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  1. I've been on this board since 1998, off and on. Twenty one years. Sometimes I take a break, especially during the offseason, if work is busy or there are just more interesting things to do with my life than play on message boards. This off season has been one of those times, but it's good to know people still remember me :). Thanks Vandy.
  2. number 1 guy right there. So important for so long and seemingly completely forgotten. Should have been in the ROH earlier than most of those guys in it.
  3. I think the ceiling for the defense this year is average. Too many average or unproven players and guys coming off major injuries.
  4. The good thing is he is joining a secondary where he will get plenty of opportunity to prove it.
  5. TD is going to have the toughest off season of his career next year. Ryan's cap hit more than doubling. Deion Jones will be a FA (as of right now). Same with Jarratt (as of right now). He is going to have to perform some serious cap magic. The Julio thing still in play. Boy it's going to be a tough one.
  6. Yeah I'd say it obviously did. With groin issues, knee issues, and three career concussions, the odds aren't in Freeman's favor.
  7. The world changes fast. The Falcons blew up a stadium that was just 25 years old.
  8. Yeah I just don't think you can draw very much from a couple of runs. Pittsburg's other RB had a better game, as a matter of fact. Averaged over 6 yards per carry in the game. He went undrafted. He is going to get a shot with the Browns though.
  9. I like what they've done but it's a little early for all that. I kind of doubt this offseason is twice as good as the 2008 off season and the 2016 off season. But if it is, cool, I guess the Falcons are about to win 4 Super Bowls in a row :).
  10. If they didn't think the guy was ready, they shouldn't have used to picks to get him. This team needs help now. Honestly I think Quinn and TD must have been really high on McGary to make the trade they did and pick him over the players they picked him over.
  11. Where do ya'll get these stats lol. Luck was sacked 18 times this past season, which is a really low number, but 3 times lol. Before last season he was a guy who got sacked a ton. Think he knew he had to get rid of the ball with that gimpy shoulder. Matt Ryan was only sacked 17 times as a rookie, franchise record. It's funny because people thought that line sucked and he was going to get killed. A lot of it has to do with offense design. To lower the sack totals sometimes you give up opportunities to make a large number of big plays.
  12. The title of the thread is literally "Season with no Sacks?"
  14. I think it's funny that people think the Falcons would spend their first 3 picks on Zero opening day starters. Just no. Both will start.
  15. If the Panthers had a horrible O-line then the Falcons should have spent a 7th on Darrin Hall too. That dude averaged 7.5 YPC. The Panthers fan for over 3000 yards as a team with 29 rushing TDs on the season, I'm not so sure about the horrible O-Line claim. I like the draft but I am going to wait and see on Ollison. The tape on Brian Hill looked great and the tape on Ito Smith looked great. The jury is still a bit out on both of those guys too. We'll see what all these guys can do.