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  1. Good post. It seems the rbbc has evolved to having at least one who can pound a bit. People forget how physical Michel is. Devontae could bounce back, but who knows and you’re right that zbs has to be on point for a guy like that
  2. Michel and gurley are both first rounders. Kamera a third rounder, Ingram a second rounder and yet rbs are dime a dozen and best found in 7th and UDFA and other pseudo 1990s/early 2000s bronco logic? I think that ship sailed with gurley and Zeke brilliant gong back the positin
  3. Rb is very much a need. And Koetter does tend to have a bigger back in rotation.
  4. I like it. A lovethe no more grabbing running back from the UDFA heap pile. You got a playmaker rb and a big G to run behind. Nice mock
  5. Bye, Felicia . remember 13-0 biatch
  6. Good observation. I noticed that and he’s one speed. Several games you see OL who won’t sniff the pros pushing him out away from QB. A guy like brees stepping up the pocket will kill him.
  7. Different competition level has to be factored in. Wilkins has proven kn the biggest stage he can play. Oliver played navy, smu abd a host of garbage schools. Watch his tape his balance and body control is raw at best
  8. Ha ha maybe. It’d be cool to meet all the old farts again. I was 28 when I started on this forum . I’m 48 now!
  9. Agree. I see the Tampa 2 even mora ran in our defense. No hybrid, no blitzing, just rush 3 get carved up in zone
  10. No worries lol I like the video clips a lot. He’s a big and active dude im the one not clamoring fur Ed Oliver that said, didn’t Simmons have assault charges against a woman against him? I’m not sure the falcons will take a chance on that, although it was white College I believe
  11. Under there were only two WRs drafted in first round. One in 11 (Julio) and Ridley in 18. That’s not a ton of picjsvlike you make it out to be.?Roddy and Jenkins we’re first rounders under McKay in 04 and 05. Beyond that not many picks were used on wrs and none above third round. What HD and Hardy? Kerry Meir? plus for all the shiny ornament biatchin id say over 10k yds from roddy, over 10k and counting for JJ, Ridleys rookie record of 10 TDs all go to show we got dam good football players. Even Jenkins was a six year falcon and close to 5k yds. So not a loss. So in more modern falcon time under TD we have had a grand total of what 2 first round shiny ornaments drafted 7 years apart? now how many first round picks did we use on defense since TD took over. Jerry, Spoon, Trufant, Beasley, Takk, and a ton of high picks. Not exactly shiny ornaments. yiu do the math but you’ll find the majority of our picks both when Smitty was coach and other DQ have been defenses. Lots of defensive players drafted. So shiny ornaments? I just don’t see it
  12. I’m fine with cb early too. Plus Trufant and Alford aren’t getting any younger or better. Greedy has great length avd he’s fluid. Nice head swivel and ball skills.
  13. Oklahoma ran a bunch of zone concepts. He can move laterally just fine. I do agree that he’s a G. In fact I think he can be an Alll Pro G
  14. I’d take Wilkins all day over Oliver. Not even close
  15. Good list. Talking about undersized DL earlier I love Michael Dogbe in fourth or fifth round.