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  1. I don't get it... That's Travolta from Pulp Fiction right?
  2. I thought it was amazing. Best movie I've seen in a while. Also, I typically hate going to the movies, but I went to that one solo in the middle of the day (first time I've done that) and it was actually quite enjoyable.
  3. Wasn't there a WWF guy back in the day who used to pat himself on the back all the time? Someone needs to tweet a gif of him to that Subway account seeing as how half of their timeline is them retweeting positive things people are saying about the account...
  4. I hate going to the movies but for some reason I wanna go see that one. Thinking about hitting a matinee on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm gonna base my decision solely on whether or not you tell me I should go.
  5. I'm definitely googling a few of those things when I get home... Not on the work computer tho...
  6. Just did a google image search for that chick. Actually one of the better life decisions I've made this month...
  7. ^Can't tell you how many jobs I've started to apply for and just said **** it because of that...
  8. In my experience men's restrooms would be in much better shape if dudes could understand that a urinal is not a trash can or spittoon. Your used chewing gum and your dip does not belong in there.
  9. Not one single post in ABF during the game. Makes me proud.
  10. I guess "no problems" is relative; the radio broadcast does skip/lag a bit when I'm doing other stuff on my computer, but if I leave it alone it's all good...
  11. At this very moment I'm watching the UK game on Sling TV and the Florida game on my phone, and I've got the UK Radio broadcast going on my computer. No problems.
  12. I just did a speed test and it said I'm at like 17... I feel like my internet is plenty fast, why on earth would anyone need 100?
  13. Substitute the ketchup for Miracle Whip and make a stack of about 10 saltines and you had my favorite snack as a kid...