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  1. Like Chairman Daou us one thing but this is one of the biggest names in corporate media.
  2. My uncle runs a plumbing and electrical business out of Wanye county and this is as busy as hes ever been. (I've made a little side cash here and there but thats a family connection I use and I am by no means a professional or even intermediate nor is this how I make a living). Ive nothing else to contribute to this convo it just sprung to mind
  3. You can't impeach Trump hes a private citizen! Also he can still directly summon and control fully half of the United States government
  4. Well I mean technically he'd be saying in this title goodbye to our presence in this world not his
  5. Gut feeling is she might actually get a few red pilled Republicans to jump in on this but i still can't wait for a GOP congressperson to take the floor like "its not enough that she wants to establish Sharia Law in Minnesota but now shes attacking our virtuous prince"
  6. 2 a.m driving on I-16 back to school and listening to the Grid from the Tron soundtrack is like weirdly one of my fondest memories
  7. @lostone are you caught up on Jujustu? I don't have a ton to say about the plot but the fights are sooooo good
  8. I've played these games and I still can't believe thier real Its also where our favorite whinine the pooh floating away from his corporeal form gif comes from
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