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  1. Kudos to his friend who called the police instead of hoping it would pass.
  2. hire him as a "Director of Trusting the Process".
  3. Theres some pretty good high school football coaches in georgia who might want a shot.
  4. Pretty sure that was roughing the passee on Irvin... cause it was similar to the Jarrett play.
  5. I agree. Ryan is a **** good QB and Kyle is a **** good OC. Together they were like Reese cups; Chocolate is good, peanut butter is good, but put them together and its awesome! they just seemed to fit well together and seemed to even have a pseudo-bromance.
  6. lol
  7. #neverforget
  8. Kyle Sadahan
  9. Happy we won, but that foot work by Odell is a thing of beauty.
  10. Shermer getting fired tomorrow lol And tavecchio the left footed wonder won't be looking for a job for long.
  11. Come on guys, you dont even mention luda?
  12. That guy is getting picked up or called as soon as he's waived.