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    YungFalco reacted to Knight of God in What would Dimitroff's draft have looked like this year?   
    Justin Fields then a bunch of WTH type picks.
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    YungFalco reacted to nomak in Frank Darby Scouting Reports   
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    YungFalco reacted to Jesus in Frank Darby Scouting Reports   
    That team last year did not have fun. They were miserable most of the year. If you aren't having fun playing a game you probably shouldn't be playing.
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    YungFalco reacted to Monolith2001 in Frank Darby Scouting Reports   
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    YungFalco reacted to Aluminafalcon in Frank Darby Scouting Reports   
    Let’s see what happens when he has two of the best in the nfl to mentor him
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    YungFalco reacted to ChickenBiscuit in Are we watching an identify form?   
    I think we just didn’t have the EDGE guys we wanted at our pick and had there been a Garrett/Chase Young type of pick we would’ve taken it. 
    Hopefully we re-visit that position next offseason cause if not, we may be in for some 2015-2016 Saints type years with high scoring and record breaking my bad defense. 
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    YungFalco reacted to Herr Doktor in Are we watching an identify form?   
    Right here.  I think by default we are a more sound team.
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    YungFalco reacted to RetroRoq in Avery Williams highlights   
    Did you see the part where he actually recovered the onside kick when it was kicked directly to him?
    Sold me right there.
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    YungFalco reacted to KRUNKuno in Avery Williams highlights   
    This has to be one of the most boss things ever in NFL history lol 
    Imagine NFL teams come to you as a draft prospect and you start giving them advice lol
    He’s got some huge ones...pause
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    YungFalco reacted to ukfalc in Avery Williams highlights   
    I like ST aces. It’s and underrated area which is often neglected for cap reasons. 👍
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    YungFalco reacted to lymond in Avery Williams highlights   
    This guy does more than that though.  He can do everything on special teams.   You don't hear about them much, but every team has lifer ST specialists.   They make a career of it.   And their value should not be underestimated.    This guy is smart.   He could be ST captain for years to come.
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    YungFalco reacted to Mister pudding in Avery Williams highlights   
    He and Patterson make ST a dangerous place
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    YungFalco reacted to Sui_Generis in Avery Williams highlights   
    I don't care where he plays as long as his special teams play transitions to the NFL. 
    The Falcons ST unit and return game needs an infusion badly. 
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    YungFalco reacted to Snafu in Avery Williams highlights   
    Problem Solved
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    YungFalco reacted to Ovie_Lover in Avery Williams highlights   
    So was Hester 
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    YungFalco reacted to Romfal in Avery Williams highlights   
    I like it. Special teams Ace
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    YungFalco reacted to k-train in Avery Williams highlights   
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    YungFalco reacted to Herr Doktor in Avery Williams highlights   
    Smart, game changer.  Special Teams ace.  A solid pick.
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    YungFalco reacted to ya_boi_j in Avery Williams highlights   
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    YungFalco reacted to ATLSlobberKnockers in Avery Williams highlights   
    S.T. Ace Avery Williams
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    YungFalco reacted to Thiccolas Cage in Are we watching an identify form?   
    We've gotta see what the D looks like with better coaching and the FA and draft acquisitions.
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    YungFalco reacted to SavvyFalcon89 in Kyle Pitts and Calvin Ridley training together   
    That boy is gonna be a problem....
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