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  1. I don't like it! I was okay with that stuff in the past, but after witnessing how everyday people can be affected I can not be on board any longer. We have to be more thoughtful of how the images we post affect others.
  2. You contribute to the objectifying of women. You promote pornography as being part of the mainstream. You contribute to underage kids seeking porn. What you think is fun and cool leads to divorce, abuse, and addiction.
  3. We'll always love you brother!
  4. Only non-heterosexual men wear cologne. Real don't need funny smelling water to get broads.
  5. You'll never be forgotten GJ.
  6. That Curry kid is must see tv. Check him out tonight.
  7. I find it amazing how we humans can extract the worse from anything. We create the internet, then use it to transfer smut to all corners of the world. The 3D printing thing started as fun, but there is no doubt a year from now some kid will be arrested for doing the unthinkable using this technology.
  8. Help me here. I being 100% serious. How can one twin be gay and the other be hetero? You people have concluded that gayness is borned not learned. So if it's from birth, and he and his brother share identical DNA, how in the **** is his twin not gay?
  9. thinking about building a cement pond
  10. Woke up this morning with a tear in my eye wondering why this great man was taken away from us so soon. RIP GJ! We love you brother.
  11. How can he be gay and his identical twin brother not be? Either he's acting gay or his brother is acting straight.
  12. Cried when I heard this. RIP GJ. May the glory of the Lord shine on thee forever. We love you.
  13. funny how this guy considers himself a gay christian as if such a thing is possible
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