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  1. After listening to the presser, I think Duke will still be in the middle in the base package, but that Foye will take Duke's nickel snaps. Makes sense I guess. I guess thist staff just isn't thinking much of Ish these days.
  2. I'll be surprised and disappointed, and I think we'd all be disappointed in the outcome of that decision. I really don't think it is going to go that way though.
  3. Look man, we all understand that Dan Quinn never disparages a player publicly. However, we all saw him yank Duke for a sixth-round rookie on Sunday in crunch time.
  4. I think it's kind of hilarious that so many people think that Dan Quinn couldn't possibly trust Foye over Riley when he just yanked Riley in favor of Foye on the crucial drive 3 days ago.
  5. Wasn't too upset? it's the first time i have ever heard him use the term "completely unnacceptable". He didn't use language that strong when the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. Also the play earned Duke an immediate trip to the bench for the last pivotal drive.
  6. Riley isn't a rookie, but it surely says something about him that you keep comparing him to rookies.
  7. On the bright side, Matt was 18-19 throwing to the other guys on Sunday, and the one incompletion was a stone cold drop on a perfect pass by Ridley.
  8. None of those guys are going to play, Quinn is just doing what he can to keep the Saints guessing.
  9. This was the exchange in the Monday presser. "What lessons were learned on the long TD play." Quinn said "well the first one, the coverage, the lesson to learn for Duke is you know having an awareness of what routes could come up, and then the second one that would be called a compression tackle. So...owning your leverage for the tackle, and to make sure what I told the team...that went from a fender bender into a fatality. And so we give up the big play and they catch it and it ends right there. To let that one go for a score is completely unacceptable."
  10. People keep comparing rookies who took some lumps here and there to a second year player who is just plain bad. It's weird. Why do people keep doing that? Duke played his way off the field last year and he is going to do it again this year. If last week didn't end his career, this week might.
  11. His coach said it was his guy.
  12. This team's aspirations are too high to wait and see.
  13. And that was even with the Falcons pulling Duke in favor of Foye on the last drive. The Falcons don't even play base defense hardly ever. And I certainly wouldn't expect them to against the Saints.
  14. Personally have seen nothing from Duke Riley to indicate that he is "very smart". It's true that the Panthers were only 5 for 7 for 93 yards throwing the ball against him last week, but the two incompletions were Panthers drops. He gave up 70+ yards after the catch. Ouch. What is Kamara going to do to this guy if we run him out there? Scary to think about.
  15. It'd be better for the Falcons if Kamara was 60% of their offense, because then it could be a group effort to shut down Alvin. But Michael Thomas has an astonishing 28 catches on two games on just 30 targets with nearly 300 yards receiving and 3 TDs. The Falcons aren't going to be able to focus on Kamara. Quinn and Marquand run a very simple defensive scheme but they might have to come up with something unconventional this weekend. Especially if 42 is on the field. If they play like they did last week, New Orleans might hang 50 on the Falcons.