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  1. He’s more of a strong safety. Hooker is more of deep safety.
  2. Interesting observation. What’s more interesting is that over the course of 16 games, Ryan averaged 39 passes a game and Tannehill averaged right at 30 passes a game. That’s 9 less each game. Project the reduced passes as productive runs of say 4.5 ypc. That’s 648 more rushing yards. Why does that matter? Time of possession is why. As you know a rushing play keeps the clock running vs an incomplete pass which stops the clock, sets the game tempo and rests the defense. Plus in the modern NFL and often smaller and quicker pass rushers it has a punishing effect and forces the Safety down in
  3. Ha ha not me. Must be a cousin that i don’t know about
  4. Yeah, you been on these boards for a long time 😂 You are an old mother modder
  5. Haven’t seen you in a minute! All good in your world? I don’t post nearly as much on the MB as i used to. It’s definitely different
  6. I was around back in those days. I think i was in 99 or 2000. I knew Cappy as DJ11, dire Wolf was around and Daddy Knows Best too lol
  7. I love Foye. I still see him as a safety in many ways. I was stoked when we drafted him. It’ll be interesting to see if they extend him after this year
  8. I like our real draft better. I’m not sure where you are getting “Fs” on high upside and athletic players in mid to late rounds.
  9. That’s what I’m saying. For one why would we want Jimmy G? He’s expensive and not very good. Two, they don’t have a plethora of LBs, OP suggested, to deal. Samson Ebukam? He’s ok. Dee Ford is on a huge contract. I doubt that is an option. They aren’t giving up Armstead, Kinlaw or Bosa. They have no first round pick for two more years. That’s a bad fit overall for potential players and picks package. OP needs to look at their roster
  10. He’s not second best. Chris Jones has that by a big margin. Grady is good, but not Donald or Jones good. We’ve had bad defense with Grady.
  11. Can’t afford him without the new regime either 1) Convincing Grady to extend and/or 2) The regime even wants to extend Grady. Personally, i think Grady is out the door after this year. He’s not worth the giant cap hit he’ll be. Dead cap is just the price you pay when you do these type of deals. good news is the dead cap is spread over two years, the cap it’self goes up next year and there is no other dead cap other than JJ’s (barring something unforeseen) to deal with next year
  12. Yeah. One thing that Matt has in common w/ almost all HOF QBs (Namath and Stabler are two notable exceptions and arguably shouldn’t be in the HOF) is availability due to the ability to avoid major injuries. We know that he’s played through stuff like most great players; but he’s very much in shape, doesn’t expose himself stupidly and should be gtg for a while. I can see 4-5 more years of him playing. Can he do a Brady? Who knows. But, then again, Brady is a freak. Although, from what I’ve read Matt is meticulous about nutrition and conditioning and he looks in shape from even the OTA pics.
  13. Honestly, unless Matt seriously regresses, or gets injured; i don’t think that TF and AS would have a problem extending him until age 40 or so. It is so common for QBs—even lesser QBs like Fitzpatrick—to play to 40 and even beyond these days. I suspect that we’ll draft a replacement in next couple of years to sit behind Matt; but i don’t think that will surprise Matt either.
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