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  1. Speaking of UAB...I have to go back today. It's not a fun day.

    But yeah man, it's cool to meet a couple of other Falcon fans from Birmingham. I almost always drive back up to Huntsville for the weekends (family & my girl), but there's a good chance I'll have to stay in Birmingham a time or two for the weekend. I'll definitely take you guys up on it if that...

  2. Honestly, this is probably not a good idea since what we are doing is a form of protesting a fine against our coach. A corporate backer would not want to risk butting heads with the NFL's policy.
  3. I posted it on the Falcons' Facebook page and also tweeted the link to @Adam_Schefter Hopefully we'll get some coverage.
  4. Guys, This is the kind of thing that has long separated our fanbase from the great sports towns in America. Smitty is giving us reason to MOBILIZE! First stop charity... next stop the Lombardi Trophy! :ph34r:
  5. Hey Rev, I just posted a link to the info on the Falcons' Facebook page. If you know any way to get the Falcons to send out a Facebook notice about it, please do. It's a great way to get the word out.
  6. I love the idea of putting in $23 in honor of the Toastman. Put me down for that!
  7. I'm in. In a related note, who do we need to call to get a cage match between Smitty and MeAngelo? I would pay good money to watch Hall squeal like a little girl.