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    YungFalco reacted to JD dirtybird21 in Wow. Dolphins just traded 3rd overall pick to the Niners.   
    You're making this out to be some dumb drama that doesn't exist anywhere except in your mind.
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    YungFalco reacted to Jimsmusic™ in Wow. Dolphins just traded 3rd overall pick to the Niners.   
    shanny is getting his QB.. which means we were DEFINITELY gonna grab a QB.
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    YungFalco reacted to Sidecar Falcon in Marcus Spears says Falcons drafting a QB should be a no brainer.   
    Don’t let the title fool you. There is a lot of talking points that mirror that of those on the message boards, myself included, as to why selecting a QB might be a good option. Granted, it’s not our only option, but it is an option as mentioned in the video. They also talk about the potential impact of Kyle Pitts and if trading up is an option. 
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    YungFalco reacted to g-dawg in still think this isn't a stud QB class? Shannahan just said otherwise   
    been hearing this QB class is overrated.   
    been hearing there is Trevor Lawrence and "everybody else"  - OR - "there is Lawrence and Wilson and "everybody else"
    Well the most respected QB whisperer in the league - Kyle Uckfing Shannahan just stated otherwise.  We know he loves at least 3 of them.

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    YungFalco reacted to Em_Jae20 in Falcons sign RB Mike Davis   
    Mike Davis is from the Atlanta area and when given the opportunity last season he showed he can handle getting starter reps.  I like the signing. 
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    YungFalco reacted to DonOfThemBirds in Schultz: Falcons have painted themselves into costly corner again with Matt Ryan (The Athletic)   
    Who really knows what the Falcons plans are long term or even the short term.
    Everyone is just speculating. 
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    YungFalco reacted to Herr Doktor in Does a trade down make sense now?   
    It made sense before.  Restructuring MR2 changes nothing.  He was always going to be here two seasons.  Taking a QB at 4, if their intent, is also still on the table.  
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    YungFalco reacted to kiwifalcon in Does a trade down make sense now?   
    We can’t trade down if someone doesn’t approach us.
    Trade down is an opportunity teams in our spot have to let that opportunity come to us we can’t just say to the world who wants to trade up,cmon give us all your picks.
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    YungFalco reacted to WhenFalconsWin in Will Dante Fowler Be a Falcon After March 21st?   
    they can cut him and designate him as a post-June 1st cut and free up $7.875 million in cap space.
    No brainer, we can find a rook who can get 3 sacks or a low end FA. 
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    YungFalco reacted to DMT11 in Trade!   
    WTH is a lee smith 
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    YungFalco reacted to hjerry in Restructured   
    Thread is full of posters on both sides of the argument wanting to use this to talk down to the other side, and in the end, very little has actually changed
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    YungFalco reacted to JayOzOne in Restructured   
    Food for thought:
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    YungFalco reacted to SipDirtyBird84 in Restructured   
    This is a bandaid for this year. Next year cap hit will be over $50mil. We will be in the same boat next year 🤦🏾‍♂️ 
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    YungFalco reacted to Jesus in Restructured   
    Great now trade then cut him.
    Did I do that right?
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    YungFalco reacted to A-TowN.- in Mel Kiper at it again with the falcons selecting ...   
    Thanks, I hate it. 
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    YungFalco reacted to Herr Doktor in Mel Kiper at it again with the falcons selecting ...   
    If this draft is as stacked as advertised at QB, why in God's name would we trade up for one?
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    YungFalco reacted to Francis York Morgan in TF: Matt Ryan made the Falcons Job so Attractive!   
    He made the job attractive because he has such great trade value.
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    YungFalco reacted to Norwood all the way! in Russell Wilson Trade Destination: Saints   
    I actually like RW...... Don't make me hate him now
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    YungFalco reacted to Herr Doktor in Russell Wilson Trade Destination: Saints   
    So, Jameis isn't the future?  All kidding aside, that would be scary.  I like Russell Wilson and would hate for him to play for the Bayou Butt Pirates.
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    YungFalco reacted to JDaveG in Russell Wilson Trade Destination: Saints   
    Aren't the Saints in worse cap shape than we are?
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    YungFalco reacted to Francis York Morgan in NFL.com Has Posted Its First Mock Draft   
    Felt kinda desperate to give Fields to Belichik tbh
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    YungFalco reacted to Zzzzz in Saint's Michael Thomas supposedly missing.   
    🤪😀Of all places, I saw this in the middle of a political thread on Facebook. Suck it Saints.

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    YungFalco reacted to Snafu in DeShaun Watson seen with Falcons jacket on   
    He's from Atlanta and was the ball boy for the Falcons when he was a kid. He's likely a life-long fan. Nothing worth reading into.
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    YungFalco reacted to Smiler11 in Zach Wilson HAS to be the pick at 4   
    I think his arm is just ok. I definitely wouldn't describe his arm talent as amazing.
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