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  1. Jake Fromm is gonna have to announce he's joining Antifa tomorrow
  2. President Cotton is going to tie citizenship qualification with military service
  3. I was looking forward to defensive players taking knees every time he got sacked this season
  4. Dude must really want that broadcast job cause I don't think I've ever seen someone experience this kind of "growth" in like 24 hours
  5. Tbf our president is probably a little like one of our "respected olds" and just reads the first part of the tweet
  6. That he was president of LSU is one of my go to weird facts
  7. this but being off ABF for a few hours So lady Gaga beat up some protestors or outed Lindsey or something?
  8. Weird story but I actually have a ancestor from Main (on my grandmother's side) who was a blockade runner for the Confederacy. He got caught and they forced him to put on blue and go out west to harass indians.
  9. I missed the video of the lady being body slammed so I guess things haven't been as cool as I thought here in Atlanta
  10. Yall are laughing but yall won't be when's there's no thin blue line between you and the Bills mafia
  11. I've been thinking about smaller towns unleashing the full urban response units on peaceful gatherings of 10-20 highschool kids (cause their in fear about what they've been seeing on the news and reading on Facebook) a lot this week. Is it unfair to give a little blame to the president for setting the tone on that?
  12. Like again this is all just eerily familiar
  13. I would guess it's just a reflexive defensive mechanism on some of our parts, from sources trying to make this about the riots and not about why they're rioting. (And in all honesty that's exactly what the GOP is trying to do) Like we've literally rewritten history so that it seems like most people believe civil rights era protests were never violent or attracted looting.
  14. Also the way everything else has gone to date....is anyone really not expecting them to come out in a week and say "well we know what we said about those numbers buuuuut...our bad" Like really
  15. Tbf those numbers could absolutely be misleading as they would do things like striking your number off the unemployment total if you were unemployed too long (basically what happened to my father who was fired by the state a year after waking up from a coma back in 2014ish and hasn't been able to find work since due to poor health.) But in typical Trump fashion that doesn't matter once he's president
  16. The truly snarky thing to do would be to pull up the dozens of Trump tweets where he sh*ts on Obamas positive unemployment numbers as fake indicators...if one were so inclined
  17. I promise you if Trump could at all be blamed for what happened in Buffalo, Fox News would be digging into this dudes background and slowing the tape down till body language experts could explain that in realityit looks as if he were about to strike the police.
  18. Also for the 19th time lol at the logic that they were going to make the president wade through those protestors
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