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  1. lol Please don't make me like Joe Buck
  2. Kyle Wright had a fantastic outing against the Marlins. The Rays are better sure but theyre also no Dodgers lineup. He could've won or at least ate up some innings Would have loved to have found out anyway
  3. We made it through two series but its still....sorta....the same problem from last year. Too many guys who just turn into blackholes in the lineup
  4. Its been a fielding clinic since the 4th
  5. Probably always associate Reilly with that base running like I do Devonta Freeman that wiff block which is a shame after what he did game 1 and even early tonight thst got him on
  6. Dodgers are the better team, Braves have had a fantastic year, this is every bit as far as you should have any right to expect them to go after what happened to the starting pitching we should be excited for next year but the way this played out....its a Atlanta choke
  7. So many good smacks right at a Dodger outfielder
  8. Yep he was dialing but the Atlanta is just too strong. I don't know whats going to happen here. but im just expecting the weakest milktoast 6 outs you've ever seen from the Braves just because (and this has been a fantastic late game lineup)
  9. LA getting some easy innings. Braves....
  10. Whoever told Acuna he plays for Atlanta needs thier *** beat
  11. Completely unfair that they have to play Tuesday on a day shorter rest than American league who also went 7....but thats the Dodgers problem I guess 👀
  12. The worst part about following so much of left twitter is there are a ton of commie dodger LA residents
  13. The curse can't be killed. It can't be stopped. It can't be reasoned with.
  14. Yeah but the great thing bout late Atlanta leads is while you may not believe each and everyone of you is at least starting to imagine and thats the cruelest part
  15. Yuge double play. Some say GREAT double play. The GREATEST? Some might say that. I dont say that but some might
  16. Please don't start this off with a ******* walk
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