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  1. http://www.stubhub.com/atlanta-falcons-tickets/
  2. I didn't really notice anything different from him. Seemed like the same ole Smitty to me. But a wins a win I guess.
  3. "We could have" , "If..." So tired of hearing that. It didn't happen, and there is no such thing as a time machine so you can't fix a mistake or a miss.
  4. I don't think its that big of a deal. Anybody think Smitty cares that Schwartz is a *****? Nah, we won after all.
  5. Harrison has a brain tumor, that is why the deal was voided.
  6. People really need to watch games and stop looking at stats. Lions are a good team, but not elite. They have no running game, no rush defense, and are still mediocre in the secondary. Ball control is how you beat pass happy teams and we have the offense for it. If we lose this game it is because WE didn't execute.
  7. This is really good news. Best is averaging a bout 4.5 yard a carry and he is out. The other running backs on the roster are averaging less than 3. Lions literally have no running game.
  8. Their defense line has gotten way better on putting pressure on the QB, but they still suck versus the run and still have a terrible secondary. We should put up points regardless.
  9. Just repeat the 2008 game. Run, run, and run some more.
  10. McDaniels doesn't exactly have a lot of firepower to work with. The only weapon on offense is Steven Jackson, and he can't stay healthy. Bradford doesn't exactly have a Wes Welker/Randy Moss to throw too either. Rams might have the worst skill position players in the league.
  11. Hate to see that happen, but it sure is good for the Bulldogs.
  12. Different head coach, some mediocrity. GT will be losers for years to come.
  13. Not BVG's fault the front four can't get pressure. Biermann and Sidbury aren't really a threat, Matthews is still green and hasn't made it on the field, and Abe can't make it through all 4 quarters. Edwards has been disappointing, but it looks like he is starting to come around. LBs are great, save for Lofton in coverage. DeCoud and DRob are inconsistent as well.
  14. I really don't get it. Ryan seemed to throw the deep ball pretty well in his first two years. Last year and this year it has been different. I think its a coaching AND confidence issue.
  15. I don't know what game you were watching, but the ball left Matt Ryan's hands and went RIGHT through Roddy's hands. He was interfered with, but he should have had that catch. He was in perfect position.
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