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  1. I can't speak with any authority on any of those guys but I live in Richmond, and I know that in Richmond the talk is that Lauletta is going to be drafted no later than the end of the 3rd.
  2. The Steelers aren't shy about deals? Tell that to Leveon Bell lol.
  3. I agree, but this story is too boring to make up, and it runs parallel to TD's own comments.
  4. I hope so. Like I said, the Falcons had to wait for Condon to get his free agents signed. Condon's FA QBs are signed now, so hopefully Ryan's deal will be done in the next couple of days.
  5. Sure man, but that was two weeks before free agency opened. And now it is open, and TD is openly talking about how Matt Ryan's situation effects the flexibility of the team, in a quote I already posted.
  6. Ok, if that is what Matt wants to do. Won't help his legacy probably but it'll help him get a few million more bucks to go with the rest.
  7. I kind of doubt Florio just made this up, I bet the Falcons PR department has something to do with this clip:
  8. Well you have to read between the lines, TD is not going to put the greatest player in franchise history on blast, no way no how, never.
  9. Yeah you have to read between the lines but not much. “Matt Ryan’s situation has some role in dictating where we are and how creative we are and how we can re-sign some of our other players in free agency,” general manager Thomas Dimitroff said. “Anytime that you’re signing a top-tier quarterback, you’re going to be face with complications. That’s just the way it is.”
  10. Well I think that is why you are seeing the Falcons say things like "well we can't do much until Matt's deal is done". I think they are trying to send that same message to Matt....let's get the deal done so we can figure out where we are at.
  11. Maybe. But there is no reason to create the space if you don't get the guy you are trying to get. Then you just create more stress on your cap in later reasons for no apparent reason.
  12. There is all kinds of ways to create cap space. The Falcons could convert salary from Julio, Trufant, Mack, Alford, or Sanu into bonus and very quickly create space. The Falcons are wanting Ryan done quickly and for understandable reasons, but there are lots of other ways to make space. Ryan has had to wait because all of Condon's other clients were free agents and Ryan still has a year left. His situation might feel urgent to the Falcons, but not that urgent to Matt Ryan and Tom Condon. The Falcons have the ability to make moves, they have as much space or more than some of the teams making moves. It's just a matter of what the plan is.
  13. I think it's safe to say that he is the greatest Falcons player in history.
  14. Whatever the numbers are going to be, the Falcons seem to be getting a little frustrated with how things are moving along. We are starting to see statements out of the front office to the effect of "well we really can't do anything until we get Matt's deal settled". The Falcons are trying to apply some pressure to him to say to him that if he wants a great team put around him he needs to speed this thing up.
  15. If Suh goes to Seattle then I really don't understand what the Seahawks have been doing so far this offseason.