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  1. I thought it was amazing. Best movie I've seen in a while. Also, I typically hate going to the movies, but I went to that one solo in the middle of the day (first time I've done that) and it was actually quite enjoyable.
  2. I hate going to the movies but for some reason I wanna go see that one. Thinking about hitting a matinee on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm gonna base my decision solely on whether or not you tell me I should go.
  3. Got me a Fitbit today. Well aware of the fact that I probably just wasted $130.
  4. A long string of strikeouts ends with a huge, huge homerun. Jamal Murray commits to Kentucky.
  5. Why blue? I would think green would be a more applicable color...
  6. Haha I'm just messing with ya man... I'm all for anyone doing anything to better their health but Crossfitters are pretty funny with the cultish nature and whatnot... Not just you and this thread but everywhere...
  7. Crossfit is also good for people who like to tell other people their exact workout routine every single day...
  8. This is a bit off-subject, but Kicker I'm gonna be in Charleston in a couple weeks and was looking into doing one of their pub tours, but decided I can just go to the places myself without paying $20 or $30 to be in a tour group. So can you give any recs of good pubs/microbreweries down around the Market/King St. area?
  9. Just take him off suicide watch and let him save us all some time and money. ****, give him a rope.
  10. Do things typically turn out good for white supremacists?
  11. I was kidding about the fox news thing. Just showing how ridiculous it is when people are serious about that...
  12. Gonna call BS on that confession until I see it from a source other than Fox News, thanks.
  13. Not this year... They play in Vegas in 2016 and then resume the home/home the year after that...
  14. Biggest question you should have about your Tar Heels is what's in that notice of allegations they just received...
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