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  1. It was moving a whole smelluva lot faster than I thought possible!

  2. I do mostly power lifting an free weight exercise's..I do not own a bench and really should look into getting another..
  3. If you guys dont mind , what are you clocking in at as far as weight? What is your height and what is your target weight? I am 5ft -6 and weighing in at 200lbs.. I am wanting to lose about 15lbs and see if that will be a good weight for me to maintain.. Cardio has gotten so much easier lately..
  4. Today I did shoulders.. 5 sets of military presses 5 sets of barbell front presses 3 sets of dumbell latteral raises 3 sets of dumbell front raises. I am about to go do a couple of miles of cardio..
  5. Learn to do gymnastics kipping pull-ups first. They'll let you get your numbers up without having to do dead hangs. Kipping pull-ups That is against everything I have learned in the proper form text..That just looks violent!:w00t: I will give it a try ..
  6. I am to heavy for 100 straight pullups..Which could be problem now that I think about it.. I have a hard time getting up on pull-ups..
  7. Looks like you have some back development going on there..I have a problem in that area. If I could get the rest of my body growing like my arms and legs I would be on a roll..
  8. I love them personally, until I go to run the next day. The day after on any leg/deadlift day sucks for cardio/sprints. I struggle for atleast a couple days after legs..I always feel extremely tired the day after legs for some reason..Well I know why,its just it seems to beat me down more than most folks..I skip cardio the day after legs..
  9. workout for this evening.. Deadlifts-5 sets stiff leg deadlifts-5 sets barbell goodmornings-3 sets crunches-5sets And wash it all down with 3 miles of cardio..I never look forward to lower back workouts. It is easily the hardest to get motivated for for me..
  10. I am on my way people.. I am at 200lbs size 33 waist to boot..I am feeling great!!!!!:cool: I must admitt I have been working my ##### off though..The weight is not comig off as easily now and the results are slower..But what the ****....:w00t:
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