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  1. One of my best friends from college (Georgia Southern) who grew up a Kentucky fan posted a picture of him and his wife holding up a Georgia onesy to announce thier baby (she went to UGA). She makes him root for Georgia Even I think that's sad. I member hating Georgia before he met her
  2. Georgia got at lot of speedy honkies. Clay Travis must be pleased
  3. Hey you got your championship we want nice things too
  4. Did WFW ever answer how Biden made Trump revoke the executive order on lobbyists
  5. How is Christopher Nolan going to possibly make a single movie now
  6. Georgia can pretty much clinch the east today
  7. I'll have to check it out. Some of it looked way to out there for me and some people and reviews I've watched have said the insistence on using famous actors instead of professional voice actors have made the english dubs kinda bad Thier was a sorta samurai ronan jedi tale that looked cool. annnnd then there's the tale of Jabbas nephew trying to start a band..🙄
  8. Yall please click on this thread When the the helicopters got involved I died
  9. Do kinda miss the lost art of the forum sig game Somebody let me have a complimentary Turner one they had produced as part of a project I had for a few years
  10. When you try to put on a medium and end up fighting for your life
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