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  1. This is true but right now Neal's contract isn't figured in next year and things are already looking pretty rough. It will be harder to get the deal done in 2021 if he plays on the 5th year option next year.
  2. I think they are working on an extension for Jones......Deion Jones. Possibly working on an extension for Julio too because that could be cap neutral or a little better in the short term. I think any extension talk for Grady is lip service at this point. He is most likely gone next year in my opinion.
  3. Well I guess there are going to be a record setting number of transactions in the next few years because Arthur Blank is about the 10th oldest owner I think. I guess Jerry Jones will be ditching the Cowboys any day now.
  4. 76 is not that old. Especially when you have resources like that dude. I think he's got another decade of ownership in him at least.
  5. How is Arthur Blank getting the money if the shares belonged to a guy who died? Wouldn't his estate get the money?
  6. If they give Julio a backloaded contract and extend Deion, there is going to be carnage on this roster in 2020 and 2021. But it might be time to gut it by then anyway.
  7. He won't be "holding out". But yes, I do think that Grady Jarrett will not sign his franchise tender until the last week of the preseason. That's what most of these franchised guys do, I don't see him being any different.
  8. I mean, it's not that simple. The Falcons have over 150 million dollars committed for next year with only about 26 guys signed that will actually be on the team. There will be some players they can cut to create space but remember, they only have about 26 guys signed that are going to be on the team anyway. Current starters on defense that are not signed for next year include, Deion Jones, Keanu Neal, Vic Beasley, Grady Jarrett, and Devondra Campbell. It's not as simple as Jarrett or Vic Beasley. It's a good chance that neither will be on the team in 2020.
  9. Yeah I mentioned that.
  10. Ok, now I understand where you are coming from. Yeah I really wouldn't bother with that kind of math, because they could actually replace veterans and create more space. But the draft class if they all make the team will cost about 8 mil, as you said. The Falcons have the draft space to take care of that obviously. They just will need to create some if they want to do anything else. And they kind of need to do some other things.
  11. I was asking him how he came up with that 2.786 mil number.
  12. Last year the Falcons cap hits for the rookie class were as follows. Ridley 1.981 mil Oliver 843K Senat 684K Smith 621K Gage 519K Oluoken 516K That's a little over 5 mil last year. Doubt 2.786 mil is going to cover it for this year.
  13. Where are you getting your information?
  14. That's kind of the funny thing about it too. If he does turn it around and realize his potential, the Falcons won't be able to pay him in 2020. They are going to be in way worse shape than they are right now, and even with him counting zero dollars for 2020.
  15. In the Falcons current construction, they aren't sniffing a Super Bowl. More like 6-10 land without a 2016 style draft.
  16. The Hawks made the playoffs 6 years in a row after they traded Dominique Wilkins.
  17. They are kind of married at this point. I don't think Quinn could get fired after this season, but if it's a bad season his seat is going to be quite hot for 2020. Flaming.
  18. Sometimes when a star who is the focus of a team leaves the other players on a team are able to flourish in a new role of being counted on. Dominique Wilkins, greatest basketball player in UGA history, graduates from an average team, the next year they go to the Final 4. Chris Bosh is the shiniest recruit Paul Hewitt ever has at GT and he leads them to a average year, then leaves and the team bonds together and goes to the national final. Saw the same thing happen in the NFL last year in Seattle where they lost all kinds of star players. And with Julio the Falcons have a chance to get some considerable draft capital in return for him as well. But as much as some of us might see the merits of that, I think it is extremely unlikely.
  19. The only thing I can think is that Quinn is very convinced that he can maximize Beasley's physical talent this year. Him doing so is a real key to this season.
  20. I wasn't really familiar with him but I just watched a bunch of video of him. Dude has unbelievable closing speed, he is very similar to Deion Jones in that regard. And the dude's really strong, which is good, because every tackle he makes is an arm tackle. You won't see this dude in any instructional tackling videos. He'll need to clean that up to get his 100 million in a few years. Dude is an impressive athlete though.
  21. As it stands right now, I think this team has a lot to do to contend. The Falcons seem bad in a lot of positons. CB. DE. RT. WLB, RB is a question. Safety is a question with both guys coming back from serious injuries. Are we really feeling THAT great about the two Guards that were signed? A lot of questions to be answered before I could see any window in 2019.
  22. It's true, we do disagree on that. But big changes don't always mean the team is going to suck. The Seattle Seahawks lost all kinds of veteran talent last off season and lost Earl Thomas during the season and yet there they were at 10-6 in the playoffs. It's extremely unlikely that Julio gets traded, I acknowledge that, but I think management isn't doing their job very well if they don't consider all potential paths to success.
  23. Every team has to reload at some point. People think the Falcons won't. I'm not that convinced.
  24. Yeah I just think the value on that 2nd overall pick goes way up. I haven't look at the chart but I think that 2nd pick is probably worth as much as two picks between and 10 and 15 in the first round. Or more. I think especially when you consider that the pick could land Bosa. It's interesting to think about.
  25. I think the best the Falcons could do is that number 2 pick straight up. That would be a great deal for the Falcons. They'd have some options with that pick too.