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  1. you must be joking...dude is a terd to the max
  2. Our left side is so young they will only get better
  3. We still are missing trey lewis and Abe was out...our dline is not great but could be decent this year
  4. The burner really looked strong tonight....I think this kid is our only chance to be any bit consistent. I am pleased with him on all levels and think we really got a steal!
  5. I think Ryan looks the best of the 4 qbs...I still believe that Redman should start to allow Matt more time to pick up the nfl speed and develop so he does not get shell shocked.
  6. you guys sure are optomistic. Im saying 6-10 would be a good year with all the youth.
  7. Baker and blalock will turn into a nice duo.
  8. erasmus never worked out. He was a bust and finally got let go.
  9. good read...i hope turner is really successful this year.
  10. God who cares what he got he is obviously the guy at qb so they paid him that way so why worry what he got. Why not worry about how the offense will turn out around him and how successful we will be.
  11. they will get it done the owners want the money and the players love the game.
  12. it depends on the time of year...pre draft 5 times a day during the season about 5 times now till camp once a day.
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