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  1. Well said, brother. That’s exactly how I’d feel. I’d understand his reasoning, and would certainly be happy when he goes into the HOF and Ring of Honor as a Falcon. Matt isn’t a dummy. He’s still got a few years, most likely, but he knows that he’s on the downward slope.
  2. Agree. But here is one point that all of the “put the entire SB loss on Ryan” people forget: he’s wearing a headset. Shanny is piping down the call. He may even be explaining why—we’ll never know. DQ is on that communications line. DQ could have overridden shanny. he didn’t. If I’m Matt and I’ve had a great season and believe in my leadership—-which why wouldn’t you after his season—i’m calling what Shanny told me as well. Great teams have that trust. Unfortunately, the play was not executed properly. And, let’s get to the guts, Dan was right. Freeman made a business decision and botched everything. Look at the film. There was a wide open receiver and that play call would have cinched the SB had a running back, who caused ripples about pay at the SB, simply attempted to block. So whose fault was it?
  3. I agree. All the QBs had question marks, matt has plenty of gas in the tank and Pitts is potentially a generational talent.
  4. This article is flawed in so many ways. First of all JJ and Matt are not remotely similar situations. Second, it is not uncommon for a team to defer cap for QB. Third if Matt balls out, they aren’t trading him and if he doesn’t ball out he’ll be hard to trade. So it’d be a salary dump w// very little return. JJ’s situation was not remotely like Matt’s. Matt’s situation will probably be similar to how the Saints did Brees and the Pats did Brady to an extent.
  5. Don’t forget that we have Patterson as the do it all in space COP back. It’s weird to think of a 230 pound guy being that, but Patterson is Uber fast, can catch and is deadly in space.
  6. Called a low risk/high reward signing. No risk, really. Worst case he gets pounded and carries a clipboard, or doesn’t suit up. Best case , the still only 24 year old Rosen, learns, is rehabilitated and becomes Tannehilll-like in 2-3 years. Win Win either way
  7. Hard to argue this. Rivers was a tough SOB, without a doubt. One of the toughest ones of all time IMO. Rivers on that knee was simply incredible. You’re right on Jackson. Let’s see how he’s going a few more years from now. He’s playing at the right time for his skill set. Ryan is one of those guys that you kind of take for granted, until you look at his career over all. The Falcons have had all types of issues over the years, but #2 has been reliable, consistent and available. That’s pretty dam good for over a decade.
  8. I agree that he’s one of the tougher ones. I think he’s also one of the more durable QBs ever.
  9. We’ll see. You absolutely hated Walker last year lol He may not do well, but then again look at the numnuts coaching our defense the last few years. Let’s see what Pees can do.
  10. Ha ha nah, notice i knew a lot about Jaylinn Hawkins at California as well? I got stuck out on West coast on trips a while and kept watching PAC 12 and other west coast football news and games a while lol He was an edge at first in college, i believe. I know that they used him as SAM, standup and all over. Long player. I’m hoping Jaylinn Hawkins shows off some of that playmaking ability as well. Be nice to see those two picks turn out good at those positions. We’ll be a lot better off on defense if so
  11. I’m not there on Hawk the rb, yet. But we’ll see. I’ve loved Walker since day one. But, then again, i followed Fresno State for a while. So seen a few of his games in college. I think that he’s bulked up to around 250
  12. Walker for me and Erik Harris, as well. I think Walker is going to surprise many w/ his pass rushing prowess Harris is a vastly underrated player that’s a great fit for Pees’ defense
  13. They getting him ready for SAM spot. He was a pass rusher in college at times. I know you can’t stand him, but i like him lol
  14. I think that you’re right. I haven’t given up on Hawkins growing into a very good backup combo saftety at the least. I like this group. I’m also not that down on our cb situation either. Overall, the re-made secondary looks pretty good. That’ll go a long ways towards improving this defense
  15. Yup.Some pretty good QBs have come from the UDFA ranks. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/gallery/top-10-undrafted-quarterbacks-in-nfl-tony-romo-kurt-warner-warren-moon-041717
  16. Ha ha he cracks me up. At one point, he was touting Trask as a first rounder and the “can’t miss” prospect. Dude has never been close to right in his draft analysis for over 20 years 😂
  17. Hey, you! What a blast from the past! I’m going on for 22 plus years on this board! how’ve you been?
  18. Dude, please pull back on this….No offensive, but you are full of 💩 on this one
  19. I didn’t set the NFL economic values for position. And, ok, on Toney. So what’s your point? He was over drafted? Is that what you’re saying? Bet you’re one of the “I’m po’d” because we didn’t take Justin Fields guy? Honestly, dude, i don’t really know what your point is, or what you’re trying to argue. You obviously didn’t watch the video. Cya.
  20. You tell me. It worked out for him. he got drafted at #4 overall. Just saying. I’m guessing that you don’t like Pitts.
  21. Good video. The TE position is an incredibly difficult one to label, and place a baseline economic and team value to it simply because TEs are so diverse. You’ve got a couple of complete TEs like Kelce and Kittle that do it all. But then you got guys like Gonzalez and Antonio Gates that were primarily over-sized receivers. Guys like Witten and Olsen played a long time and had great seasons, but mostly good seasons. Gronk in his heyday was an all around TE But look at guys like Pitts coming into the league. For years most of the pass catching TEs were not 6’6’ and ran 4.4s. How do you categorize him? Is he a Calvin Johnson big WR type? Or is he a taller and faster Kelce? But back to why their economic value is so all over the place, it’s because most are like Hurst—good receivers, ok blockers. Or straight up bullying blockers taken in later rounds like Smith (our guy) and Stocker. And, last but not least, the TE, probably more than any position, really is dependent on the scheme. Pitts is coming to a team w/ a HC that loves to use his TEs in the receiving game. Kittle and Kelce did so as well. Many HCs and OCs simply don’t feature the TE as the first or second option. Thanks for the vid. It was interesting.
  22. He’s more of a strong safety. Hooker is more of deep safety.
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