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  1. Somebody said this in the Austin thread but yeah it' hard to imagine he could have dropped off that package and not gotten picked up on several cameras. I also thought it was only a matter of time before somebody picked him up on their doorbell cam.
  2. To be fair anyone should be expected to cite their sources even if it's just another Fox News article and he is not a primary source for China (frankly going by his tweets he kinda seems like a Fox News yes man who specializing in whistling into the wind but that's just my intitial impression going through his tweets I don't know the guy)
  3. lol CBS Evening News keeps running that err "eye popping" Stormy polygraph picture
  4. So did Mooch (god bless em)
  5. I hate to say it but I'd be looking for a local area vet, maybe cross reference for PTSD and somebody who say specialized in disarming IEDs or the like
  6. I never thought we'd be stupid enough to ever let that guy make a come back....
  7. Dude JDave is a Greek orthodox warlock, if anyone is surviving Ragnarok it's probably him
  8. Wait is he saying Bernie is supposed to be saying that? Very confusing, needs more adderall.
  9. Does it really matter? No Do I like seeing that sociopath Kaptain Kenya get a taste of his own medicine. Emphatically yes!
  10. North Africa is historically to France what South America is to US and Eastern Europe is to Russia.
  11. You poor unfortunate soul
  12. Got some hail but I think it's pretty much passed us
  13. My mom used to have one of those in Florida Rain hitting a tin roof tho> Acorns hitting a tin roof <
  14. Grabbed the dog and 1 cat cause they were on hand and bolted to the basement. Cat 2 is own her own I actually ususally like bad weather I find it calming....tornados might be a little much tho