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  1. yea man im going to miss those leaders. those leaders led us to an upstanding 5 - 11 season, and built houses for welfare recipients!!
  2. oh man, we gave up a first for turner?
  3. s'all bs he had one injury, and it was because of a cheapshot.
  4. re-sign, is to sign a player again resign, is to quit learn it, live it, do it!
  5. Norwood = a cheaper McFadden. Plus, The Falcons wanted a shorter RB with size, and Smith wants to replicate what he had with The Jaguars: "Twin-Terrors" at DT Jaguars: Stroud and Henderson Falcons 2008: Dorsey or Ellis Babinueax or Lewis? Add (maybe) Ga. Tech's OLB/MLB Phillip Wheeler in the second round, and The Falcons would have doubled the talent level in the front-7 for the next 5 seasons. Abraham Dorsey Babineaux/Lewis Anderson Brooking Wheeler Boley i like that front 7. i'd actually slot it like this brooking/nicholas at the will though.
  6. i think webster got a bad rap here. donatell was a horrible coordinator, this was obvious. i believe that the patriots can make chicken salad out of chicken #####.
  7. i have no clue what any of that is supposed to mean.as for your saying i'm a thug, i've never used my firearm to commit a crime. therefore i'm not a thug. i will say though i loved vick before i realized that he was a mormon subract the m.
  8. i think this might be another AP situation. the rams are goin to take him before we can get our hands on him. orlando pace is done.
  9. the kang chuck oliver made an excellent point about turner! he said that you're not just getting turner, you're getting turner + whoever you take at #3!!!! we could have jake long AND turner instead of just mcfadden 2 players > 1
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