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  1. Hello, I am the passing breeze on a summer's day The smell of Bar-B-Que drifting your way I am the children all out to play I am the old folks with little to say... Who am I? I am the parade on Main Street But I am the person you'll never meet My time here was up long ago I am the person you'll never know... Who am I? I stormed the beaches of Normandy Iwo Jima, Italy, and I fought at sea I fought in the air, I fought on the ground I fought and I died, all around... Who am I? I am the young man, 18 or 20, Remembered by some but forgotten by many Who gave everything for his country and friends
  2. Here's some punctuation: ...........................................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Feel free to use any of those next time you grace us with one of your "reverse KKK" statements............ :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  3. "TD does have to answer to AB. I guarantee you an executive privilege was taken." How can you 'guarantee' that, Ed? Inside info? Or just pure speculation, perhaps???:unsure:
  4. I just can't understand "fans" like WillWork. There ain't nothing on earth that would stop me from being a Falcon's fan. I was born and raised in Atlanta. I was 13 when the Falcon's first took the field in '66 and was already drawing cartoons about them for my little brother's homework assignment. Before we got the Falcons, I was a Baltimore Colt/Johnny Unitas fan. I sure was glad when Atlanta got a franchise and I still am. I've seen the good years and plenty of bad in Atlanta, but it doesn't matter. I'm telling you all straight up that if the Falcons never win another game, they will be my t
  5. I liked the picks too, Rev, but no way TD is the smartest Falcon ever. We all know that title belongs to #7 so let's give credit where credit is due, ok?
  6. GEORGIAfan will never rest until DJ is the Falcons QB and you have to respect his passion. I didn't shoot at him!
  7. No, I wouldn't do that! I'm a positive fan! (Well, most of the time!) This is not about ideas for cartoons. I'm really interested in reasons folks don't like Matt. So far, GEORGIAfan has stated his reasons best.
  8. That was as "specific" an answer as I could ask for. Anyone else? Who's next?
  9. I refuse to answer that question on the grounds I might incriminate myself!:w00t:
  10. It's a general question but I'm hoping for specific and honest answers from knowledgeable football fans. "I just don't think he has what it takes!", is NOT a specific answer. Tell me WHY. I'm NOT out to bait anyone or start arguments (yeah, right?), but rather I am genuinely interested in honest feedback. If you don't like Matt, why? Thanks, and let's keep it real.:cool:
  11. Thanks seamill. I usually don't get cranked up until the season starts but I'll see if I can't come up with something concerning this MOST historic draft!
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