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  1. This stuff is really exciting to read. I doubt we will be 3-3 going into our bye week, but it sure if fun to think about.
  2. I could take Jamaal Anderson one on one.
  3. I dont know if you know this, but the longer your arms the harder it is to bench press.
  4. Sydney Rice looks good. Same with Anthony Gonzalez.
  5. Because everyone knows 20+ yard passes are considered a deep ball.
  6. You can always talk about the draft. It doesnt matter. And I am sure people can look forward to the season while discussing the draft. Andre Smith is a top10 pick as of now. At LT. I dont know where you get this idea of him being a RT and a late first round/second round guy. He has the size to play RT, but he is a LT. And I love how you have Sam Baker as our bookend LT for the next 10 years. Alot depends on his rookie season. I dont think his has alot to learn, and alot of what he does in his rookie season will most likely be how he will be in his career. If we are that high up though, I dont know who else we could take. A DE? Depends on Jamaal Anderson, but John Abraham isnt getting any younger...A CB? Our scheme doesnt require top picks at CB. A QB? No. A LT? Probably most practical. A WR? Will there be a good enough prospect at WR to go top5? Crabtree could separate himself from the rest, but I like our WR corp right now how it is. We dont need to add a top5 pick at WR. A DT? Best possibility, but once again, will a DT distinguish himself as a top5 pick? Lets all hope so. So unless we get a trade down, we will probably be getting an OT or maybe WR or DE.
  7. Yeah I doubt he stays for his senior year. He already has some great experience, and he will be competing for a championship this year. They will most likely get a bowl win and Stafford will come out with momentum behind him.
  8. Oh phew. For a second there, I thought the Falcons didnt think Ryan was their franchise QB and that they didnt want to talk to his agent about signing him. This basically says: The sky is blue. There are clouds.
  9. I am not a UGA fan. Nor do I follow college football (and if I do, its Cal). I follow prospects, and from what I have seen of him, he has all the tools to rise to the top of the boards, regardless of how his season goes. His arm and mobility are too good to pass up. Bookmark this topic and look at it next year when Stafford is the top QB.
  10. Of course we would be in position to draft him. We will most likely be picking top5. And we would have to sign some veteran QBs to help us through the year, but it would happen.
  11. This guy looks like he will fly up draft boards. He has a great arm, is tough, mobile. He needs to work a bit on his mechanics, but I really like him as a prospect. Could you imagine bringing this hometown hero to be the face of our franchise? That would have been great.
  12. They just love QBs the Falcons draft. Vick, Ryan, Favre. *shakes head*
  13. Inside scoop as in NFLDraftcountdown.com ?
  14. Honestly, I am disappointed. Jenkins needs to give up 12 to Matt Ryan in hope for a change in direction of his career. And I dont like the number 2 on a jersey. It looks weird. Giving him 8 or 9 would have been sick though. I can see him as a 9.
  15. Their blend of size, power, and speed are alot better than McFaddens. Also, they are alot better pure RBs. Unless McFadden lands in a ZBS, I dont see him doing as well as those 2 guys. I would rather have Stewart over McFadden actually.
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