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  1. Randomly watched the 1st episode Legend of the Galatic Heroes, I've never heard of it but it was buried on the Funimation list, the synopsis seemed interesting and holy batman am I getting like the best parts of Gundam (no not the mechs but space politics) and Dune mashed together vibes. Gonna cruise through this one for sure. Also on my upcoming list: (sometime in the next year cause I'm getting soccer, NBA playoffs and maaaybe professional football back and wont be traveling for college football or visit classmates this year so I kinda want to up my work hours) Megolobox Code Geass (yeah or nay?) Steins Gate (same question) Samurai Champloo (cause I never saw all of it in the 00s but I member it being solid)
  2. Honestly we could find out that the government has a fully functional Stargate on Friday only to move on in like an hour cause Trump did a photo op with like a whole *** foot of toilet paper stuck to his shoe and nobody brave enough to tell him.
  3. Let's go extension cord! (YouTube please stop deleting all the good squibilles clips you cowards)
  4. Sorry...my biggest simp is for an 74 year old woman My queen
  5. Okay but seriously yall need to give the moon back this sh*t ain't funny
  6. I love stouts and I like experimental beer but I don't think I'll be buying an actual oyster stout, this one was just a brewery name I'm pretty sure. Tastes like Georgia Brown Not a clam chowder fan
  7. In this context picking up oysters sounds like code for New England grannies and probably some further lewd remark about trying to find their pearl
  8. I didn't say anything about Garfield yet
  9. lol Grandparents got their cruise canceled cause Hawaii ain't letting people off ships. Now the US is travel banning the US
  10. I think it's just a name but then again them boys are brewing mustard
  11. Still haven't found the mustard beer but I did pick up a couple Oyster cities
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