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  1. I mean they're just asking for it to triple down
  2. Frankly Im glad my team is sticking to water while still in the middle of the season with games to play. I was kinda cringing watching the United players chugging champagne after they won the open cup and still had a game in 3 days.
  3. Still not bad for half a games work against a Division II Dolphins
  4. Also 2nd year in a row forcing Harper to be 2nd best loser in two different jerseys
  5. What's funny to me was there was once a time when releasing on Friday was seen as an advantage (for the story). It was the last word to the newsweek, wouldn't be overshadowed the next day, and you got two whole days to let it stew in the publics mind. But Friday is also the day most people could careless about world events when there is a weekend to plan
  6. Kinda makes it sadder when folks take it upon themselves to run PR crisis control completely pro bono on a football message board no?
  7. Posting video of Worzone is against the CoC
  8. Well...maybe he didn't wiggle his way out that jam after all
  9. Fallout posited that MIT would become an evil post apocalypse experiment and research organization...and I guess they've taken that **** to heart (tho even the Institute wasn't running interference for pedophiles)
  10. For real tho I think Han would be pretty chill with that kind of easy money
  11. "Palpatine to be executed by the marshal of the galactic senate interdepartmental communication reveals !... I'm pro life and I take no pleasure in reporting this
  12. I've read that some folks are like "wtf who just just punched the everliving sh*t out of me" at first
  13. For me it was the addendum of If there is a bigger fantasy nerd on AFMB I've never met em
  14. "Runnin through the house with a pickle in my mouth" is such a wonderfully weird line