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  1. I kept telling my friend that we made the Saints bleed, that is all what the NFC needed to see to prepare for them
  3. I swear
  4. I hate the NFL......
  5. SF's D lookin like swiss cheese
  6. Easy!
  7. Lol can't get off the field
  8. Jesus Christ! They look like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off pathetic.
  9. Not gonna happen here, but if they lose to the Cardinals next week, Quinn needs to be left in Arizona!
  10. Freeman killed that entire drive
  11. Just leave Freeman in Houston after this game
  12. Should have went to Sanu, Matt
  13. Haha remember 28-3 **** the Texans
  14. Beasley has to get out of here just seeing him out there is headache inducing
  15. Here comes the swiss cheese Defense