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  1. I really don't want to be hating on the guy but this is a big statement for a FS that has played a half a season with zero passes defended.
  2. It's hard to say that is true in 2017 when they are leading the NFL in penalties by an extraordinary margin.
  3. I am starting to think Fatboi is Ricardo Allen's agent lol.
  4. The Falcons defense gave up 281 total yards and 1 TD in the game Allen missed. The idea that the defense fell apart without him is a bit of a myth.
  5. The Falcons have to account for one shaky lineman, but the Seahawks have to account for 5. Agree that nothing is easy, but the Falcons defense should find a lot of success in this game.
  6. I don't see it with Allen. People I guess allocate him credit for teams not going deep on the Falcons, but I really think that has more to do with an extremely conservative defensive philosophy than anything special Allen is doing.
  7. This game is only "basically even" because the Falcons have played like garbage all year. The Falcons are going to pick up steam in this one and handle this crippled bunch.
  8. Seattle hasn't been a home underdog in a game since 2012. Even the Patriots have been a home dog twice since then.
  9. No team is ever favored to win in Seattle. That team is in a physical shambles though. Seattle knows it, and Atlanta knows it, and losing this game would be a crippling missed opportunity. The Falcons have to win this game.
  10. Poole plays hard and he is the best player in the league at holding and getting away with it. That has to count for something.
  11. I wonder what would be considered crossing a line in this forum.
  12. They could have easily. One blocked FG and a really dumb roughing the passer penalty on Atlanta really changed that whole game.
  13. They are in shambles. Shambles. On defense they will be starting a CB they were trying to dump a few weeks ago that failed a physical on one side and an injured rookie on the other side. Chancellor is going to be out, and that is one week after having a monster game against the Cardinals that really held the defense together. The one piece of the LOB that will be in place is himself coming off a hamstring pull and we don't know how good he will be either. Of course they lost a stud DE in Avril earlier in the season and that is why they are running old azz Freeney out there for 40+ snaps a game. It's too many for him and he is already wearing down. On offense they are either going to have a scrub at LT or Duane Brown on a bad ankle. Either way is bad news, especially since the starting LG Joekel had knee surgery a few weeks ago and is most likely out too. Their top 2 RBs are out and the two guys they have been running out there are averaging 2.6 and 2.7 yards per carry. Russell Wilson is by a large margin their leading rusher with only 290 yards. Even Doug Baldwin got hurt in the last game, pulling a quad, although he was able to make it through the game. This team is a physical wreck, and it will be an epic wasted opportunity if the Falcons do not win this game.
  14. I don't see the Turner comparison, but I think he is a solid player. I am surprised with some of the negativity about him, can't see any reason for it at all.