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  1. Well looks like I'm not watching this years Super Bowl.
  2. Hold them to three somehow pleassse
  3. They are falling like dominoes now
  4. As a surprise to no one Jacksonville's D will have to win this one.
  5. Jax lay the hammer on Brady this drive I'm begging you
  6. Burn clock and keep getting those 1st downs
  7. Man....I sure do hate Pats fans
  8. I'm having Super Bowl PTSD this whole drive
  9. Put the dagger in the heart Jax, to shut up these stupid azz announcers pls
  10. Indeed it does, the Ray Lewis one sent my sides into orbit
  11. I know right I'm all for them. I want a Vikings vs Jaguars Super Bowl now.
  12. Being in as group text with Vikings, Bears, Saints and Panthers fans is some of the funniest **** I've ever seen. I'm Dying
  13. Where's the broom Payton cause the Vikes swept yall
  14. The Vikings stellar Defense better show up now, cause they haven't looked worth a **** in the 2nd half
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