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  1. Only when confronted with what they have supported in the past. Political posturing a lot of the time.
  2. No one will do in the air tonight better than Phil Collins. -_- Theres nothing more epic than when the drums kick in.
  3. Yea, cause there is nothing like being the policeman, judge, jury and executioner before even talking to anyone! Durpa hurp lololol I'd like to see someone get up from being held down on the sidewalk and not bust someone's ***.
  4. Oh. You mean the mom that was holding this girl down against her will? Yeah, it's no wonder the girl beat her ***.
  5. So now Comrade Steve supports police state brutality on a girl before the cop even knew if she was the perp or the victim? Take your pink guitar and permanently move to the woods. Please.
  6. You get dumber every day. Is it something you are smoking? That's not an attack. That's a sincere general question.
  7. They do. Locally. Selective journalism in this country doesn't pick up on it just like the Christians that condemn radicals here aren't reported on internationally. It doesn't make for good entertainment.
  8. The Donnelly's was an NBC show some years back that seemed like it had promise but I don't think it even had a second episode. If it did, I seriously doubt it had 3.
  9. Radical isn't Achilles. Are you surprised that there would be at least multiple people who feel you have the IQ of a fence post? That's not an attack. That is a sincere general question. and all that stuff.
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