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  1. Again I'm reminded how Trump bragged about executing Rittenhouse's Antifa equivalent without trial and it made like absolutely zero headlines, literally his words "we did not want to take him alive" Granted Trump was prone to just make up **** from time to time
  2. One day I hope to see the Falcons while executing thier annual "lets ruin the draft pick" end of year winning streak luck *ss backwards into the playoffs and end up in the superbowl again
  3. Lmao You got to go back to WWI to find a team even in the neighborhood
  4. The Virginia gubernatorial race is vital to the security of our Southern border
  5. He definitely getting some bats, I guess we move Joc or Duval to DH
  6. @Sponge it's weird hearing Nique say "How bout them Dawgs" cause for some reason we never associate him with UGA which is weird cause he took them to the Final Four I'm always like "oh yeah he did go to UGA didn't he"
  7. Member when the Falcons and Saints (and later Carolina for a min) were also in the NFC West Sports geographical distribution used to be on cocaine
  8. I really want to keep Rosario but at this rate he might be playing himself into such a large contract some team is going to say to heck with the small sample size from this postseason/that one Twins year and injury history and pay him like a top outfielder (watch it ironically be the Dodgers) and the Braves in the past have been pretty frugal on thier offseason splurges. (And tbf Rosario at some point probably will stop hitting .700 or whatever) Then again AA has gotten stars to sign value contracts before
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