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  1. Ha ha Ill take it! Nah, in all seriousness, you’re right sports and sports discussions are about emotions and passion. It’s only wrong when hidden agendas exist
  2. So the logical move for a team with a great vet who’s still playing well is to bolster the OL, build the defense, accumulate talent and picks and then when time is right go up and get a QB. ‘Matt Ryan came into a favorable situation.
  3. Ouch. That’s a great piece of evidence....yeah, that’s the issue. You draft a QBs that high, you commit.
  4. Sure. I see. Thanks for the thought experiment, I think
  5. Draft a raw prospect at #4? Does that really sound logical? Truth is with a tight salary cap we should draft an impact player at a position that would cost a ton in FA like edge, cb, maybe even Sewell or even a weapon like Pitts since frankly JJ has had showed far more decline due to injury than Ryan. Or even LB like Parsons since Foye will be a UFa the next year and perhaps Debo does poorly in new system
  6. Yup. Funny thing is they could have grabbed a talent as varied as Jonathan Taylor, who would allow them to let Jones walk, or a Winfield Jr., or Patrick queen or Tee Higgjns or a slew of other wrs that would have helped the team
  7. And you're passing on a possible everyday impact player. Hard pass. Get talent that'll see the field and help win now
  8. Why is 2010 missing? Rodgers I believe
  9. That's not a bad idea either. Both scenarios solidi0the trenches for a long time
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