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  1. That's my thoughts, add a another top 3 rookie and the future is so bright the president will try to look directly at it
  2. Like our guy can't even fire his underlings in person without anxieties, I'm trying to imagine that showing up on the Big Book of 20th century dictators or even the bios of a Napoleon or Ceaser Edit: Then again some of those guys fainted at the sight of blood and/or were intimidated by women so maybe..
  3. I mean of course he was insane, but he also rose from a leader of street thugs with literally nothing but a donations box and some disgruntled vets, out maneuvered the other street thugs to become the most powerful person in the world (same with Stalin only in a backdrop of a revolution). I doubt Trump could do that
  4. I think some of his intelligence were probably underrated, at least at the beginning before his narcacism really took over and he was constantly high off his mind on drugs. he pushed alot of doctrines and philosophies most of the German war department didn't want to hear about. He didn't invent things like mobile warfare or concentrating your armor (the German high command was famous for sitting around and writing war theory) of course but he was amongst the first to see thier values. He also with help took propaganda and narrative forming to never before seen levels basically writing the book on thought control tho he projected that feeling onto the jews. He wasn't the master military strategist alot try to project him as other than a shrewd ability as a former frontline peon to see some common sense things high command aristocracy overlooked
  5. Hawks won a critical draft game against the Bulls Sansa better win that throne
  6. I mean for all we can go back and nitpick thier blunders in retrosoect it's easy to forget how intelligent and charasmatic Hitler and Stalin and many others were. You don't always get the clownish jack@ss rising to the top. Sometimes you get that perfect mix of ambitious AND clever that's going to do alot of damage before they exit stage left. Maybe we got lucky I dunno
  7. Yeah I'm just saying. All the seeds were there for a true tyrant, conservatives were absolutely hungry for one after Obama but instead a reality TV clown rose to the challenge and we got a light beer version of their dream of a theocratic ethnostate (that looks like even its not going to last) that can't go a day without vomiting up on themselves
  8. Or the Saints 2019 NFC championship banner
  9. They said earlier they had go bags ready to go before the order even came down What fresh **** is this?
  10. Sometimes I wonder if historians will look back on Trump of all people heading the right wing populist wave of the late 2010s (that was going to happen without him regardless) as an amazing turn of fortune or historical quirk that (maybe) changed the timeline for the better like Hitler intervening at both Dunkirk and Normandy or the Persians failing to overrun ancient Greece etc. Like they could have easily picked someone who believed all the same things Trump does that wasn't a buffonish clown
  11. holy **** lollollololol The resolution wont hold up but still.....magnificent
  12. I just texted this picture to my mom to explain to her how common the joker style face paint is since Dark Knight. I could see why people would think it's like minstrel black face, it's pretty similar
  13. I don't particularly think this is any kind of revelation we all know this but it's gotten to the point where if the identity of the shooter or victims isn't something that can be used as a political hammer it isnt going to lead very long on the news. A lot of people even lost interest in the Vegas shooter and his unprecedented record setting body count when it became apparent he wasn't going to be linked to white supremacists or "antifa". If the gun in a massacre isn't on the list of scary guns it gets dropped even further
  14. *taking it back to 24 months ago* MANDATE!!!