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  1. "I'm keeping my *** right here until 77 is out of the building."
  2. Dont worry guys, we have Koo so onside kicks are a given... ..nm another sack given up by 77.
  3. Ryan's hard count is working almost everytime... on our own O line.
  4. I laughed so hard at the "OH GOD ******!" moment about 11 minutes into the video.
  5. man i was just being silly I knew what I was doing when I made this thread. I figured it would be deleted; no apology needed.
  6. Maybe Cameron Nizialek will be the solution to our punting needs. What do yall think?
  7. Well, we all know that's going on "Come on, man!"
  8. Peerless Price Rey Edwards Joey Harrington Bobby Petrino
  9. Guys. You all are missing the worst part of this trade if it happens. Matt Stafford and Marr Ryan are besties. If Stafford is supposed to be a Colt, then ATL swoops in a lets Ryan go to them, then they will no longer need Stafford and he will have to stay in Detroit. I'm sure this will cause a lot of jealousy on Stafford's side of things, and put a great strain on their bromance. If they aren't friends any more, then the wives wont be able to hang out with each other, then they will no longer go on extravagant vacations with each other and their children will no longer be able to play together and they will be sad. Think of the children, you monsters.
  10. in all fairness, I think that can apply to any football team getting a new coach. Our fans want 10 wins and a playoff berth, so do the fans of every other team.
  11. Like I was telling my wife yesterday -- even though I hate both teams, I hate the Saints more and am OK with Tampa getting to the NFC Championship and even possibly winning a Superbowl with a rented QB if that means the Saints are out of it. I respect the **** out of Brees but that doesn't mean I like him
  12. Overall, I do feel that the SEC does have the more talented player pool but that doesn't mean that 1 for 1 each SEC player in the top 32 or 64 is better than their counterpart in other conferences. Just as an example, take QBs for instance. If we decided to draft a QB and had our pick of the whole field, would you draft Trevor or Justin? or would you go SEC and draft Kyle or Mac?
  13. I have it on good authority that while going through security at Hartsfield-Jackson airport, he kept trying to use the middle lanes but wasnt getting anywhere.
  14. My God. Not that I think this will happen but Justin Fields in Kyle's system. Geez
  15. You cant blow a 4th quarter lead without having one first. Were just setting things up.
  16. When you get past 30, that extended warranty runs out.
  17. I think Fromm's family owns a pool business here in town where I live (Warner Robins). I wonder if they can install field turf too. Otherwise he isnt relative to what this post is about lol.
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