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  1. I keep thinking about that acid dip scene in Rodger Rabbit that not going to lie traumatized little kid me just a tiny bit
  2. I'm trying to get some dry cement flakes off this patio I put in with a pressure washer and some Muriatic Acid which I've never used before and its very yellow angry and smoking when I poured a little and thats when I said to myself yeah I should probably go fetch my gloves
  3. I will say it was something to watch Kirby actually allow his QB to go the full field for a touchdown under 90 seconds to half something he rarely even let Fromm try He's Kroger brand Stafford on his best day tho. He'll win UGA a Sugarbowl or something before he leaves Im sure but hes not that next tier playmaker the UGA boards will hype and I get a feeling he'll be a college Jay Cutler meme once the honeymoon wears off and he turns in regular 4 TD/ 3 Int games
  4. I'm not even sure what he did other than it looks like a combination of Bowling/Billards/Curling but I'm more impressed than I've ever been
  5. Being a blue state means we get to eat police horse sh*t directly off Peachtree Street when the Braves win the pennant next season
  6. Original tweet: RELEASE THE KRAKEN New Tweet (read like a Woj tweet): The Kraken has been released source tells espn
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