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  1. This guy must love some DAWGS cause he even threw in a Stafford and Mettenberg thing. When was the last time a national writer spoke of 3 UGA QBs?
  2. I noticed no gaytor helmet. Personally, I think they should bring back that white one they had a couple years ago. That was as tight as a uniform can get wearing fudge packing prison orange and blue.
  3. Spurrier number 1 no doubt Petrino Fulmer Saban
  4. I just don't consider myself a homer. I am often quite pessimistic actually. (Makes it easier to not get your heart broken) I predicted 8-4 last year for my Dawgs. I think I see people for what they are. Stafford is not going to win a Heisman this year. The kid has a tremendous arm and decent mobility but needs to avoid dumb mistakes. He needs to work on the accuracy of his long ball... over throws WAY too many open WRS He did improve from year 1 to year 2 and I can only hope he does the same again. We are not an air it out team and he will never put up crazy stats. He still does silly things
  5. how does every thread turn into a stafford vs tebow thread?
  6. Not about slobbering over Tebow at all. I'm used to that. Don't give me this other garbage about how a great player isn't exactly what he is. Special. Don't try to tell me how Spurrier is in Mark Richt's head. WTF does come from? Should have lost to Bama by 3 tds !?!? WHAT? Just terrible radio host but like I said, the other gator homers stood up for our boy. There is a difference in being a homer and just spewing verbal diarrhea. Franz Beard has the squirts of the oral cavity once again. Its funny because my gator friends often come to me for info on the team taht I pick up from the radio and
  7. They aren't all bad. We have our fair share of homers too, lets be honest. Most Gators here will recognize Knowshon exactly as what he is. Except for the lady I spoke with the other day that called him a trouble maker... My response that I wanted to say was "who carried their team to more BIG GAME victories? Tebow or Knowshon?" There are people down here who think Knowshon will win the Heisman. I do not. I think Caleb will get enough carries that Knowshon does not have gaudy stats. I could also care less who wins the Heisman, give me Ws, not personal awards.
  8. So my radio is basically always set to espn radio. In the morning, that often means that Gator Country Radio comes on and sometimes it is worth listening to. Franz Beard (expert)comes on and starts yapping about UGA. "UGA will lose 3-4 games this year. THey have no Tim Tebow type player to rally behind who can energize the team and pick them up and put them on his back like Florida does." "They just don't have any special player like that". At this point, I had to make a phone call. "Have you ever WATCHED Knowshon Moreno?" "Did you watch the game where Florida fans were asking "who is that
  9. Gator country radio huh? I always listen to 1230 am and it or Colin Coherd is usually on during my morning drive. A bit too homerish for my liking but I think most of that comes from the callers which is to be expected.
  10. Talked to a guy that worked for Fox sports.com in the college football department the other day.. He is a Zona guy who is picking UGA to have a great year. We talked about Zona State and he constantly brought up the fact that Carpenter is overrated and is gonna get treated like the ol Boise St QB. Also said that Zona St really feels like they will win this game easily. I found that to be very interesting...
  11. Injuries happen to every team. You just hope that someone rises up and takes care of business. Its terrible when they are all in one position. Well, Unless it happens to Florida, then its ok.
  12. I'm kinda leaning toward JDU on this one...Something seems suspicious about the story. Why would a girl go out of her way to get 2 players arrested for no reason? I think the story is odd and will turn into dropped charges but something seems odd. We weren't there and don't know. Also, Pitt is right. The Athens Cops can get a bit out of control.
  13. Personally I could give 2 snits about preseason rankings. It is sad that they are important due to the BCS. No one wants to be the 2003 Auburn who gets screwed cause people didn't think they were good in the beginning. UF has a very favorable schedule compared to UGA this year but ya know what, UF had a tough schedule in 2006 and won it all. We can too. In College football, we just need a few lucky breaks along the way and play it one game at a time. Every team that wins a national title has a few things help them out to get them there. Ya gotta have luck in there. UF-2006, LSU 2007. Both team
  14. It is yours but with a few minor tweaks. I just quoted yours and changed a few minor things.
  15. This might be more realistic. This is my 53 man roster prediction as of right now. QB- Matt Ryan - Chris Redman - DJ Shockley (because lets face it, we know what we get out of Harrington and the potential is slim.) RB- Michael Turner - Jerious Norwood - Thomas Brown FB- Ovie Mughelli - Corey McIntyre WR-X- Roddy White - Harry Douglas - Brian Finneran WR-Z- Laurent Robinson - Michael Jenkins TE - Ben Hartsock - Martrez Milner - Keith Zinger LT - Sam Baker - Renardo Foster LG - Justin Blalock - Ben Wilkerson C - Todd McClure - Alex Stepanovich RG - Tyson Clabo - Kynan Forney RT - Todd Weiner - H
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