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  1. Tell me about it....so, like I was saying, Turner and Norwood combine for over 200 yds rushing and we will by two scores!
  2. Yup. The country ....errr entire Western World is ran by occultist. Awesome!
  3. yup. Kind of like during 9/11 and the cameras show Bush with the school children....they are reading "The Pet Goat" and Bush is holding the book upside down. That is a representation of this...
  4. of course. Its the same pentagram that points to the White House in the street layout of Washington DC.
  5. Looking at your avatar, do you notice that the GOP turned the stars in their logo upside down once W became president? It represents the negative (Satanic pentagram).
  6. you do what you can to avoid a blackout to open the season.
  7. These Detroit fans are completely delusional. Freaking pre-season champs.
  8. hopefully the next one will be less homoerotic. 300 was almost as bad as the volleyball scene in Top Gun. *yikes*
  9. Up until a few years ago, you were a lunatic conspiracy theorist to even mention their existence, yet they have met every year for the last half of a century. but uh, from the horse's mouth... "For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, chara
  10. You're close. Bilderberg is just a management arm for the Elite. When I say elite, I talking about the royal families of Europe and the banking families. They own our Federal Reserve system, as well as, the central banks of Europe. I highly doubt the JFK assassination was discussed at Bilderberg but it was most certainly ordered by the families that control Bilderberg. JFK and his brother, while not entirely "good", DID attempt a slave revolt of sort. He tried to free the people from the Federal Reserve system, as well as, expose Operation Northwoods, a planned false flag terrorist attack on A
  11. This is very interesting story. Which one of the presidential candidates you think or believe are agents of Bilderberg? Which one? :hehe: All of them! (except Ron Paul) You can't become President of the U.S. without the blessing of the king makers. Presidents aren't elected, they are SELECTED. It appears as if the entire European faction are in unanimous support of Obama. Luckily, they are also in agreement that the U.S. should stay the **** out of Iran. The American faction are split on Iran. However, Secretary of Defense Gates and Condi Rice were trying convince the group otherwise. It just
  12. no, his base is Chicago, clearly he is a Black Gangster Disciple. Michelle too! They throw up their gang sign and give each other terrorist fist jabs.
  13. :hehe: lmao @ "terrorist fist jab" Proof positive that Fox News is nothing but a psychological op. I understand being critical of Obama's political positions but all this... he's a... muslim, terrorist, communist, black panther.... is pure comedy. Next up... anti-christ, vampire, or alien! :w00t:
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