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  1. I kinda had a little involuntary snort when I read this
  2. (Main theme from The Bodyguard plays in the background as Schiller enters bearing hookers, cheeseburgers and a blu-ray copy of Bloodsport) ♪Annnnnd IIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOU ♪
  3. Not even a little
  4. Dead at crooked camel
  5. They were replaying this season 2 episode of Rick and Morty tonight and it reminded me of TATF/ABF going through the bargaining stage of grief on Sunday
  6. Not yet, I heard it wasn't that good
  7. Pretty sure the next generation will be too busy trying to find a way to have sex with Alexa (who has a corporeal form now)
  8. That means Obama gets credit for butt chugging
  9. As far as I'm concerned the Trumps are every bit as bad as the Clintons with that foundation stuff, but while the Clintons were using their foundation for geopolitical favors the Trump's were just doing it in a more localised scale funneling it into their own ventures. (Which I why I laugh a little bit when we hear Trumpers ask "whatabout the Clinton foundation") Standard GaFan disclaimer yes I realize the Clinton foundation had some really good legitimate aspects as well and won a bunch of accolades for actually helping some folks not just buying pictures of themselves but they were also far better resourced and had far more eyeballs watching their every move. (Whereas nobody really cared about looking at the Trump foundation till he ran) It's overall intended purpose from the Clintons standpoint seems pretty similar. (With apolgies to probably a couple hundred/thousand people who put in thousands of hours of really hard work in poverty, HIV striken areas across the world for the charity I just insulted)
  10. I actually agree, some countries ARE shytholes, and Durbin is using this as political leverage. And I'll add to the fact that this was a private conversation as a mitigating factor. This was not supposed to get out.Trust me we've all said far worse including probably Durbin and Trump. I've said worse on this board for sure. Nevertheless it did, and it terrible look for a sitting president and Trump was a moron for saying it in front of a Democrat or really any colleague not in his tight circle of trust. The Norway comments are particularly disturbing cause it comes across as "yeah I prefer whites thanks" (or at best non poors) and I don't know any other way to take that unless it were a joke which is plausible. As for Trump himself being a racist. Imo the evidence (sometimes circumstancial, sometimes hersay, often from his own mouth and tweets) paint at least for me a ever clearer picture. Maybe he was always a little bit racist, maybe surrounding himself with people like Miller, Gorka and Bannon changed some of his viewpoints. Personally I think he's just playing a part and his prejudices against lower classes just sorta bled over. And don't get me wrong I don't even think he hates blacks or browns, like he wants to destroy their lives or anything, I think the only people Trump hates are members of the news media. But I definitely think he has certain prejudices (or that he plays up to them for that particular alt right group of followers) that color his viewpoints and his decsions and he knows which demographics will vote for him and which of them will probably not. At the end of the day it's not about judging you for color of your skin but the content of your bank account and if your worth a vote or not. *Now disclaimer I have a very cynical viewpoint of racism and sexism. I think we're all guilty at least to an extent. I think it's just an unfortunate natural human social construct.