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  1. Right, which is what the Falcons have now.
  2. If they are going to bring in Knapp, then give him Sark' s job. Don't bring him in to teach Sark the job. Yeah Vick never got consistent under Knapp, but c'mon, we all know that was Vick' s fault.
  3. I am guessing Matt Ryan's eventual replacement is in about 10th grade right now.
  4. I actually think the offense will be worse next year than this year if Sarkisian stays. I think the guy is way out of his league in the NFL. Even in the Rams game they had the Falcons receivers locked down, but Ryan bailed the Falcons out with a couple of miraculous conversions on third down on broken plays. After studying what Sark put on tape for this season I think opposing defenses will push this offense towards the bottom third of the league, because I just don't think Sark is that capable with play design and putting together an actual plan for attacking a defense.
  5. People act like changing systems is such a big deal and that the first year is like a throw away year or something, but in 2012 the Falcons changed both coordinators, and ended the season 7th in scoring and 5th in defensive scoring, and the defense created 11 turnovers in the first three weeks and intercepted Peyton Manning on three consecutive possessions in the second game of the season. It's not a big a deal as some imply.
  6. It's a good question. I think the insistence on keeping the same system was predicated on the belief that the Falcons would get somewhat similar results, which obviously didn't happen.
  7. I don't think this is quite as foregone conclusion as people think. Looking carefully at the things being said, and I think this is still being evaluated. I would imagine that Quinn will have a sit down with Ryan on this.
  8. They were on the same roster and Benjamin had 4 times the production during the season heading into free agency. I can't even believe you could type that with a straight face. If they were the same player, why did one of them get a nice contract from another team and the other one got cut?
  9. Benjamin had quite a bit more production than Gabriel this year, but I do think he has been a disappointment in San Diego at that salary. No point in debating this anymore, we'll see who has a better read on this when FA opens up.
  10. I don't think so. Benjamin was a 4th round draft pick that had nearly 1000 yards with the Browns in the season that he entered FA. Gabriel is an undrafted free agent who was cut by the Browns and he has shown he is an auxiliary part, not a centerpiece of an offense. He had 330 yards this season.
  11. And for all you folks saying "yeah, just throw it to Jones, that is our best chance". Really? He has a lot of strong points and maybe winning jump balls in the red zone should be a strong point, but it just isn't. Jones caught 6 passes on 22 attempts in the red zone this year, with 1 TD in garbage time against the Patriots. 1 TD in 22 red zone targets. It's just not as simple as just throw it to Julio. The Falcons have to have a better play in that spot.
  12. There is no illegal contact once the Qb is out of the pocket so.....maybe something the Falcons should have considered when they drew up this play on the most important play of the season.
  13. Travis Benjamin had nearly 1000 yards going into free agency while Gabriel put up 300 this year and scored 1 TD. Him and Wheaton were both mid round draft picks while Gabriel was an undrafted FA that was cut by the worse team in football just last year. Your numbers on Seth Roberts contract don't seem right to me, Sportrac has him at 3 years and 12 mil. I think Gabriel will get 3 mil from the Niners and that will be the right place for him.
  14. Julian Edelman signed a contract for 5.5 mil a year after he racked up 356 catches and almost 4000 yards over 4 seasons as a starter for the Patriots. The idea that Gabriel is going to demand that kind of money is quite amusing.
  15. Yeah, we also need an OC that can function in the red zone.