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  1. Yup. Thank you. And, you better than most, know the harsh financial impacts if players don’t play this smart. I’d push for guarantee money, less money but guarantee and benefits. And from a fan standpoint, if money gets smarter and less positional bias at absurd amounts (QB for example) the game gets better.
  2. Great points on top of mine! But both the NFL and NFLPA stand to lose a lot if they don’t come smart to the table.
  3. It was, indeed. This season I really like the way the DL was re-configured. Taking last years addition of Cominsky and Teyler, but then adding Fowler and Marlon really resonated with me. I also like the low risk/high reward potential of Charles Johnson. This is a far more physical, yet still athletic group than last year. Not too mention Cominsky and Marlon can legit lay outside or inside.
  4. What everyone forgets is that the players are going to be forced to take pay cuts or the league will not play if this mess continues. Heck, we all have had loss of revenue. It’s not like the profession of football has tons of jobs. If you’re a player and they tell you that we’re going to re-set your salary from $10m to 5m due to COVID are you quitting? Hail no! Economic realities are immutable laws, and the NFL is not about guaranteed salaries like the MLB. In a weird way it could work out for the players in the long run. Might see the union counter with “we’ll settle for less salary, but guaranteed and harder to cut deals.” Or maybe there are better lifetime benefits that emerge. Long-term player healthcare/benefits and retirement plans have long been a sticking point with the NFLPA. It could end up being similar to MLB and we see a $5 yr 50m deal being we pay you that whether cut, hurt, retired or whatever....but we pay you All the salary cap gurus forget that all sides have to be reasonable or there is no league.
  5. Well said. Ill give this to DQ. He did snap out of it for the last six games
  6. True. I still don’t trust koetter tbh. I also am suspect of DQ. But the talent is there, at least, I do like raheem as DC
  7. I don’t know on that one. DQ is odd and hard to figure it out
  8. That he is. I can personally vouch hat he was stoked when we got Hurst.
  9. I will be forever not happy with the safety position when it’s just an oft-injured Keke and the midget duo of Kazee and Allen. That said, I’m liking the construction of the roster overall for a few reasons: 1) Interior DL: Grady, Kominsky, Marlin and Teyler..big, stout, mixed in with length and athleticism. Good mix 2) Edge: still not 100 percent, but Fowler is angry and mean, maybe Takk picks up his habits. I like adding Charles who was used badly In Miami. Can Cominsky be that Justin Smith type? That’s the wild card. I think we still need another edge. 3) LBs: Debo, Foye and the new add of Buchanan makes me smile. Lots of speed. I’m not sure @Knight of God and @vel agree with me, but I like Mychal Walker’s game. He’s got length and more nastiness than Campbell. 4) Safety is still not to my standard. That said, I did predict Hawkins getting drafted (got one lol) and I like him. Does Buchanan end up at SS if Keke gets hurt? 5) Cornerbacks. I’m in the minority here, but I love Terrell. He got blistered against LSU and hung tough. Guess what Isaiah Simmons got blistered too. Burrows was simply on fire. But Terrell is tough. I still like Oliver, love Sheffield and think Miller might surprise. Signing Dennard makes me fee much better. OVERALL B to B+ depending on how it shakes out. I do think we need another edge like griffin, or even a play for a one year prove it for Clowney. QB: Matt is still great. Call him a grinder, call him an awkward swan, but the dude hangs tough. He’s been through so many offensive systems, and in year 2 he always gets it. I still hate Koetter WR: what can you say? Ridley, Julio, and Gage make it pretty and great TE: I’m like @Vandy the trade for Hurst gave us. Joker that can line out wide, in-line nd even h-back. Keep your eyes on Pinkney, he was I drafted, but watch his junior year at Vanderbilt, not last year. I rarely tout an UDFA, but this 6’5 260 pound kid could surprise. I love Graham already. TE corps is long , athletic, tough and better. Screw Hoop and his fitness game OL: Bros’ I’m stoked. One we got Hennessy. Kid is mad athletic, whether at G or Center.even if he spot starts or is depth. We don’t go down like we did in SB if Mack gets hurt, or like last year with the G drama. Great pick. Mack still balls. Matthews gets stronger and nastier every year. Y’all know I love some Lindstrom and big Mac at RT, folks who played ball know that getting your asss whupped makes you better. Big Mac will be dominant. Bet. Lindstrom might be an all pro RB: give me 50 percent of Gurley over 100 percent of rbs not named Zeke or Saquan. Forget all the injury Bs out of Rams camp last year. Fact is McVey and his offense got exposed, Goff ain’t great and their OL couldn’t execute. Gurley still had 14 total TDs last year. Beast year coming. Bet and word to y’all’s mothers on him Beasting out. I’m Still not a hill guy, but as a number 2 or 3? Sure. Ito is a decent scat back and can be a utility guy. Ollison is the one I’m watching. @Knight of God and I will be doing backflips like mongloids with tourettes saying “Fuukk yeah” a 1000 times if Ollie emerged and we had a Gurley, Ollie tandem. im big on Ollie because he has a nose for the end zone and he’s 240. Overall offense: A- but it could go way lower if Koetter fuccks things up. Feed the beast of gUrley, use those TEs and open up the WRs. Old school smash them first, if you’re going to stay with vertical offense
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