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  1. I rewound and paused it, there were like 15 people in that celebration. I guess folks on the bench can celebrate in them too...
  2. I am going to leave here and head on over to saints report forums for some entertaining reading.
  3. I'm actually ok with cousins taking the sack on 3rd down. It got the clock to the 2 minute warning. Edit: obviously, I mean including the punt
  4. Announcers: "Ryan is good at a lot of things." Nah, falcons message board says otherwise..
  5. 2 illegal forward passes in the same game, I don't think that happens often.
  6. I agree, he could have said anything like "this game is important to them, we have to make sure we don't underestimate them." Or whatever. He knew exactly what he was saying... and it was a ***** move.
  7. I was kind of wishing we went for two and intentionally fumbled it and let San Fran run it back for 2 so we screw the saints. Cause everyone will know we really won lol
  8. I thought Dak's mistake on the coin flip decision was the bone head move of the day, but the 10 men on the kick might give it a run for its money. Lol
  9. After laying a 40 burger on carolina, we just need a saints loss to make it a great day.
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