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  1. every 5th practice is a 45 min ST's session. people want to see the two hour practices with 7-7's and 11-11's.
  2. franks looked the best to me at fielding punts, as he gobbled the ball up and quickly secured it. if he does not fumble when he is hit he should take weems job IMO. antone smith looked good too. weems looked good catching punts and also in 7-7's/11-11's but who cares. HD was out there and looked like his old self catching punts as well. i mostly watch the WR's in drills because i want to see their hands, and because you cant tell much about anything in the trenches until games. every single WR we have shows great hands and even jenkins looked good making some catches down field. all three QB's look sharp, but JPW looked WAY better in year two. arm seems stronger and more accurate. i always thought of him as a career #3, but if he shows ability to take what the defense gives him in pre-season, he may have me sold as our eventual primary back up. spoon was amoungst the 1's. franks was #3 LCB behind grimes and owens, but i think owens should be #1 LCB with robinson at his RCB spot. franks should have picked off redman but he dropped it, and then dropped down and gave em 20. still a good PD. owens went deep with jenkins and batted down a ryan pass. robinson and spoon also had a PD. no picks though. the whole team looks good, and depth is everywhere. i see guys i like that we simply wont have a spot for at WR, RB, TE, and S, but that is a better problem to have than years past when we were looking at who might get cut elsewhere. we may be a team being watched come roster cut time to see what talent shakes loose from our roster.
  3. the idea is great in principal. we all know what a class act coach smith is. i promise you he will pay the fine hisself and donate the donation to a real need like something for kids this close to christmas. or even better he will use the money and say thanks and make a donation of that same amount to a donation like toys for tots or something. even though smith probably learned to keep his hands behind his back, i was PO'ed that hall was not fined for running into the sidelines. the worst part is that as hall enters the sideline you see landry exit the right side of the screen back onto the field and it is after landry is gone that big mouth hall causes a roucus. he is a liar claiming that he went to his team mates aid. if landry was gone when his shinanigans started then WTH was he REALLY doing on the sidelines? we all know him well enough to know he was shooting his mouth off. i knew smith would be fined and i was ok with that, but it makes me really mad that goodell did nothing to hall when he was the instigator. great job commisioner!