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  1. Honestly, that was my first thought when thay announced the Matt Ryan pick. Why when we already have him -J.H.!! Harrington had a strong arm in college too, and was considered a good leader. I guess only time will tell. But I still wish we would have got Dorsey instead.
  2. I would totally discount this article regardless of who wrote it because it doesn't add up with what happened on the field prior to the injury. If all this were true, he would not have been the top heisman candidate pre injury. The article is garbage. I totally agree with you papi!!
  3. I have to agree with you. It's unfortunate for him that he fell to an injury, but the team that drafts him could'nt get a better value.
  4. Dixon was'nt just getting "some" consideration for the Heisman last season. He was the front runner at one point. I say grab him.
  5. 1) Glen Dorsey 2) Jake Long 3) James Hardy 4) Jonathan Stewart 5) Dennis Dixon:)
  6. BUMP!!! WELCOME BACK HARRINGTON!!! I think he'll surprise us all!! Just did.
  7. Stewart?? I say bring him on-he has great potential!!
  8. Last nights SB was a perfect example and hopefully Blank and the boys will take this all in as they make the draft pic decisions in the next few month's!!!
  9. Just when I had almost given up the fight. You say something crazy like that, and make me realize why I was put on this earth. I was put here, to make people realize that Jamaal is a bust. THANK YOU!! LOL:D:D:P
  10. Hey freeze!! I had to take a break -I was spending way too much time on this board and I was getting tired of speculating, I can't wait until we get closer to the draft and the trades and cuts start coming. It will be high drama until we find out what package we will have to bring into next season!!! Hope you had good holidays!!
  11. Rogers would be an asset, with a few attitude adjustments, he's definitley got the talent!!
  12. Well, I will be surprised if he leaves USC. But if it's true-he's a much better choice than Petrino was.
  13. and I pray it's not:P AT LEAST THERE IS A LOT OF PRAYING GOING ON. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK:) Good Post Rev:P!!
  14. Thanks for the good wishes M, I think we deserve to have a good season too, we've had enough heartbreak in one season to last us for a while. It sounds like we are off to a good start with Dimitroff!!! Good luck to your Pat's!!
  15. Well I love Dennis Dixon and think we should grab him, but if you want a pass first, run 2nd QB we've got him -Joey Harrington-need a better o-line to accomodate him!!!:P
  16. Well, I like the Dennis Dixon idea. Sorry about your cat-I have four, so I know what it's like!!
  17. free agents ?? a good considerstion-, I guess it all comes down to money as usual.You aint going to fix it for free!Why dont you say a prayer? That should help, you come up with a good one and I'll add my AMEN!!!
  18. free agents ?? a good considerstion-, I guess it all comes down to money as usual.
  19. Yes , just "GIT ER DONE!!" We need something new to start posting about, or bxtching about for some of us!!:P:P
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