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  1. Came within inches today of 2nd seed and a first round bye. Alas it's 4th and we'll see Columbus either Wednesday or Thursday at the Benz
  2. I don't think the Saints are good mind you but that schedule is fairly friendly and expect them to take care business and easily go 5-2 in thier own building unless Brees gets turnover happy
  3. If Saints win division after 0-2 and us 3-0 I might break some shyt tho
  4. Browns bout to lose again
  5. Uh....Dilly Dilly?
  6. Saints will probably crush the bears in New Orleans Falcons need to put their big boy pants on
  7. Anyone else mad that even tho we kicked his azz, everybody else gets to skip Rodgers?
  8. How the ****? These announcers are stupid
  9. That's a win for the Packers there
  10. Looks like Saints might get to be the prettiest girl on the block this week
  11. OK yeah Pack defense is pretty dumb
  12. I'm having mini Leftwhich flash backs watching Hundley hold the ball. Not THAT bad mind you
  13. Correct that xp blocked