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  1. I don't get it... That's Travolta from Pulp Fiction right?
  2. I thought it was amazing. Best movie I've seen in a while. Also, I typically hate going to the movies, but I went to that one solo in the middle of the day (first time I've done that) and it was actually quite enjoyable.
  3. Wasn't there a WWF guy back in the day who used to pat himself on the back all the time? Someone needs to tweet a gif of him to that Subway account seeing as how half of their timeline is them retweeting positive things people are saying about the account...
  4. I hate going to the movies but for some reason I wanna go see that one. Thinking about hitting a matinee on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm gonna base my decision solely on whether or not you tell me I should go.
  5. I'm definitely googling a few of those things when I get home... Not on the work computer tho...
  6. Just did a google image search for that chick. Actually one of the better life decisions I've made this month...