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  1. Oh your not wrong, that's just a bad example. Fox knew what it was doing there. (Fox channel convietntly does not have network coverage to compare it to. )
  2. I mean yeah the MSM has its biases, im not denying that but I'm not sure a skewed graphic cherry picking a Friday and Saturday is the best way to illustrate that. These are networks they only do like 10-15 mins TOPS before spending the rest of thier schedule on a puff piece about a squirrel ridding a unicycle or cupcakes made in America. I'm not even 100% all these programs even actually ran on Saturday.
  3. Although I once really enjoyed the general practice of elections, playing with the numbers, feeling like I'm witnessing living history etc. Fuq it now I'm burned out
  4. WOR hacked Toads account I see
  5. I think he took it a little further than that Marla. He wasn't the only one seriously talking about border security. He was however the first to really start selling them the red meat of what a danger the illegal Mexicans were becoming to our society as opposed to simply just an economic burden (something the aforementioned 12' autopsy wanted to play down in future elections to siphon the growing Latino constituency from the left). Trump also cared very little about realistic timetables or viability, either because he didn't think he was actually going to win, or simply cause he didn't understand how any of this works. He was able to promise pretty much anything.
  6. I still find it funny how many Republicans claimed to have absolutely loved the message of Carson or Fiorina yet they never received anything in the way of votes or resources from either the party, interest groups or the donating base.
  7. And yet there were a handful of other "outsiders" in those primaries with much less baggage if it were simply about that, but the only one to really capture a pluarity of hearts and minds was the one who descended from his escalater in the summer of 15' and went on a 9 -10 month tangent about a wall to keep out the Mexican rapists and very little else.
  8. Unless things like coal make a magical comeback, I'm not sure how sustainable the alternative Trump answer to a question the autopsy didn't even ask is going to be. The Trump campaign basically **** on the results of that infamous autopsy in favor of angry cathartic short term gains where we all get a few years of nostalgic feel good from things that really aren't going to last much longer in anycase. They haven't really addressed the long term issues the GOP is still gonna face tommorow. (Lucky for them the Democrats have no direction either)
  9. Kinda looks like he's over your head.
  10. Bout rime we repeal those pesky child labor laws
  11. It's amaze balls that Bill Murray is still with us