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  1. Agree. He’s definitely finding that groove. Looks like the mental part of game is slowing down for him remember my draft crush on him, and I how I think he’s primarily an ILB in 43 and will and chase in nickel, but moving him as a rover on occasion? Looks like V, Joseph is using him that way. He has a chance to be an All-Pro MLB in my opinion. But I’d still play peek a boo with him at other spots once in a while.’heck, I’d rush him off the edge on occasion
  2. Devin Mcourty, Adrian Phillips plenty
  3. Good analysis, my friend. You’re right in a low percentage type offense, he’s making some difficult throws with minimal mistakes there goes the noodle arm argument I still;; hate this offense lol
  4. Ha ha it would be. There are some guys on roster that I went through, but the learning curve is steep and we are not stocked at edge, and certainly not stocked to have a solid rotation of 34 OLBs which is critical. i don’t understand why people think a 34 is easier to build than a 43.
  5. Didn’t marlon play 34 DE and even OLB at Auburn? Cominsky is a prototypical 5 tech. senat if something is there and Davidson both could play NT, or rostate in with a bigger nose Foye would be nice inside as well. He’s added good size, and still fast and is processing the game well whats so confusing about our years under DQ is to have this blend of players like a Seattle 43 under with 34 principles, but play Tampa two style we need a FS badly, Rico is garbage. Kazee is a JAG and unless Hawkins comes along better, with keke as an injury risk and that group we’re scr
  6. Yeah, you Right, it’s easy to isolate examples. Also hindsight is 2020. Vic had a few good seasons, was highly regarded, jerry was a rather studly late first rounder that fit BVG”s scheme but injuries killed him. Ditto with baker, who we did get some decent seasons from as well. so are those busts? I don’t know. Are they awesome value? Nah. But 3 out of twelve seasons ain’t bad for 12 years. TD whiffed a lot on OL early and had problems at getting an established Safety until keke
  7. Wouldn’t hitting a kneeling QB be a roughing the passer or unnecessary roughness? An automatic halfway to goal line and first down?
  8. I mean that’s a nice way to address him, isn’t it?😀
  9. Can someone roofie the OP? Just so he’ll sleep, no other harm
  10. This. I agree. You know they will let you score, so why even run it? You’re talking a 25 yard FG at that point I think?
  11. Spot on. Don’t blow roster up, add edge and safety and a running\game next year and ride out the results. Gutting a team with players still in prime is silly
  12. For McKay or Blank to dismantle team, except for those on expiring contracts would be madness pre-hiring a GM and HC. Most legit candidates want to make their own observations and decisions
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