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  1. In fairness this Sansa might be fresher in Arya's memory than the real one (I know she is in mine)
  2. From now on when you tell your shiftless moron kid that even he might one day grow up to be president in a country as great as ours, your not necessarily sure if your lying.
  3. I still might have to go with the cat....the cat would at least be honest about its current deficency of self awareness to the American people
  4. Same, I've even always maintained that avoiding Hillary was a perfectly legitmate excercise to vote Trump just as I voted Hillary to avoid Trump. And if I'm being totally honest Trump has been way way way waaaaaaay worse than even I expected last year (I'd thought he'd content himself like every other establishment GOP does and at least "act" like an impartial open minded adult while quietly pushing legislative racism ) so I can't even smugly claim I told them so. It's the ones still pretending this fantasy land of excrement is what they voted for is the ones I take umbrage with.
  5. It's an argument that ALL Americans should take their primaries more seriously America was lost by June last year, cause nobody thought it could happen.
  6. ^ And he's right too ^
  7. Yeah but EM has owned this about himself I have to give him credit for.
  8. Yeah but Pence never wrote "Stan" so that's like a wash right?
  9. Trump still has at least 3 more years if he can manage not to do something that'll get him impeached. At his current track if he doesn't slow this train down I think he's well on pace to be able to out sprint Nixon Unless he genocides some Indians tho he won't touch many of our beloved 19th century presidents. Then again future generations will probably judge us for the collateral damage we cause in the name of the war on terror the way we now judge the settlement of the American west.. so maybe not. At least Trump will have plenty of company in that regard.
  10. Were still only 7 months in
  11. I'm honestly not sure which one has spouted more homophobic lines over the course of their careers
  12. TBH with you I hated Squidward #7 loooong before the anthem thing, and a lot of that probably has to do with 2012 NFC title game. I'll tell you this tho, the overreaction of a good part of America from last year is probably gonna put his story right up there with with the likes of Tommie Smith and John Carlos when the history is finally written on this thing. (And these things are typically more impulsive than we like to credit)
  13. That's 9 points dropped to the worst team in the conference this year. PAh-thetic
  14. If more games looked like this I'd never watch soccer again This was cr@p entertainment