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  1. I bet Trump's KFC shyts smell like freshly baked cinnamon rolls
  2. Trunp's MO is the guy who loudly farts in an elevator then spends the intervening time before the door opens claiming he didn't actually do it. It's a big reason he's having a credibility problem with this.
  3. You're just not reading the right news
  4. Unfortunately Trump has zero instincts to ever acknowledge he didn't just execute a scenario perfectly. Instead of saying "my bad that's not what I actually meant but maybe I could have chosen my words more carefully" he denys the whole thing and arguably makes it 10x worse by lashing at all discenting accounts (even in a case like this in which that is probably a very very bad idea). But such is Trump. We've seen this movie a dozen times before. He makes a claim, eventually some time later his surrogates will slowly walk back the claim, he never directly has to acknowledge it, there probanly wont be any consequences cause nothing matters anymore, rinse and repeat.
  5. Wait did @dirtyhairy just call the Cali wildfires an act of Karma? Alright Jerry Falwell back on the ignore list you go before you start talking about Puerto Rico being punished for the gays or some shyt.
  6. Pretty interesting Frontline on PBS right now about the long battle for Mosul
  7. That thread title
  8. Trump hits himself in the balls with a hammer "But Trump sure did show those libs today" WFW nods solemly
  9. About the response I expected...and again your not actually defending him....cause you cant. Nope all you got left in your toolbelt is deflections, while more embarrassment heaps down on your president by the day. And somehow you think your actually winning in all this. It's cute, like an inbred puppy walking repeatedly into a wall.
  10. Yeah Im not sure I care what you really think about politics anymore. I think you've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt your loyalty towards Trump is incredibly shallow and partisan and when confronted on it you just respond with whatabuts and Vinny gifs cause you and I both know you can't actually defend this **** anymore
  11. Trump like the rest of us if he's being honest with himself probably thought there was no way he'd ever actually have to be doing this kinda heavy stuff when he started all this 20+ months ago. Turns out being president isn't all standing for parades, signing a few documents and getting your @ss kissed. And it truly is not easy, most people even if they have the requisite empathy may not necessarily also have the words to really be able to connect with a person whose just suffered an unimaginable tragedy. In the end your staffers can only help you out here so much. So what do you do if you don't have the wherewithal proper amount of levity for these situations? ...well your probably just trying to power through them "I dont know would you like some money?" (But doesn't quite care enough to make sure it gets followed up on)
  12. Zodiac Killer? That's funny. Not as funny as throwing your political support behind the guy who thinks your dad helped kill JFK but still funny.
  13. "It's MY culture and I want it NOW!"
  14. Heh I just remembered was a thing on here