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  1. Looks right... Looks left... Psssst Larry.. Coast is clear guys
  2. Although I can't find passage in the Fountainhead where Roark eats books to own the collectivists. I'll keep looking
  3. Barry Goldwater would be proud
  4. Kim dot com finally get a new charger for his laptop 5 months later?
  5. Imagine the weird place you have to be in to readily believe the Texas church massacre was a false flag and Trump was annoited by the anti illuminati to fight corruption but "I'm just not seeing enough evidence to make an objective assertion that Roy Moore creeped on young girls"
  6. Russian backdoor overture
  7. This is problem people like Vicious and Roy Moore's wife can't wrap their heads around. They think out loud "well we never would have found out if he hadn't been running a campaign" (duh) cause they think that somehow excuses it
  8. The best Republicans are the ones that stamp their feet about the establishment, then exhibit every characteristic and voting habit that's kept them in power for 200 years.
  9. Eh, I guess. But too date the only victories this administration/congress has been able to find our the symbolic half completd kind, and they trumpet those to the skies. They're like if the falcons awarded themselves a trophy at the halftime of the Superbowl
  10. My gut reaction is the second Franken accuser IS partisan pile nonsense to pile the bandwagon with a trumped up claim but admittedly I stopped looking into it cause it was stupid. Briebart's still running with it as if it were a second accusation of sexual assault
  11. And as I pointed out yesterday, it being a Republican plot makes no sense in the context that it came out hours before the tax vote, and completely overshadowed it.
  12. It's actually latter but I'm too lazy. I even knew that as I typed the d's
  13. and the idea that it was probably a political fishing expedition isn't mutually exclusive to whether or not its harassment. For the record I think most of the Trump women and the ladder half of the Moore accusers were brought forth by calculative political elements. Doesn't mean they ain't 150% legit.
  14. That picture was extremely inappropriate for a sitting US senator and champion of civil and gender rights. Period