Super Bowl window closing" was actually advertised BEFORE any talk about the Falcons. Again what a joke. And now Kellerman is making excuse for Rodgers BEFORE talking about the Falcons. Again this network, their shows, and their "experts" are complete and utter jokes.
  6. Exactly, pressure will be the key. They simply cannot match up with all our weapons so they HAVE to get pressure on Ryan and disrupt his timing.
  7. SOOO freaking pissed off. Week one here in WI they showed Bears/Bills over Falcons/Saints so I thought for sure HERE IN WISCONSIN we would get the freaking NFC North game. NOPE. What morons decide these things? If the Vikings had been playing ANYONE but the Falcons I bet I would get the game. Again extremely pissed.
  8. They remember what they want to remember, and you have to remember all these guys are NFL quality coaches that for some reason are not NFL coaches.
  9. Nothing against Wilson, I think he is a very good player, but Helen Keller could have torched the defense the way they played in the second half yesterday. No pass rush and WIDE OPEN receivers and anyone is liable to torch you.
  10. It is just like Berman saying "oh well if the Seahawks didn't give up the two long passes at the end......" Yet he doesn't mention the Falcons just ignoring Miller running free every play. Ifs and buts go both ways but in the end there is only one fact, Falcons won.
  11. Denver was favored by 9 1/2. Vegas odds don't mean ****.
  12. One game, the Rams say hi. They say you beat this "deadly defense" by stretching the field because the 49ers safeties don't handle speed well, and guess what? We have one of the best speed receivers in the NFL. You should be worried about how that defense is going to handle Jones, White, HD, and Gonzalez. This offense dumped 30 on a team only giving up 15. You are delusional if you think that "deadly defense" won't have trouble with those weapons.
  13. Actually the clock was NOT running due to the Falcons final TO, because of that there would not be a 10 second run off. The clock would have had to be running for the run off to occur. Now THOSE are the rules but please try again.
  14. Something to Julio, be it a deep shot or a screen. Most likely it will be a Turner run up the gut though.
  15. Fans looking ahead has absolutely ZERO impact on the game Sunday. Anyway on topic, I think SF is the better match up for us for one reason, Kaepernick. He has played well against bad defenses and has struggled with decent defenses and I don't see him tearing us up. I also wouldn't mind playing Green Bay to get some revenge for 2010, that and the fact that I live in Wisconsin.
  16. In the end the only stat that matters is 31-18.
  17. Until this team can develop a killer instinct they will keep falling short. When teams hand you opportunities you HAVE to cash them in.
  18. As long as you have internet most radio stations s.t.r.e.a.m. online for free. That is how I listen.
  19. I always use 790 the zone. Nothing beats listening to Wes and Dave.
  20. Didn't the Patriots lose to the Cardinals? Logic and the media really doesn't mix.
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