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  1. I'm in Warner Robins, man. I definitely hear you on the living "in" Macon thing.

  2. Indeed. More along the outskirts. I refuse to actually live "IN" Macon. Heh

  3. Wait. Mojo, you're in Macon? If so, awesome!

  4. lol its not my fault that you're a psychotic pedophile, FalDog

  5. Time to for you to start thinking about a new name, and a new avatar would be nice, it's as tired as your lil sheepy posts.

  6. Yo mojo. I'm coming thru macon Friday arnd 2ish. Ill be with my gal and my dog. Ill stop and say hello and offer u a beer if the doberman doesn't drink it all. Let me know.

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