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  1. I was also sitting behind the Falcons bench and concur with the OP. This defense specifically has no confidence in themselves.
  2. The loss to the Niners 42-3 where Deion had the 100 yard pick six and told everybody the GA Dome was his house has to be way up there.
  3. On the road. IMO the only teams the Falcons should be favored against are the Redskins and Dolphins. I am thinking about picking the Cardinals in my Survivor pool.
  4. I understand what you are saying because obviously Dan Quinn didn't just forget how to coach somewhere along the way. The problem doesn't seem to be predictable schemes, but just that all the players are playing the schemes very badly. Unfortunately for DQ, getting the players to play well is also his job.
  5. As Stray pointed out Mark Bradley wrote a "Quinn's done" bit just the other day.
  6. I don't know that anything can be done this year. All of the cornerbacks are completely worthless and there are worthless players on all other levels of the defense as well.
  7. Quinn is in a bind because the back 7 consists of 2 players who can play, 4 that just can't, and one that can but just doesn't give a d*MN. The front 4 isn't that much better. Unfortunately for Quinn, much of that is on him too. On top of that, the confidence in what he is trying to do is shot for the whole bunch. Yeah I'd say he is in trouble.
  8. Today we are going to find out if these players are still buying what Dan Quinn is selling.
  9. The Falcons are going to win today. This is my first game attended in 9 years and I didn't fly myself out here from Richmond to watch them lose. Ya'lll rest easy :).
  10. Matt's not perfect but he's the best QB this franchise ever had by a wide margin and he's not going to be easily replaced.
  11. I think maybe we still need to hold off on that true strength stuff. I mean that was just ........what was that?
  12. It's hard to worry too much about who is getting the catches when a team goes Fg, TD, TD, TD to finish a game and the QB completes 22 of 23 and converts 8 or 9 third downs in a row.
  13. Matt Ryan completed 22 out of 23 passes in the second half and the Falcons were 9 for 9 on 3rd downs I think. I think there is evidence to suggest that the offense is rounding into synch. Oh yeah, and 3 for 3 in the red zone.
  14. Well about 30% of his attempts have come under Koetter, so it's not that big of a discrepancy. Honestly just about all of the INTs this year have just been really bad plays by Matt. I almost think it's a result of treating the preseason like BS even when changing systems.
  15. The INT was awful, but that was a bad play by Matt Ryan, all the way around. That's not on Koetter.
  16. You realize the Falcons only had 6 possessions right? They went punt INT FG TD TD TD I mean, that is a good game. Any coach would take 4 points per possession out of their offense. No offense in NFL history has every averaged anywhere near that in a season.
  17. Yeah the penalties sucked too. But there is no reason that any QB should ever complete 16 straight passes against this defense.
  18. No joke. So funny that the offense averaged 4 points per possession yesterday and still getting blamed lol.
  19. A team is never going to win games if they force 1 punt and no turnovers. Take away one terrible decision by Matt Ryan and the offense had a great game. Would have scored on 5 of 6 possessions. Can't beat that.
  20. Of course Dan Quinn gets most of the blame because he is the Head Coach. But the biggest reason the Falcons lost this game this week is that Dan Quinn, the Defensive Coordinator, simply did a terrible job. His game plan was lazy and arrogant, and he obviously underestimated Jacoby Brisset terribly. On top of that, the plan put the Falcons defensive players in a passive state, being reactive instead of attacking. It was sickening to watch. He left those guys in that crappy zone far too long, waiting for the mistakes that were obviously never coming, and by the time he got them manned up and they showed a little (and a very little) life it was way too late. I can be entertained even watching the team lose, but geez, at least go down putting up a fight. Quinn didn't put these guys in position to do that yesterday. Let's hope he learned from it.
  21. Honestly I think Koetter is doing a great job. The defense was complete garbage yesterday and Matt Ryan threw one ball he never should have thrown. That's enough to lose when your offense only gets 6 possessions.
  22. Desmond Trufant had games last year where he simply didn't play hard. He can be an All Pro this year and it won't change that. I doubt it though.
  23. It's cool that he caught those balls and even better that he appears to be playing hard. He didn't always do that last year. It's going to be a hard call for TD and Quinn at the end of the year. They have to find some money somewhere.
  24. Surprised this made 5 pages. Either Matt Ryan or Julio Jones. Depends on one's perspective I guess, but I can't see a valid argument for any other player.
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