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  1. I think your math is a little of. 37% is closer to 2 in 5. It also depends on the the new start since players are only getting a 5yard head start. To me the league should use the preseason to examine potential rule changes and then implement. This way they have a sampling data of how the rules affect the games.
  2. As far as rule #2 on the scoring plays this will allow them to squeeze in a few more commercials per game. All sscoring plays plus the challenges that ads up to longer game times and more commercials.
  3. I remember last year the owners voted while the coaches were on the golf course about rule changes.
  4. If you look at last season the new rule could hurt the Falcons. Against the Packers in the regular season and against Tampa Bay on the road kick returns helped the Falcons win those games.
  5. Exactly. If your team loses to a division winner who has a poor record regardless if it is at home or on the road what does that say about the losing team. Even if you don't win the division if you intend to go deep in the playoffs you are going to have to play some road games. The Giants did that when they won the SB.
  6. Retractable roofs are a waste of money. THey are rarely open because the home team likes the noise effect. Then the weather has to be perfect. I was looking into and they are only open at most 25% of the time. This does not justify the added cost. Either have a roof or open air.
  7. I have looked at the problems. So what exactly are you trying to get me to see as it relates to Manning? What does that have to do with how the poster is basically calling Matt Ryan Robert Horry?
  8. So let me get this straight. Basically you are calling Matt Ryan the Robert Horry of the NFL????
  9. I think if there is a lockout next year he TG hangs up the cleats.
  10. Regardless of the outcome in either case. The major difference is the prosecutor(law enforcement) in the Big Ben case got to do his job with out influence and pressure from the public and media outlets questions his methods, motives, and time tables.
  11. It really doesn't matter who the Rams draft. They have holes all over the field. Only one player who is Stephen Jackson and no receiving core. When the Falcons took Ryan they had just signed Turner and had the emerging Roddy White and Jenkins. Their situation is different from the Rams. The Rams have nothing good to build on at this point.
  12. The give away should have been the fact that is was Cowboy heavy. Witten, Ware, and Spencer. The first two possibly but Spencer come on.
  13. You were speaking over the course of his career. Ryan has played 2 games without Turner, which were Bills and Giants. Don't want to hear about schedule and when has the defense not been Suspect. I would take the 2008 and 2009 supporting cast on offense over any supporting cast of this decade.
  14. I hardly call having a HOF tight end, and the 2nd leading rusher in the league a suspect supporting cast.
  15. They were talking about this on ESPN. They reported that Gonzo would play in 2010 and then retire after that. The reporters said the Falcons would probably try to entice him to play a little longer.
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