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  1. I hate to admit it I actually was bitter and hated watching those games in 2010 but if Andy Reid had gotten a hold a Vick when he was younger instead of an enabler like Mora he might have turned into that Hall of Famer
  2. Yeah I figured when I saw literally no one complain about the time. The announcers were just wrong
  3. @lostone I started watching JoJos last night and I literally had the same reaction that they named a character Robert EO Speedwagon Edit: Sonehow the villian being named Dio slipped me by cause I've been seeing the Dio memes for years and didn't think about it
  4. Tried Dell Taco for the first time (or at least since I was a little kid) They put thier hot sauce is orange packets and thier medium in black. Surely this violates taco common law?
  5. This was the soccer version of the extra innings walk off win for the Braves last week. So much to be critical of before suddenly falling *ss backwards into a W
  6. Well that was a dull soccer game overall but Atlanta with a winning goal at the very end edge of extra time
  7. Shhfduhadhk omg nvm If I'm montreal I'm probably mad that time was allowed to go that long (edit: well I say that but that's just based on how much time Kevin Egan said was left in extra time. Broadcast clock doesn't go past 90 for some reason this year)
  8. Well that was some dull build up soccer. Crowd was neat tho
  9. Atlanta United with the biggest soccer crowd in the world in 15 months. Thats kinda neat
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