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  1. Somebody needs to be legally held responsible here
  2. He'll hit it (a couple times) this season I'm sure
  3. Quinn Snyder looking more Bond villainee than I remember
  4. Knowing the Hawks history it's probably 25 and 10
  5. He's hitting the franchise rookie record tonight I'm calling it
  6. Trae is balling. Hopefully the migos are pleased
  7. Here's the science.... checks out
  8. They must have been using the bloody mess perk from Fallout
  9. You can tell people are pretty excited about how this season is going when they don't even know who plays Monday night
  10. Unless you mean Atlanta United (and I don't think you do) I can personally guarantee the Falcons will not lose Sunday
  11. Really nothing? Yall suck
  12. Ugh 40 years old and going around as a "proud boy". Get ****ing laid dude