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  1. Agreed, Blank is not going to build an open-air stadium that has no shot in **** of getting a Super Bowl commitment.
  2. Sounds lovely:unsure: Oh believe me, it is. Nothing better. But you can enjoy sitting in the dome where your head won't get wet. We wouldn't want your hair all messed up now would we? I don't mind at all sitting in the elements. Open the roof on game days, but if my tax dollars and part of my ST dollars are going to pay for a new stadium, I would like to see one that can be used for indoor or outdoor activities. More economically sound.
  3. I believe that a study was done and determined that the Dome could not be retrofitted with a retractable roof without extreme expense. If the Falcons ever get a new stadium, I hope it is with a retractable roof.
  4. All of them. I can't stand any of those SOB's. :cool:
  5. The only mistake Blank made in regards to Reeves, was that he should have let him go when he bought the team.
  6. Won't happen anytime soon (if at all). Look for the Saints to be the next NFL team to make a move.
  7. That's doubtful. Why in the world would Matt Ryan want to be associated with that kind of fiasco?
  8. Miami got Henne though... still, next to KC, they are having a very good draft.
  9. Aaron Rodgers is probably speed-dialing his agent about right now.
  10. With the Dolphins getting Jake Long, can you imagine the Parcells lovefest that will commence if they get Brohm too?
  11. Lets just hope that Hall doesn't pick off a Chris Redman pass and high-step like his idol Deion down the sidelines into the end-zone to the delight of the "Black Hole" faithful on November 2nd. History has not been kind to us when it comes to high-profiled players leaving us on bad terms and playing against us.
  12. We will most likely be 6-10 (at best) with our schedule. Way too many holes this upcoming season.
  13. Elam has missed 4 games in 15 years. I wouldn't call that "injury prone".
  14. Based upon our current roster, I can see us winning maybe 6 games (and that is being optimistic) at the most.
  15. If it was any other "writer" (when it comes to Schultz or any other minion at the AJC that term is real loose), I might take it seriously. Maybe Schultz would have said better things about Hall had he killed somebody like Schultz's buddy Danny Heatley.
  16. Who said anything about being "hung up on a player"? Sheesh, don't get so **** bent out of shape. As long as we get good value for Hall, I could care less who we trade his ##### too.
  17. You really think DHall lost that Carolina game by himself? What was the score, when the "meltdown" happen? What?.....60 + yards in penalities by one player...At the end of the game? He may not have lost that game, but his selfish behavior did not contribute to a win. I'm disappointed he is gone, but whats best for the team in the long run has happened. His penalties in question were not at the end of the game. They were in the middle of the 3rd quarter.
  18. When someone states that Hall "single-handedly" lost the Carolina game for the Falcons, they just aren't paying attention. I disagree. I was absolutely paying attention and watched every play. I was so frustrated with him mouthing off and getting penalties that it made me sick. I will give you that it takes a team to win or loose, however, D-Hall was clearly a huge factor in the loss and having the momentum shift. I would say you couldn't disagree with that! Hall was one of the reasons the Falcons lost the game, but he did not "single-handedly" lose the game for the Falcons.
  19. When someone states that Hall "single-handedly" lost the Carolina game for the Falcons, they just aren't paying attention.
  20. There are no "shutdown or lockdown" CB's in the NFL anymore.
  21. Lets just hope those picks do not turn out players like.... Bruce Pickens, Aundray Bruce, Nathan Davis, Tony Smith, Michael Booker, etc.
  22. What makes you think that we would have taken Tomlinson if we hadn't traded up to get Vick?
  23. If I were with the Braves, I would trade all 14 of those worthless division titles for just one more World Series title.
  24. Fitzgerald has a contract that no other team in the NFL will touch. Forget about him being traded, he has the Cards by the gonads and he knows it.
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