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  1. You also build on strengths. Look TD has a ton of issues we can nitpick, but he manages the cap incredibly well. I don’t see us re-signing Poe as out of the question. Payne, even if we traded up, is cheap. He’s as cheap as most backups with rookie scale, and you’d have a fifth year option. an excellent way to build a top notch defense is to have three outstanding interior DL. Plus Payne is athletic enough if you want big looks, ala red Bryant in Seattle. I think his pass rush ceiling is incredibly high
  2. M all for re-signing Poe and drafting Payne. That’s a sick DT rotation, plus Payne is athletic enough if you wanna give him some Red Bryant looks on the outside. Hes got fast and violent hands and a heckuva motor. Not too sure he’ll slip. @g-dawg would you trade up for this man-beast?
  3. No graham love? He still pulled down 10 TDs in a team with no other weapons besides Russell and him
  4. He was a bright spot on a shtty team. Over 700 yds and 6 TDs. we could have used him, although I get the Takk trade up and pick
  5. I agree. That is what is wrong with offense. We sign Free for $50m , have sprinters everywhere and zone blocking O”, now we suddenly want to play smash mouth. Weird assortment of players to do that with.
  6. I did too. He has nice athleticism. You see him up field quite a bit.
  7. I rather like all of these points
  8. Cool. Thought you were serious. but since you brought up JA98, he was drafted before the rookie pay scale and cap was invented. That particular bust hurt financially. Had Beasley busted it would not have,
  9. Are you seriously comparing Beasley to JA98? Dude, Vic has produced. Is it always huge? No. Did he play in a new position this year? Yes. Did he still produce? Yes. JA98 never produced either as a DE or moved inside. Vic has produced at two positions. He’s nit a bust
  10. I agree. At the least incorporate some power schemes. This WCO zone sht is annoying. Fournette is a huge capability for the jags
  11. True. The Neal int blunder was massive.
  12. Rico needs to stfu. He’s far from a game breaking FS
  13. Yeah, I liked lewan in that draft. Although Jake has been nice. I’ve often wondered how Jake would be if we moved him inside to G. Of course, we’d have to get a LT first.
  14. Yup. And neither of us mean that as a bad thing. Getting a DT with Cox type of ceiling and a floor of brockers is a fantastic prospect at our draft position. Plus I wonder how he’d be in a 43 instead if the Baja 34 where he had to 2 gap at times.
  15. I loved him, too. Still needed a LT at that time. Jake was the right pick