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  1. If you want an interesting statistical study, take the first 9 years of Bree's, manning, and Brady. Add in another star if you like and track their yearly progressions. Notice how they statistically get better at around year 8 or 9 and maintain that level for a period. I've done the comparison, minus true stats--only might surprise you. most QBs really see the "field," and find their groove in mid career. Makes sense, as they are at their peak mentally, understand the game, yet retain critical physical skills. Remember unlike a pass rusher, rb, or even a WR, the QB position requires field knowledge, intangibles such as decision making and leadership more than raw physical ability. also note the consistency of Ryan and the ones you compare in those early years. We get hung up on a "big" year, but true value lies in the known--can you play at a high level over a duration of a career. i don't expect 50 TDs, but off the top of my head, Ryan has been in that 4600 yds, 26-28 TD range consistently. Really only had one "off year," and barring an injury should "peak" for a bit. Which, if like the QBs, I referenced means a run of 4-5 statistically elevated years. raw guess, pre running a model: I'd say 4700ish yds, 33-36 TDs, a 10 or less into season and a QB rating of high 90s, maybe over 100. If he does that over the next five years, you're talking almost 60k yds and close to 400 TDs at age 37...that's rarified territory. Combine with the all pro, MVP, ROY and consistent pro bowls, that's a HOF QB i know the raw numbers, but it'd be cool to see one of your models applied to it.
  2. If Matt plays unitil age 40--which is very realistic for QBs of all ages--and let's say he averages 4500k and 30 TDs per year, that will put him at 73k yards and 480 TDs. That's top 5 even in today's inflated standards that's top 5 all time numbers. He has 4 pro bowls and 1 all All pro now. Assume he ends up with 9 or 10 pro bowls and say 3-4 All pros. Again realistic. And it's not unrealistic to think that he could achieve another MVP. Combined, with his ROY and OPY and overall winning record, He'd get in. QBs are complicated, but longevity and cumulative stats are big deals to voters. Eli is not a very good statistical QB in terms of QB rating and many other categories. Matt will also pass him in yards and TDs assuming no injury. additionally Matt is 11th in QB rating, and should go up. Also, Matt is on 116 straight starts. Except for his second year, he's been incredibly durable. Not sure he'll hit Farves streak, but he'll end up top 5 there as well potentially i honestly don't think we realize what a fantastic QB we've had. See HOF is as much about consistency and longevity as it is rings. if Matt gets a ring. There is no question. If he doesn't, he might still wear a yellow jacket. might I also add, both Marino and Kelly didn't win SBs. They played in them...Matt has played in one unlike, say Phillip Rivers who Matt should beat in most individual categories check this link Matt had the second most yards in his first 7 years behind only Peyton. If he follows the trajectory of Peyton, which he pretty much has, he's ascending, which makes sense looking at last year's numbers. Matt should actually exceed my projections as he enters his prime years. So the numbers, accolades should be even more. Hopefully a SB or 2 are in those numbers, but I don't think the SB is what holds him back. It's more can he stay injury free.
  3. Exactly. Had it been GMs and coaches voting I might be a bit annoyed. But the average player? Nah. Like you said in another post, jj and AP were in top 100 and played nary a down lol
  4. Ha I said the same thing before reading this.
  5. I like him a lot. Watched everything that I could get on him. He's not the fastest in terms of long speed. But I think he's fast enough for FS or nb. He's got great instincts and surprisingly good burst. Im like you on hesitating to say he's an immediate starter. And, yes, I'm about to pee off folks by saying that he could give either Poole or Rico some serious competition as either a nb or FS. tbh, I rather like him back deep at FS. Seeing that ball coming towards him, with his instincts and good enough speed might make him a stud i think he definitely has fantastic balls skills, as well @RandomFan, legit FS?
  6. Agree. Jake has been a great cornerstone. Btw he's going into his 4th year, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Jake take his game to the next level. hes been way better than baker ever was and consistently gotten stronger over the few years that we've had him. he wouldn't have slipped out of the top ten that year, either. Jake was highly rated.
  7. I was about you. It did pain me a bit. But what a great season our boys had! I just can't see downplaying a great season
  8. I was over it after it happened. Not because I'm callous or not a fan, because I didn't find it embarrassing. The Falcons simply overachieved all year, played gutsy all year. They put the toughest team in the NFL on the ropes, but couldn't KO them. That's encouraging. look NE came in with the best defense, Brady, belichik and a team full of SB winners. They won. It was simply a game of two halves. but I'm proud of our boys. They'll be back
  9. Wow! Looking at the stills, you can really see what a great play it could have been. I know stuff happens, but with Hightower flexed out wide, im not sure what Free was thinking
  10. Good post. I agree on running the ball seemed like the smart play. But like you, I agree Matt played a fine game and him not audibling is a ludicrous thing to try and blame him for.
  11. We can. But the reality is had that play been executed and we'd have either got the first down or scored, we'd all be on here calling Shanny brilliant and innovative, instead of badmouthing him. the fact is Free blew his blocking assignment. Didn't at least chip Hightower and Matt got blasted looking downfield. But, give the pats their due. They blitzed, took a chance with the matchups and won. It is what it is.
  12. New generation, I guess. I'm a Free supporter, as well; but he's gotten a bit chirpy. Sometimes the chirpieness (is that a word?) works, but we've also seen instances where that type of talk divides a locker room. In all probability, it's probably a young man being honest and his words slightly twisted by the media. i haven't heard the interview, so I'll assume all good
  13. Ever heard of a busted play? It happens. Even Brady has lost super bowls.
  14. Grits and supe, god bless you all and miss you two! i miss my man Daddy Knows Best he loved him some duckett