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  1. "I'm going to be true to MY core values..." Like what, losing is fun? I hope the Seahawks enjoyed their tenure as playoff contenders....with Mora and his clown of an offensive coordinator in Knapp plus the fact that the 49ers look like they're starting to do good and the Cards possibly being SB champs, this is gonna be a dark time for Seahawks fans. But hey, if Mora actually LEARNED from a great coach in Holmgren and can succeed(get rid of Knapp), then more power to him....but the next time we go against them, Matt and the Birds are gonna crush them into dust.
  2. I'm a Manning fan, so I'd say Giants. I wouldn't be all heartbroken if the Eagles won and got in the NFCCG, either. It doesn't matter, I'm just REALLY happy that the Panties won't have a chance to go all the way!
  3. I don't care if Brooking congratulated Warner. Shoot, I'd congratulate Warner if I had the chance. Now if the Panties won and Brooking was congratulating Delhomo, THEN I'd have problems.
  4. No, Flacco is still far from ROY. Somebody needs to give that whole defense a Defense of the Year award.
  5. That there is a reason Jake Delhomme was an undrafted free agent and was in NFL Europe.
  6. Good lord...the Falcons of the past just won't die. Next they'll hire Donatell, then the Seahawks will take all the players from Oakland because Al Davis isn't doing anything with that franchise anyway, then they'll trade something to us for Vick, and BAM! Its us from a couple of years ago. I very much look forward to Matty Ice and the Birds destroying them in the years to come.
  7. This guy is amazing. He'll probably be somewhere in the Falcons Complex everyday of the offseason unless they lock the gates and don't let him in! If that does happen, he'll probably just make hidden copies of the film and study it all day at his house. There will be no stopping Matt Ryan next year. He'll probably record the rest of the playoff games and the Super Bowl and study THAT, too.
  8. I guess if I made the playoffs once a decade, I'd be mocking the other guy, too.
  9. Here's what you do if any media start a Vick Circus: Ignore it. Do not speak of it on these boards. Its that easy.
  10. I'm a Brooking fan and I hope he'll still be with us next season(but not starting), but I doubt it. Smitty and TD are looking at the tape right now and the slow play of Brooking will show. It was a good idea to bring him back to the weakside and I was optimistic that he would play as great as he had been before. I was disappointed and I think if Smitty and TD agrees with most of this board, then when the next judgement day occurs(the previous being the cutting of Crump, Coleman, etc.), Brooking will be amongst those gone. If they still see something in Brooking's play that convinces them t
  11. Cardinals, but if not them, then the G-men because I'm a Manning fan(but a Ryan fan first). I REALLY want the Cards to win this one because I have many friend who will turn into trolls if the Panties win.
  12. I think we should get Dorsey because that Ryan kid had 19 interce....oh wait. In all seriousness, we should get Raji from BC or Cody from Alabama. We gotta have some good young lineman with Abe. Sorry I can't pull out a full out scouting report for ya. :P
  13. I'm torn between Cardinals vs. Ravens and Cardinals vs. Chargers. I do want a rookie head coach and rookie QB to get to the SB and the Ravens are the only one remaining, but I want the Cards to win it because the Cards are huge underdogs and I want Warner to get a SB ring to make up for the one he was literally cheated out of by the Pats. It would be a nice "passing the torch" story if Warner wins this one then the next year Ryan wins. I'm picking the Cards over the rest of the remaining NFC teams is because the Panties are a divisional foe and they've been going through the same process we
  14. I'm definitely looking foward to those 3+ weeks then! I won't have to get up at 5:30 in the morning every day for school when the season starts, so I'll definitely be watching those games all the way to the end!
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