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  1. Jesus what a picture
  2. Kann looks like it's only a matter of time before somebody gives him the starter job. I don't know if it'll be here or not tho. On one hand he's a local kid, but I've heard some people speculate he could be trade bait in the next transfer window as he's on an excellent cheap contract that dozens of teams would jump at for a starter. This isn't based off anything I've read I'm just speculating from the gut but I'd love to grab Zack Steffen the Columbus keeper when they make the franchise move to Austin . He single handily beat us in the playoffs last year and looks like the future in goal for the US. I feel like we're a place he'd (or anybody) would want to come to
  3. Some good results tonight both NYFC and Toronto lost to western conference teams.
  4. Yeah that'd be a pretty bad trend towards our continued survivability as a civilization, I'd hate to think of where we'd go from there 2nd term Trump could probably go two ways. He'd maybe either chill tf out, he's at his worst when he's rallying up the worst parts of his base, 2nd term Trump could maybe feel free to call Nazis bad the first time, maybe not care so much about rightwing identity politics.. Or We'd finally see all his worst authoritarian streaks with nothing to hold him back and if he was possibly serious about a 3rd term. I think this is less likely as his brain will be poop by this point tho he may be a Reagan-esq puppet pulled along by those interests that have overtaken the Whitehouse and give him cards to read. Not long after that regardless we'll be sending Gen Z to wage war on the Amazon self checkout drones
  5. Trumps chances of impeachment probably go way way up imo if he were to somehow make it to a second term. Politicans and even supporters don't typically stick their necks out for 2nd term presidents cause he already won them their max number of sports games, isnt as powerful legislatively and at that point he's just a liability (see W). Also kind of doubt he could make it that long without really really screwing something up
  6. Trump will never be impeached (as in removed, though I wouldn't be shocked if he were impeached as in the actual legal term that happened to Clinton, he's more than earned that) and he will never be convicted of anything substantial as even normal presidents who things occasionally do stick to are still above the law. I just hope he stays lucid enough to watch him go down in flames politically
  7. Korver (who turns out is alive as well) having a pretty solid postseason I pointed this out the other day on here and got no reaction but was anybody else shocked to learn Joe Johnson plays for the Rockets (that he's still in the league)
  8. I like/hate that the things we actually agree on, we tend to have the exact same opinion on
  9. Them pitching a fit about their redsox curse while raking in handfuls of other trophies in every other sport was the equivalent of the rich kid who didn't get that little extra he wanted for his birthday. Cubs fans too to a lesser extent (sorry lo)
  10. Not sure what your talking about? He died in 2016
  11. No **** anything Boston ever. Im tired of that spoiled city. I'd be fine watching Lebron lose to the Rockets.
  12. Is this like the OJ "if I did it"?
  13. Sorta, they let the developmental MLS teams mix with the USL in the same league tho (MLS 2 teams aren't eligible for certain things like the major domestic US Open tournament that's MLS vs USL vs NPSL and some other leagues) USL teams are built to win and feature adults who aren't good enough or too old for bigger leagues, Didier Drogba used to be a huge star at Cheslea now plays in the USL for instance. Their rosters are usually pretty constant through a season as well, they're not beholden to a bigger team. Teams like Atlanta United 2 are just expected to develop. They run much much younger, often experiment with formations and are expected to be able to make on the fly changes to their starting lineups as guys are called up and sent down. Atlanta United will probably use them for the US Open cup coming up in June (the team isn't eligible but the players are if they play for the main team)
  14. 2 is an All Star college/highshool team, couple 15 and 16 year olds on the roster, they're going to lose a ton of games to professionals, they're more about development