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  1. roddy is looking like an elite WR in 2010 to me, and i wrote him off after he dropped a bunch of balls at his pro day. he has come a long way and i'm glad he is a falcon.
  2. i hate jamie dukes on NFL network, and i wish they would fire his a** so i dont have to hear one more stupid word out of his mouth. he pisses me off every week trying to sound like he knows more than he does.
  3. spoon walked off but i doubt he plays anymore today. looked like ankle again.
  4. FINALLY!!! glad to see a deep pass from us completed for a TD.
  5. cheap hit by sheldon brown. i hope he knocked hisself out of the rest of this game.
  6. the one thing i hate about matt is that he fumbles all the f$%^&&^% time when he is hit.
  7. glad to see palmer. he could unseat peele who has done nothing.
  8. i hope we can win another tight one, but my stomach is in knots.
  9. blocked kick sux but abe with a 2 sack game in first half is nice, and seneca out delhomme in might be good too. i wish we had gotten the lead heading into the half, but we just need to win the second half by more than one pt.
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