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  1. Batfleck going to town on the hired henchmen is probably the greatest live action sequence in all of...Batmandom?
  2. Just can't help themselves god bless em
  3. well it was either this or they were all a Soros plant
  4. It only took the usual crew less than 24 hours to tell us about the REAL victims, very shocking, much surprised. Definitely never seen before (I mean buddy probably had it coming any way amirite?)
  5. Blood moon is out
  6. I'd like to think he started off with a shirt but somehow lost it at the 2:00 mark of the 4th
  7. 90s Hayes keeps putting me in the mind of Wesley Snipes (I know... cism)
  8. Part of that is the ole cliche of preperation and opportunity but I swear I could live a thousand years and never see Brady (or Brees) lose a major coin toss
  9. Whstever.... Imma go watch true detective Happy Saints Soul Crush day
  10. Always nice to watch the rich kid blessed with looks to get everything they want. A real feel good story
  11. Cheifs had three third and longs on this drive. I know it's Brady but..pathetic
  12. Another third down, wonder where Brady will look
  13. Alright I'm already ****ing sick of them leaving Edelman wide open on third down
  14. My root never wins the OT toss so I already know Brady gets the ball first
  15. Have both championships ever gone to OT before
  16. The year is 2032: Lord Drednaught Commander Wor oversees the XIII district Alexander Cortez death milita or as they're more commonly known by their enemies "The clapback" corp.
  17. Dee Ford you suck