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  1. I firmly believe that term limits are the only way we will be able to permanently control congressional spending. The power wielded by the 535 members of Congress is so immense that no matter how noble the intentions they had when elected, all agendas are cast aside in favor of doing anything to stay in office. This usually means copious amounts of pork barrel spending in their home districts. The prime example of that here in Georgia is Jack Kingston. Once upon a time, he was touted as a fiscal conservative but now he hasn't met an earmark or pork project that he doesn't like.
  2. They all 3 embody what is wrong with our government. But Pelosi and Reid and most of the rest of our 'Do-nothing' congress will be easily re-elected because despite Congress' low approval ratings, everyone loves their own Congressman. It's the rest that are a bunch of scoundrels. So we will elect a new president this year. Not much will change despite how in love with the word he seems to be. Our government will continue to expand and spend money that it does not have. (Two things that we citizens seem to a lot of as well.) Because most of us are not smart enough to get past the Democrat vs Re
  3. There are several inaccuracies in this article. Firstly, with modern breeder reactors, you do not need to use weapons grade fuel. You can generate power with nuclear material that is not capable of producing a nuclear explosion. As for Yucca mountain, it is only used by nuclear power plants currently in operation. Any new plants would store waste onsite and, again, with modern breeder reactors, the spent fuel can be reused thus producing far less waste. But being familiar with Ms. Goodman's other works, I'm not suprised that she left out some vital facts.
  4. To be fair, he ain't the only radio host that does that.No he's not. Unfortunately, playing to the lowest common denominator is what the media has embraced. Just watch Fox News and ESPN for a while.
  5. My question is...why were you waiting until 9am? Plenty will be available up until gameday. :P;) And once Paul Johnson realizes that the triple optiondoesn't work against real schools, I'm willing to bet even more tickets will be available. Just wait until everyone realizes that Paul Johnson is capable of a lot more than just the triple option.
  6. At least he didn't permanently maim himself like this guy did.
  7. John is just playing his role.And that's my biggest problem with him. His act is so hackneyed and formulaic that it's blatantly obvious that he trying to play a role. Kincaid is capable of smart, logical opinions but instead we get "the loudmouth northerner trying to stir the pot" act because they believe that is the only thing Atlanta listeners are capable of reacting to. Personally, I find that to be an insult.
  8. From the author FYI her current husband is a lawyer and he would end up with all the bills. I do not agree with Bugliosi that a convicted mass murderer should be released just because she presumably has the ability to pay for her own healthcare.
  9. If you want an idea of how much a murdering scumbag Ms. Atkins and her cohorts are, I recommend the book "Helter Skelter" by Vincent Bugliosi. As far as I'm concerned, they all have lived 39 years longer than they should have. None are owed anything else.
  10. I would venture to say that the worst thing to happen for Jessie and Al would be for Obama to be elected president.
  11. I watched it. The grand prize was a full sized arcade game.
  12. Stafford catches **** for posing with beer keg but USC players can get puking drunk?
  13. App. State is not Division II. They are in the Football Championship Series, better known as Division 1-AA. Not the same as Division II. And does this mean that Georgia Southern can make a ring for beating App State?
  14. This is very consistent with the "excess without accountability" mindset that we have as a nation. We all want to ride around in large, gas guzzling vehicles but we want cheap fuel prices. We want a government that will provide services that we are unwilling to provide for ourselves, but we want low taxes. Let's face it, we are a nation of spoiled brats.
  15. You know that the age of oil is coming to an end when T. Boone Pickens is advocating wind and solar power. He recognizes the reality of peak oil and the changes that will be needed in our energy paradigm.
  16. Right now, Alabama is still at the top of the Fulmer Cup standings. http://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/20...ipsomaniacally/
  17. You had better windex your own house before you begin throwing stones. Karma is a ##### for the UGA fans that were trashing Tennessee for what we went through earlier this offseason. That high volume of arrests would NEVER happen to UGA. :cool: All college football fans are part of the same hypocracy. We love to hear about thug behavior from rival teams but we never fail to rationalize our own group of knuckleheads.
  18. You had better windex your own house before you begin throwing stones.
  19. Jim Rome is an idiot. They can't be watched 24/7. Their gonna get drunk, whatever. They're college kids. But I don't consider any of the incidents, w/the lone exception being the Lemon incident, anything to be concerned with. ****, Boling's DUI charge will probably be thrown out b/c he passed his field sobriety test. And the Strudivant/Bean thing is just much ado about nothing. I mean, being arrested for touching a pregnant woman's belly? :blink: Gimme a break. And the Lomax thing w/the unloaded gun under his seat was just a misunderstanding of that law.Which is now null and void as of Tuesd
  20. 7 arrests in the off-season. I'm sure Richt is upset. He was on Jim Rome's show a while back insisting that his team does not have a discipline problem then 3 players get arrested almost immediately. It's tough enough to control a hundred 18-22 year old men, it's even tougher when they already have an overblown sense of entitlement.
  21. but what happens when you are trying to break somebody who has nothing to confess? Many times they will say what they think the the torturers want to hear. Leading to false information.
  22. Not only is it beginning to resemble Monopoly money, thanks to Bernacke and the Fed it will be worth about as much too.
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