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  1. Certainly, I have never witnessed MORE leadership. About the only other QB I can think of at the moment who demonstrated immediate leadership starting in his rookie season was Dan Marino.

    I know this, aside from the 4th down conversions, Matt Ryan converted several big 3rd down conversions last Sunday while also overcoming several 1st and 2nd and longs after a penalty or two. This was the most impressive thing about his game for me!

    And sorry about the repeated thread! I simply scanned the first page early this morning, saw nothing about this subject, and then posted a new topic based on some discussions I heard on a sports show about this "trap" game possibility.

    The last fourth down conversion was not his fault. we should have ran it knowing we were going to go for it. But it doesnt really matter, WE STILL WON!!

  2. ok ok ok. everyone says what if. Ya i was upset about the drop today and against the giants I was throwing shiot but, for the Giants game, our defense got owned. You can never play the " what if " game. This was a great game and we came up short. End of story

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