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  1. I think this thread answers one of the questions I've been asking myself lately. How did Julio Jones put up such big yardage numbers last season while at the same time having such a forgettable year?
  2. Jeff Schultz was just making an off hand speculative comment on a radio show. It's the writer who made a story out of his comment with a misleading headline. I guess there just isn't enough Falcons news right now.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Julio is looking at possibly retiring at the end of this current deal, as his foot is kind of a constant question and I think maybe the reason the Falcons give him so many plays off. Maybe that is why is trying to squeeze out some more money now. The Headline is a little sensationalist, considering the current situation. I don't think Schultz in any way meant to imply that Julio is thinking of retiring now.
  4. I think people were more concerned with the mandatory minicamp, which is actually a completely separate thing from OTAs. That's not misinformation, that's a true story, just so you know. The reason that players don't attend in situations is to upset things, so I don't guess we should all be surprised when it works. Fortunately I think the organization is handling this beautifully, even if the fan base is freaking out.
  5. Dude let's just agree to disagree. But in the future if you are going to accuse me of spreading misinformation, it would be nice if you were specific about it. When people don't agree with me on here, they just go to insults lately, and it's a bore to be honest.
  6. I guess the bottom line is if you think the Falcons should just say no and wait for Julio to come back, which he will, then if you think that you are labelled a Drama King. If you think the Falcons should work with Julio in somehow make him "happy" then you are considered reasonable. I can dig it I guess.
  7. I've never doubted that at all.
  8. You said Julio Jones could avoid enforcement of the contract by not playing. I was simply correcting you. The repayment of bonus money is the enforcement.
  9. I haven't made any overdramatic vents. I just stick to the facts and apparently people think the facts are dramatic. It's rare for a player to retire in the middle of his prorated signing bonus, but Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders are two examples of guys who did, and Detroit recouped bonus money from both of them. It happens.
  10. No, you falsely accused me of spewing false information, and I'm not having it dude. I haven't said anything that is false. ANYTHING.
  11. Well the contract is enforceable because there is a provision for that. The team will recoup three years of bonus money, 7.2 million dollars. Edit...actually probably just two years of bonus money, 4.8 million. There, I did say something that was inaccurate, you got me lol.
  12. What misinformation have I spewed out?
  13. So what makes me a drama king? Because of my feeling that Julio should show up for mandatory team activities while under contract?