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  1. Some of the Julio supporters are acting like this is the first time that the guaranteed portion of an NFL contract ever ran out. It's the most bizarre argument I've ever heard. This literally happens with every single NFL contract ever after the first two years or so.
  2. Like I said, if the dude is that fragile, the Falcons shouldn't guarantee anything. Dude's financial security is not at risk, he's already made over $60 million in his career and he is doing quite fine. This is just pure Diva stuff we got going on here.
  3. Julio isn't a leader, and I don't think he ever has really been one. Just being a great player doesn't make you a leader.
  4. There are 89 guys at camp putting themselves at risk and only won of them has made as much money as Julio in his career. If his health is that much at risk, then the Falcons would be idiots to guarantee his money.
  5. Maybe our first sign that money was changing Julio should have been the story about the lost 150K earring. He is an unbelievable player but money can cloud the character of a person. Or at least their priorities.
  6. I actually pretty much agree with everything you said. But one thing I will say....if us fans are holding him to some unreasonably high standard....this Prima Donna stuff he is pulling right now certainly isn't going to help with that.
  7. I'm sure the guy can put on 8 lb if he needs to.
  8. I think Kazee might be the FS of the future, as much as I like Allen's competitiveness.
  9. The most likely scenario is that the three CBs on the field in Nickel are Trufant, Alford, and Oliver. I don't think the Falcons spent a 2nd round pick on the dude to leave him on the bench all season.
  10. Just reading an article about Kendricks and I think it is unlikely that he would be a good fit in Atlanta. This guys thinks way more highly of himself than his former coaching staff did, or apparently most of the league because the article I was reading says they have been trying to trade him since Chip Kelly was the coach. He wants to be given a starting job, and that just wouldn't happen in Atlanta.
  11. Honestly I think the flukey great second seasons of Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham a few years ago kind of warped expectations for all young TEs to follow, at least as far as fans go.
  12. Ricardo Allen is handling his situation above and beyond. It's made me respect the guy even more. He's delayed signing his tender because he knows that would decrease urgency for the Falcons to give him a deal, but he agreed to sign an injury waiver so he could be with his brothers at the OTAs. That's a leader right there, the Falcons need this kind of dude. Hope they work it out.
  13. They didn't stop throwing to him. He was a 3 or 4 target a game guy all year except for the game where all the receivers were banged up. If the Falcons thought Hooper was suspect in any way as the starting TE, they would have drafted a TE or brought in somebody. But they didn't. They are happy with his growth. He went from 19 catches and 271 yards as a rookie to 49 catches and 526 yards last season. That's exactly the trajectory you'd want to see from a young TE.
  14. He's turning into one it would appear.
  15. Yeah like I said yesterday, if Matt Ryan comes back in three years and says "I need a raise because QBs are getting paid 36 mil a year on new deals", people will lose their mind. I think maybe half of the fans think Julio is out of line, and I can't figure out why he get such a pass after letting us down in big moments last year.