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  1. I am sorry guys.. I just do not see it and I have tried. While I have lots of respect for Bree's as a QB , as well as the thing on his face , and their success in the past , but the truth is the saints are a dumpster fire right now. 31-14 the good guys
  2. This is the NFL.. This is not your local pop warner. This fckn fan base is such a piss poor fan base! Here is a clue for all you fairweather aholes! We will lose some games this year
  3. The quicker everyone realizes that the media heads really do not have the time to breakdown every team in a sufficient manner every week , the quicker everyone will ignore their predictions.. Putting it mildly , they really know no more about all NFL teams then the average fan. There is just not enough time in the day
  4. http://www.sports-management-degrees.com/10-of-the-oldest-players-in-nfl-history/ Lol.. There is two Falcons on the list
  5. Deberg stepped up big in the 98 season when Crystal Chandler went down injured.. In his forties and still did a solid job. #1 in my book
  6. Looks like a Mark Richt coached Georgia team..
  7. Who is the loyal dog on the sideline who will never pull a qb? Mark Richt! I agree tired of this same dog and pony show
  8. Raise your hand if you expected this.. ***shamefully raises hand****
  9. Just a heads up. Roddy will be hosting his own hour on xm fantasy sports channel. Its a live fantasy football call in hour tonight at 6p.m.
  10. I thought John Abraham was a immature cry baby who did not like football and was pissed about him becoming a Falcon. His record with his previous team had me flustered. Needless to say I was way wrong about that one
  11. What I was trying to say is it is gonna take a couple more drafts before Quinn can truly say its his team.. His guys.. Its a roster of thrown together parts with some holes that need addressed
  12. Neither the real team. This is a .500 football team at best and all the whiners need to realize there is some weak links that need filled. It is gonna take three years to fix this mash up of parts that do not fit. Period! I knew this was coming and braced for the expected outcry. Ding something in life to make you happy folks cause this team will not be it for at least another year
  13. Some of you losers need to get a life. Lmao
  14. Thank you sir. May your day contain many blessing
  15. Matt has made a couple bad decisions but the online has kinda collapsed on him in the second half.. We need Long
  16. Lol the week one drama begins.. The defense is clearly tired and winded. The o-line still needs work.
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