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  1. Well, it only took 239 days for me to feel like somebody kicked me in the gut again. I don't really like this feeling. Oh well, at least there are more important things to worry about than this crappy performance on days like today.....
  2. Falcons - 10 Braves - 8 Hawks - 7 (just so frustrating watching those guys play, or try to play, smart basketball) Univ of Tennessee football/basketball/baseball - 5 (all of these used to be much higher until Mike Hamilton came along and dirty sanchez'd the athletics programs in Knoxville. These days, I just kind of take them in stride, as opposed to not being able to see straight after a Falcons' loss)
  3. Ryan got us to the "NFC game" in his first career start, which was faster than Vick since Vick didn't start his first NFL game. It was an "NFC game" against the Detroit Lions. If you are going to spew your idiotic rhetoric, how about trying to spew it correctly? For the record, do you actually consider yourself a fan of the Falcons?
  4. The only thing that you have to know to understand that Ryan is a superior QB to Vick is the fact that Vick admitted to not giving his all while playing in Atlanta. If you prefer someone like that as the QB of your favorite team, then I feel sorry for you. It is completely inexcusable for a professional athlete making millions of dollars, especially a QB, to not do everything in his power to make himself better. That fact alone tells me that I would NEVER want Vick playing QB for my favorite team again. PERIOD. Sure, Vick is fun to watch. He is exciting to watch. But, show me a game wh
  5. Ok, then the question is do you believe that Vick can? I don't seem to recall any Super Bowl appearances while he was in Atlanta.....and, please don't give me the rhetoric that he never had any talent around him, blah, blah, blah.
  6. I notice that you conveniently left out Brady's INT, his fumble, and the fact that he got sacked 5 times. Not to mention roughly 100 of Brady's yards and one of his TDs came in the fourth quarter when his team was down by two scores and the Jets were simply playing prevent. Nice try though.... Ask anybody that watched that game if that was a "normal" game for Brady, and they will look at you like you have two heads. ****, he even said as much in his press conference after the game. The point is that every QB is going to have a bad game from time to time, even the best. A lot of that has
  7. No offense dude, but I am not disappointed about Ryan at all. I am extremely disappointed at how the entire team played. Last I checked, Matt Ryan is not the only player on the field, nor is he coaching this team. So to say that "he hasn't figured out a way to beat the defenses he's faced in the big games" is just shortsighted on your behalf. He is just one cog in the wheel, sure the biggest name of the cogs in the wheel, but still just one cog. Just to put it in perspective for you, most folks would consider Tom Brady the best QB in the game right now. How did he look this past Sunday?
  8. You can't argue that Ryan didn't play his best game, but show me one Falcon player that did. That was the worst all around game I have watched them play in a while. Turnovers, penalties, terrible tackling, it was just a completely terrible performance by everyone. Sure, you can single out Ryan if you want and say that he was "subpar" because he is the QB, but to be completely honest, I think you can say the exact same thing about every single player and coach for the Falcons. But, hey, it happens. Try to stay positive and remember where this franchise was three years ago. I would like t
  9. Thanks Rev for keeping up with this every year. I am glad to see that my tried and true method of coin flipping has finally proven that it can indeed be correct more often than incorrect. Now, let's just hope that I can get the coin to choose our Falcons for three more games this season....
  10. Well, as a simpleton myself, isn't scoring points the basic idea behind the concept of offense? In other words, you can amass all the yards of offense that you want up, but if you aren't scoring points, what do those yards really get you? And, based on that simpleton concept, looking at the amount of points scored by both teams for the year (not cherry picking five games here and there), the Falcons have put up more points.
  11. Great point, Tandy....you beat me to it. I was going to bring up the fact that our HC pulled his hammy.
  12. Well, considering that a 41 year old QB playing on one good ankle with me and you at WR almost beat the Saints on their home field right after they hung a banner, you might want to rethink that stance just a little bit....
  13. No offense to anyone, but anybody that thinks that you don't kick the FG in that situation to TIE the game is out of his mind. Had Smith decided to go for that and not gotten it, these boards would have been crashed for 6 days because of the people complaining about what a bad decision that was. Remember, as stated several times before, hindsight is 20/20. I would take a tie game with three minutes left with them backed up off a kickoff all day everyday and twice on Sundays....
  14. Atlanta Falcons: Fantastic overall value for this class with 11 bodies. Atlanta addressed a lot of needs, and might have gotten three immediate starters in defensive end Jamaal Anderson, offensive tackle Justin Blalock and cornerback Chris Houston. The fast and feisty Houston might end up being the steal of this class, and he should pair well with DeAngelo Hall. Linebacker Stephen Nicholas should be a quality special teams player and improve the depth at the linebacker spot with his versatility. Wideout Laurent Robinson has the raw skill to be a playmaker, but he seems more likely to be anothe
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