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  1. Why work on a #3 qb right now? We have to develop #1qb and #2qb... dang - we are going to need 3 or 4 qb coaches
  2. Horrible article - says hall has the size and speed to match up to the best recievers... I saw him in person - he is TINY... I don't know what is listed but his is probably 5'8" - 175 lbs.
  3. I agree with most I read... Sam Baker would probably be an above average RT... but may not be anything special at LT. I am willing to bet - He will be starting RT this year with weiner at LT.
  4. I'm up for it... I usually have 3-4 per year... but I always used espn - how is the nfl.com one?
  5. Best thing for Horn and the team is to keep him 1 more year - as 3rd-4th reciever. He is better than adam jennings for sure. He would be good as a mentor and backup - then just retire next year.
  6. hm... you must be just randomly throwing out names.... no way that half of that depth chart is correct. I'd be willing to bet on it. Do you REALLY think nicholas is better than boley???
  7. Which minor league do you coach in? The Georgia Generals - in the NAFL. - www.georgiageneralsfootball.com
  8. I coach youth football - 9 year olds this year... head coach I also coach minor league football as RB and TE coach.
  9. I believe chuck got it close - here are some changes to his QB -- Redman, Ryan, Harrington, Shockley ( I believe we keep 4 this year) RB -- Turner/Norwood/Brown FB -- Mughelli, Snelling (I like the thought of this - I can see snelling listed as fb) WR -- White, Douglas WR -- Robinson, Jenkins, - one more here - hard to say who at this point - hopefully that big reciever from mini-camp - don't remember his name TE -- Hartsock, Milner - our rookie TE will be on PS - so this looks right LT -- Baker, Foster LG -- Blalock, Batiste C -- McClure, Stepanovich RG -- Clabo,Forney, Datish - I believe Cla
  10. My son and I met them both at Falcons 365 recently - and you are spot on - they both have great personalities and I see them being a scary duo for this league to deal with. My son (he is 9) made the comment - "Turner laughs alot". He does. He always smiles and laughs. He is someone you would want your kid to look forward to - and someone you want on your team. Turner is the biggest addition to this team since John Abraham.
  11. in steps DJ Shockley - he woudl be perfect for this role
  12. My bet is they keep all 4. Redman - Starter for early part of Season Ryan - 2nd string until 2nd half of season Shockley - Has great potential for big play - good to keep a hold of - also makes great qb for practice situations to simulate scrambling QBs Harrington - Clipboard holder for another year. He has most experience in the NFL - will be helpful for Ryan's development. Just please don't give him the ball again.
  13. if you think Norwood is better than Bush you're retarted Oh my God... after 2 years of failure people actually think Reggie Bush is a good RB???? Reggie Bush was a good college scat back - that doesn't mean anything.... The NFL has crushed him and shown that he is not a true NFL RB.... best RB drafted that year didn't even go in the 1st round. And yes - I do believe Norwood is better - neither are ever down backs - but in situational roles they are both in Norwood has every stat better and is not on a team with as much talent as the Saints the past 2 years.
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