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  1. The singular biggest problem on the play was the Browns just caught the Falcons in a bad defense.
  2. Well I don't know what the issue is, but if it was an either-or proposition, I would have preferred he played the Dallas game. The Falcons are unlikely to beat the Saints, with or without him. Now they're more unlikely to beat the Cowboys too.
  3. Yeah well you forgot the fact it was just a really poor defensive call that opened the play up, while we are passing out blame.
  4. It's a tough spot for the Falcons because I think that Jarrett isn't quite worth a franchise tag number and that number would make some other things difficult, but he's so close to seeing what his worth around the league is now that I can't see him signing until free agency opens. Maybe the Falcons bite the bullet and go ahead and put the tag on him.
  5. I did. He's been running around on the foot for 2 weeks. He was on the scout team last week. I thought he'd be ready. Surprised.
  6. I imagine the Falcons will try hard to lock Deion Jones up this off season. I think they've let it get so late in the game with Jarrett that resigning him is going to be pretty difficult and they don't want to find themselves in the same spot with Debo next year.
  7. Well that's pretty disappointing.
  8. Yeah I mean you and I definitely have differing opinions on Trufant. I called him a coward last week for avoiding AP. So to see the same act again this week didn't feel like a bad game but his new normal for me.
  9. I think Trufant should be benched, point blank. Obviously that isn't going to happen and I can sense that he's felt some heat this week. We'll see how he responds.
  10. I respect your intellect on this topic but I can see Trufant being a June 1st cut if he continues to provide something close to what he provided Sunday. A June 1st cut would give the Falcons 9.5 mil in cap relief in 2019, and 4 mil in cap relief in 2020. It also would save the Falcons from having to pay Desmond Trufant 20 million dollars over the next two seasons for services he is absolutely not providing. I think it is a very real possibility.
  11. Think Quinn is being coy, but dude was good enough to be playing on the scout team last week. He's doing what he can to make it difficult for Dallas to prepare in my opinion.
  12. I guess I am the only one who think he'll be a full practice today and a go on Sunday.
  13. Tavechio's contract is only for this year, but if the Falcons keep him on the roster for the rest of the season, he is only an exclusive rights free agent next year for the Falcons, because he doesn't have the time accrued to be an URFA. That's what makes this a fascinating situation for the Falcons, with Bryant's retirement at the end of the year being not unlikely.
  14. If he had just engaged the blocker it could have slowed Chubb down.
  15. The good thing is that if he is admitting publicly that he "could have did more", that probably means some of his teammates or coaches have gotten on him a little bit, and maybe he will be shamed into a good performance this week. I think the guy can still play if he finds his fire, but man it has been missing.