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  1. He's probably the most heavily scrutinized coach in the game and honestly there's no need for him to cheat. But if something came up that was as serious as systematic academic fraud or whores in the dorms for recruits that were paid for using university funds by him or an assistant coach, he would need to be gone. No coach is bigger than the program.
  2. Sorry, but whoever wrote that is a homeristic moron who knows nothing about college sports. It's the PROGRAM that has to suffer, and if you're a part of that program, you suffer as well. That's just the way things have always been and the way things have to be. And obviously it's not gonna be guys like Paige, Johnson, and Berry who are punished (unless Roy continues to do like he's done in the past and harm these kids by convincing them to pass up millions for his own benefit) but now it's going to be the incoming class since UNC decided to mortgage the future instead of dealing with things
  3. Well, if none of you guys are gonna say it... The justice, it is poetic. What a great ending to a fantastic basketball season. Decades of academic fraud, while under the guise of the "Carolina Way" went unnoticed, but finally the truth came forth and in the end so did the punishment. Not by NCAA sanctions, not by self-impositions, but in a far worse way. See, I've been there. I've seen a program that I love get caught cheating and have to deal with both the sanctions and with the rebuilding. That's typically what happens in cases like this; a team cheats, they get caught, they dea
  4. You guys know why. Both reasons.
  5. Looks like we got a bunch of badasses up in here. A flat tire can be both a huge inconvenience as well as a fairly simple fix. The two aren't mutually exclusive.
  6. I thought it was amazing. Best movie I've seen in a while. Also, I typically hate going to the movies, but I went to that one solo in the middle of the day (first time I've done that) and it was actually quite enjoyable.
  7. ^Correct. How in the world is Trout 99% matched? I don't think there's a person in this world who I agree with 99% of the time...
  8. It's how the kids say that they don't care. Is "apolitical" a word? If it is, then I'm apolitical.
  9. Before today, I was under the impression that Grizzly Adams was an actual person (who DID have a beard) and not a character from a TV show.
  10. I hate going to the movies but for some reason I wanna go see that one. Thinking about hitting a matinee on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm gonna base my decision solely on whether or not you tell me I should go.
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