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  1. Do we have any actual reasons to doubt Truthful Trump? I only want answers i like mind you.
  2. Buh gawd we're gonna turn this whole Me Too femenazi hysteria around!
  3. Was she the one who was Bourdain's paramour?
  4. Josef tied the MLS single season scoring record today. He's going to break it in Orlando
  5. Josef going to break the record in Orlando
  6. Not so sure we didn't get away with that handball (everyone is saying natural position but I dunno) but that was a quality win against a playoff team. Josef ties the record, we move back into 1st.
  7. Trying to imagine Fox News if an Obama intern was in antifa or even a Nazi
  8. I also don't see how that would benefit Trump or the GOP AT ALL
  9. I've been watching so much of the old seasons in the lead up to the premier a few weeks ago. Some of the call backs all the way back to season 1 like the phantom space man are blowing my mind. Seen a lot of speculation on reddit on Vendata (supposedly built by Sr according to the OSI) that might come into play tonight (as well as the third unopened pod in the blue morpho cave) The show is just full to the brim with Easter eggs and red herrings I could do a whole thread on venture bros speculation
  10. NFL can't help themselves. They got rid of (presumably) the arbitrary catch rules and immediately put their foot into the year of the phantom roughing call.
  11. I was wondering why yall thought CNN reporters had security clearance?
  12. On the flip side I think we got mdrake's competition with them legs bruh