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  1. That Curry kid is must see tv. Check him out tonight.
  2. You can not force people to stop loving MV. I'm done with dude but I still believe there's a strong minority of "Falcons fans" who still love him more than the Falcons.
  3. man you dudes are awful willy-nilly with the plus ones.
  4. All we hear is about is the Dolphins' defense. They can't stop a nose bleed.
  5. Sanchez has been severely overrated. He's not that accurate and has slow delivery.
  6. Sorry but Cam is already better than T. Jax and Cassel.
  7. Got my NFLN/RedZone yesterday.
  8. http://boards.philadelphiaeagles.com/topic/618015-spot-on-dtans-first-annual-season-prediction-thread/
  9. Matty Ice >>> Freeman...So take that!
  10. Falcons need to get this offense in the 21st century. Ball control football is good for the regular season but think you need more to compete in today's NFL post season. Once the Falcons got down 2 scores I know they were done.
  11. Center snapped the ball too soon. 100% not Matt's fault.
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