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  1. Bro, I’d sign him if I’m the Falcons. 1 year deal. Go all in.
  2. No way he slides that far! Wow
  3. ^this would be great. Move up for Delpit or McKinney and then fill holes with remaining picks.
  4. Add this dude to your list. Long, smart and perfect for zone defenses.
  5. I think Xavier and Winfield fit the versatile DB Morris always talks about, however, our SS and FS are pretty interchangeable. Delpit has massive range though, and allows for cover 1 looks
  6. I disagree as McKinney plays the slot, SS, FS and can even play outside on bigger wrs or athletic TEs. We need a guy like him
  7. He’d be a nice addition m as would Murray, Queen. Gay JR, is the most talented, but Hes and offfield issues
  8. That’d be kinda cool. I’ve used discord, it’s a nifty app
  9. You could be right, this is a sorry edge class. And, I, like you it’s probably better to get a future first out of any trade.
  10. Ahh...I like him. I don’t think he’s a pro bowl or all pro type, but he’d be a bit better than Campbell IMO. i think Gay Jr. Has all pro ability. I also think Queen does in right system
  11. Your example is moving up for only 6 spots it’ll be interesting to see what the true value is..but the fact remains that chart is worthless if a premium position like a QB or Edge is on the board. The saints gladly overpaid for Davenport. Giving up two late second rounders is not out of the realm of the possibility. great points from you, we just don’t agree, I do love these type of conversations though!
  12. The packers traded the No. 14 pick to Saints for the No. 27 pick, a fifth-round pick (No. 147, obtained from Dolphins) and a 2019 first-round pick. note a future first round pick. . Which a 2021 first rounder would be fine. I used this actual trade as a baseline. guess what the saints traded up for? An Edge. Marcus Davenport. if you read my narrative, I clearly state the shawls want an edge. now take the trade value chart, the two second rounder are a bargain for the seahawks if they want an edge.
  13. Not next year. I wrote that. Do you realize how many scrubs you just listed? Safety is a need. An upgrade at one of those two spots is as well, neal is damaged goods. Gurley’s knees aren’t nearly as alarming as Neal’s battered and increasingly failing lower extremities
  14. Thank you. Those are great points. I lean toward Cam. I think the falcons like him anyway.