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  1. Comical you would insinuate Alabama is an instigator with the multiple unsportsmanlikes committed by UGA in the Alabama game. Dawgs came out barking at Alabama from the pregame and then got it handed to them.
  2. I appreciate that. Pretty unpredictable game Saturday between the weather and the up and down QB play for both teams going in. I honestly thought you guys would get us, due to how poor Coker had looked of late. Coker came out hot though and our defense did a nice job defending the run early - and it just kind of snowballed from there. Both teams certainly could meet again in Atlanta - in fact, Georgia controls its destiny, while Alabama still needs some help. If Georgia can bounce back against the Vols (which won't be easy - just like Alabama-Arky coming off the big game last week with so much emotionally invested), I think they are in excellent shape and actually match up very well against Florida.
  3. That was my first post in over a year. Just decided to check the board out with the game coming up against Georgia. Have had a really tough last year and not much time to log on. Good luck to all the Georgia fans Saturday night - looking forward to a good game.
  4. Of course, there will be a difference in their play against better competition. My point was for evaluation purposes relative to each other the competition level was irrelevant. I assure you that both guys have a lot of work to do before we play Florida.
  5. I hear you. If nothing else, having two capable guys is a nice luxury in the event of an injury down the road. I like this team - best collection of RBs/WRs we have ever had. And Amari Cooper is in the discussion for best player in the country - just incredible and Kiffin is feeding him.
  6. And Saban rotated McCarron and P. Sims to sort them out too. In this case, I think we are on track for a two QB system. I think we will need both guys playing effectively to win.
  7. Saban had said before the game we would see a rotation. Sims got the first three series and Coker got the next three. We knew that going in.
  8. My judgment is in how they did in relation to each other. Competition is irrelevant. Neither guy led a drive where we had to punt. That is the goal.
  9. Did you even watch the game? Sims had not just scored - he had fumbled by running the wrong play inside the 5. Teaching moment. Hate to break it to you but both guys will continue to play and will play well. That two QB system today worked so poorly that our Punter DID NOT COME ON THE FIELD. Both guys have strengths and weakness and complement each other very well. Coker's arm strength will be needed to take the top off of SEC defenses. Saban knows that is the case. Sims does a very nice job managing the offense and moving the ball in the no-huddle - that will be needed as well. Sit back and watch Nick Saban coach football.
  10. What are you talking about? Coker looked very good. Both guys did. And in case you didn't notice, Sims got yanked out of the game for fumbling in the redzone. He tried to handoff on a called pass play. I think we will see a lot of both QBs this season - may be a rotation for awhile.
  11. Franklin and Mike Gottfried were great for a long time. Franklin actually got a second chance and couldn't keep his nose clean with the comments directed toward females.
  12. I actually love hearing Musburger call a game. Nothing feels like I am about to watch a big sporting event more than Musburger saying "You are looking live ...." Always thought he and Herbstreit made a great team - hate that Musberger is having to carry the load now with Jesse Palmer (who really loves to hear himself talk).
  13. I like the Mississippi schools against Auburn for a few reasons: 1) Mississippi State seems to always give Auburn fits, even their best teams; 2) Auburn is on the road for both games; 3) Ole Miss and Mississippi State both run up-tempo so they are a little more suited to defend it; and 4) I have those losses coming the game after what I have predicted as the two biggest wins for Auburn - LSU and South Carolina (letdown effect).
  14. Wide Receivers coach and heavily involved in coordinating recruiting efforts. Saban seems to really like Napier. There was talk he might get the OC gig when Nuss left - if Kiffin fails, I would not be surprised to see Saban stay in-house with Napier the next go around.
  15. I am putting a lot of stock in Pruitt overhauling that defense. Georgia certainly has all of the pieces on offense. For me, I expect Mason and Alabama's QBs to be greatly benefitted by a tremendous supporting case at the other skill positions. The team that is most difficult for me to predict is Auburn. They may have a better team than 2013 and still have as many as 4 losses - that is where I have them obviously. If the ball bounces in their direction again, they certainly have the talent for another run at a championship though.
  16. My take: SEC East 1. Georgia (12-0) 2. South Carolina (9-3) - losses to UGA, AU, FLA 3. Tennessee (7-5) - losses to OKLA, UGA, MISS, ALA, SC 4. Florida (7-5) - losses to ALA, TENN, LSU, UGA, FSU 5. Missouri (7-5) - losses to SC, UGA, FLA, TX AM, TENN 6. Kentucky (4-8) - wins over OOC (but LOU) and VAN 7. Vanderbilt (4-8) - wins over OOC SEC West 1. Alabama (12-0) 2. Ole Miss (9-3) - losses to ALA, LSU, ARK 3. Mississippi State (9-3) - losses to LSU, ALA, MISS 4. Auburn (8-4) - losses to MSU, MISS, UGA, ALA 5. LSU (8-4) - losses to WISC, AU, ALA, TX AM 6. Texas A&M (7-5) - losses to SC, MSU, MISS, ALA, AU 7. Arkansas (4-8) - wins over OOC (but TX TECH) and MISS SEC Champions: Georgia over Alabama Coach of the Year: Hugh Freeze (MISS) Offensive POY: RB Todd Gurley (UGA) Defensive POY: S Landon Collins (ALA) Difference in the SEC Championship Game is Hutson Mason - Alabama gears to stop the run and Mason has a big game against Alabama's young secondary.
  17. You guys predicting a big month were right on. Congrats on the Ledbetter get - I had been expecting that flip for awhile. He is going to be a good one. Just outstanding pass rush skills for a guy his size.
  18. If I ever get to the point where I can absorb a loss like the Iron Bowl, you best be picking out my casket.
  19. One other note on Pruitt. I lived basically 5 minutes from Hoover's stadium when Propst had his run. Only guy I ever saw dominate Hoover's defense under Pruitt was Joe McKnight for John Curtis (LA). Not sure what all happened at USC but McKnight was the best high school player I have ever watched in person. Kid just ran circles around a very good Hoover defense.
  20. Here's the story - it's fascinating: http://espn.go.com/espn/e60/story/_/id/9611293/the-confessions-rush-propst
  21. Maybe I'm wrong but fairly certain Georgia was at least in the top 4 in recruiting at this same time last year.
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