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  1. Lol, my man!
  2. Ha ha I do. I do know you like to toy with trolls. Figured I’d share
  3. Sexist much?
  4. I’m female. That’s a dream scenario next weak jab, please
  5. It does take a while. You know that, and particularly when you lose a starter (Lindstrom) early. Throw in you’re still using 3 new pieces on the OL, regardless of starting, what do you expect. Be patient, we just had a win
  6. Is little Joey pouting? was @coastiemike too rough on you?
  7. Ha ha keep tearing him up
  8. Negative. It was an audible
  9. It needs to gel. It has great potential though. I think if we get the run game a bit more established theyll be good and possibly dominant around midseason
  10. You’re only saying that after @vel schooled you for saying he did blitz. Second, you are honestly a bit lazy in your research as Schwartz blitzes 27% of the time against Ryan vs 19% against other QBs, and he did blitz tonight. third, you are a troll and Ryan made a heckuva audible and completion to JJ and won game Now go root for the Saints in their mb before I set @athell and @Vandy and @TheFatboi and @vel on your weak sauce ***
  11. Agree. Really the only thing worrying me, at this point, is the lack of running game. Not great. But that could get better as the OL gels. Matt had a bit more duress than we give credit for, although I firmly believe if we get a more solid running game going that’ll improve. the D looks very good. btw both Trufant and Oliver looked great
  12. That’s why I would have chunked that smoothie , followed with a left putting him on ground, and then stomping his sack not you, of course. But I might have thrown a beer at a guy and followed through width my narrative. It works
  13. I’ll be honest, this was one game that I really didn’t enjoy watching. It was a sloppy game on both sides really
  14. There were definitely 34 looks, and I believe we had a jumbo DE package in 43 under as well, I’ll leave that to @vel to elaborate.