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  1. Benito Jones will play in the NFL and he was on the board when we picked the punter.
  2. Here is hoping they get it right. Our old uniforms from the early days would do but I don't see that happening.
  3. A dynasty is built over an extended period of time. In 5 yrs. who will be our QB? Our center, our WR tandem, etc. If Matt Ryan can lead us to a Super Bowl win during his tenure it will be enough for me! Still, not the stuff of a dynasty.
  4. It is widely thought that these games are meaningless but if I have choice between winning and losing, I pick winning! It is not stupid to try to win.
  5. So far so good. This makes the draft exciting because there is a place on the team for fresh blood with upside.
  6. We played like losers against Philly. We need to put that behind us and remember who we are.
  7. On his drop he was so wide open that anybody coming up on him was going to be coming at high speed. Then the ball is high and he has to extend to catch it and it is floating in like a cloud. The soft throw caused him to slightly mistime his jump so he is coming down as the ball gets there and he has had to spin around. It was a bad drop but it could have happened to anybody. I would like to see more targets for him on the move and thrown at Ryan's normal throwing velocity. Then we start to see what we have.
  8. I think this is the guy the DC at Philly was talking about when he said we run "back yard" routes. When you think about it a receiver can do just about anything he wants to on a deep route as long as he shows up at the spot where the ball comes down and when it comes down. The juke move he put on that Philly defender is not something you can draw up. Go deep and I will hit you!
  9. We are easy around here. Just play better and win and all is soon forgiven. It has always been that way.
  10. You may want him to be better. He is clearly clueless and is not a sound tackler at this point. Maybe in a year or two he will get better and stronger. Worrilow has made more tackles the last 3 yrs. than 90% of the MLB's in the league. He gets no credit around here. He makes tackles on special teams because he is on the field not so he can back somebody up.
  11. The only problem with feelings is that they can fool you as you age. I think I am hitting my Driver the best I ever hit it in my life. When I do the math it doesn't add up. I am for him, so I hope he is just awesome and we get to wind up in the winners circle more this year.
  12. If this is the Mississippi State Matt Wells then it is a good pickup. He can cover and has speed to do anything else. He is just a top-notch athlete who might even be converted to safety.
  13. I think that sums it up pretty well. We will be able to tell by looking at the score board in the final analysis. Things look all around better going in to camp. I would prefer to have retained Jake Long but other than that I am good.
  14. I erased all the teams under 60/40. I think these remaining teams are pass happy. Some do it successfully. They score in the red zone. They win games. It is only a bad thing when you throw it incomplete and complete to the other team. When that happens you need to correct it or eliminate it by running more. It is not a crime to be pass happy.
  15. 60/40 is pass happy, but if your point is that we are not the most pass happy team in the league I guess you are right. All I want us to do is score more and if Matt Ryan starts patting the ball and being indecisive in the red zone we need to run it in.
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