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  1. It's Clobbering Time!!!!!!!

  2. Just taught one of my youth players the Abraham sack celebration.

  3. Hated this guy when he played at ND and I was SO happy when the Panties got him because it would be fun watching the Falcons beat up on him. I hope he gets to meet Abe face to face Sunday.
  4. You're the one that every week ****** in the ingame thread that the game is over after the Falcons give up a TD. Not much room to talk about football knowledge.
  5. We need to keep trashing this guy every week.
  6. Exactly it makes every Falcons win just that much more sweet because we get to rub it in this guys face.
  7. "These imposters are trying to make me look like an idiot. Please stop whoever you are. My main point at the beginning of the season was that the Falcons were not very good in my eyes and still aren’t. I still think Matt Ryan is a below average quarterback and that Michael Turner is washed up. I stand behind those statements. New Orleans is one of the best in the league even if they can’t stop the run and haven’t really shown much this year. Detroit is still my sleeper pick and I think they’ll surprise a few. The 49ers are obviously better than the Falcons (that win was total luck) and will en
  8. Why, even after a good win, do some fans have to come here a bash a player on the Falcons. No matter what happens we always have these idiots come here and start ******** threads say "DUNTA SUCKS!!! GRIMES SUCKS!!! RYAN SUCKS!!! WE SUCK!!!" ect. Has Dunta been a little shakey, sure, but to say he sucks? C'mon man. He gave up what, 5 catches for 55 yards? The entire Def has been solid all year, and Dunta is a big part of that.
  9. I would love to see a Turner TD run to put the nail in the coffin, like so many teams used to do to us when the game was over.
  10. Another INT! Great play by Abe, he eats up All-Pro lineman!!!!
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