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  1. Grew up in ATL, but in Birmingham, Alabama now.
  2. LOL, god no, don't curse me back to the restaurant industry. I'm just making sure the board knows what bar I go to, so that if anyone else in Bham reads this, they'll stop by and watch the game with me and crew.
  3. And I have plenty of drunken confidence for the whole bar
  4. Arkansas? How many fist fights have you gotten into with Razorbacks over Pigtrino?
  5. Sir, I would happily pay TRIPLE for my beers if it would guarantee a Falcons Super Bowl win.
  6. I have lived in Birmingham, AL for about 7 years now. The first few years were easy. Vick was the QB, the team was exciting, and every game was on local TV. I sat on my couch and enjoyed a few brews with my brother and other friends while screaming at the playcalling and zebras to my hearts content. Then the dark times arrived. Between Katrina (mass Saints fan migration to B'ham), and the Vick goes to jail saga, suddenly the Falcons no longer graced my local television and we were forced to migrate to the dreaded sports bar. For the entirety of the 07 season, my brother and I were the only Fal
  7. I couldn't find a youtube video of it, but when I saw it live, I was cursing the refs for not calling what appeared to me to be a blatant block in the back on Biermann near the point of the catch. Anyone else see that?
  8. You would think that after two (or is it three?) leaping picks by Grimes, Brees would get the idea.
  9. Winebird's Hangover Prevention Guidelines: Carb up before the game. Pizza leftovers from Saturday make a great breakfast.B12 supplements along with a large quantity of H2O will help make the pain less extreme.When the pain becomes too much to bear, insert the names of members of division rivals in place of profanity.And most importantly, WIN the game! Hangovers on Monday are the fan's badge of honor for the "physical nature of our gameplan".
  10. I highly recommend stopping in the middle of your journey next time so that you can fully enjoy the buzzed birdy beatdown.
  11. Indeed. I think my exact quote during that play was "No pass interference on THAT one, Ref!"
  12. Wow. What a game. I barely had enough blood in my boozestream to make it through OT without a heart-attack. Here's what I saw: I believe in voodoo. Every time the Falcons play in NO it seems like freak plays happen everywhere. The ball off of DeCoud's foot was nothing but sheer bad luck, and prevented our defense from holding the vaunted Saints O under 20 points.Speaking of things that artificially hurt our defense's stats, that uncalled block in the back on the 72-yard Punt return was the gift that the Saints always seem to get against the Falcons. Watch the replay, Biermann is clearly pushe
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