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  1. HA! this guy comes in here a member of the pipe fitters union and voices a biased opinion? atleast he knows something about all that stuff. i kinda feel like as an outsider looking in, i have no idea what the real issues are, and i dont care. i just want to see this thing resolved.
  2. yeah, ultimately they need to settle this, and start the F/A period and the draft and be able to sign UDFA's and bring everybody to rookie mini camp the second week of may like usual. none of our rookies will have a fighting chance if we dont get back on the regular off season schedule soon. the undrafted can forget about 2011. they need to keep the fans in mind above all and reach a resolution quickly. i dont want to reach the draft with this BS still draging on. if so the season is in jeopardy. an espn article said they were only 185 mil apart, not a billion.
  3. we said we wanted to try him on both sides and they put him at SLB. based on his ability to cover TE's and RB's that is where i hoped he would land. WLB's are easier to find. that is like RF in baseball terms.
  4. i had reservations about moore coming out, but our staff was on the money thank goodness. as for jerry, i have been saying he will break out in his 3rd year with a healthy 16 games.
  5. anybody dumping on spoon last year doesn't know what they are talking about. he was clearly the best option we had at SLB as a rookie with his head swimming. i cant wait to see what he does knowing what to expect.
  6. i'm already excited about weatherspoon at SLB and lofton at MLB. they are the LB i targeted for us that year and that rd in the draft. its WLB i'm worried about and i have targeted mason foster at #59 for that need in this years draft.
  7. i'm on the owners side as well. players salaries have doubled in the last decade and with it ticket prices have doubled as well. i'm glad the owners are finally addressing the fact that these guys are over compensated instead of perpetuating the problem by continually raising ticket prices in alignment with rising salaries. ticket prices cant or shouldn't go any higher. i hope they stick to their guns, and i dont care how long it takes. i dont see the players being able to out last the billionaire owners when bills start piling up. not every player is a multi millionaire, and the lower end p
  8. in the past when players refuse to play, they are replaced with replacement players. if they refuse the deal offered which according to our home page looks completely fair to me, they can sit at home. 2011 will suck with AFL talent, but the NFL will continue, and they will draft from the college ranks. the current players can pull a barry sanders and sit their way out of the small window they have in their prime of life to play football for millions of dollars, or they can meet the owners requests regardless of whether or not they open their books and play ball. if they dont want to play footb
  9. with no draft or NFL football, i would easily cancel my cable and internet. save me lots of money. i may do it anyway.
  10. at 9 billion, they have increased the pie as far as it needs to go. they need to appreciate what they have and stop ticket inflation right where its at. if they cant live on what they have, they can try living on my salary.
  11. i dont care about the lock out. i'm glad the owners are taking a stand. they need to get ticket prices under control which means they needs to get salary increases under control. i fully expect there to be 16 games and 4 pre season games in 2011. i just want to see us win one for a change and i'm glad the owners are finally taking steps to make that happen. if they finally leveled out player wage increases and STILL increased ticket prices to line their own pockets, then yes, i would be done with NFL football. they have said the right thing in recent years claiming to be aware of the economy
  12. i love falcons football and it is the ONLY sport i watch with all the obscene salary increases in all sports. i already dont watch baseball or basketball anymore in large part because of their 20 and 25 million dollar contracts annually. also they are boring. still, football is not crack so if they think we are so addicted we will steal to watch and therefore pay them the rediculous amount of money they demand, they are in for a rude awakening.
  13. it would be pretty easy to network through facebook to set up a gentlemens agreement with fans across america to protest the ever increasing ticket prices instigated by the ever increasing player salaries. i would be more excited to see everyone keep their pimp hand strong and follow through than i would be to see the first game of the year which for us would be week two.
  14. make a poll thread asking this very question. i wonder how many would be willing to wait 7 more days to see the frist game? the best part would be nobody buying season tickets until week two. when i think about the first game of the 2010 season when EVERY player showed their ***** with their arrogant exhibition of "unity" to the owners before game one, i have no problem not going to or watching the first game of the year with EVERY SINGLE FAN WORLD WIDE, in our own exhibition to say, WE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN EITHER ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. i keep seeing how EVERYBODY is making money. they ALL make money off of us. WE are not millionaires yet collectively we pay the salary of many millionaires. even the ones of us that tune in on sunday help pay their salaries. they make a lot of money off televised games on top of season tickets and merchandise. should wal-mart split their profit 50/50 with its employees? why should NFL owners who carry all of the burden of losing everything have to share so much of their profit with the players? if the players contracts were capped annually at 10 mil max and the owners paid their players close
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