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  1. The absolute direct irony of this post just helped me achieve dimensional apotheosis
  2. New Rick and Morty shogun short
  3. Thank yall for what you are doing. Wish somebody could help you.
  4. You know a couple Dinosaurs running around is just what this Pandemic needs. Really spice things up a little
  5. Thinking about picking up a part time so I can act all essential
  6. How's yall quarantine going? *looking at the TV and Fire remotes* "Everytime I come here, everytime you two!"
  7. Somebody find me that me reaping (this sucks) tweet
  8. Alright this is getting into some Racoon City ****
  9. Don't forget the DNC actively attempting to force voters in several states to hold elections during an outbreak but I'm sure Trump won't use that as a whatabout or anything when his lies and missteps during the early stages of pandemic become THE key issue of the summer.
  10. My dad having an aneurysm if he read this