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  1. The Mac! Woot woot! And I think you mean "the Northside HS field".
  2. They need to get that I-85 bridge crew on this project. All jokes aside I don't know how they complete that halo board in 3 months. Judging by the pictures, I don't see the first panel hung yet. They have the steel maybe wiring.
  3. My first pet also was also named after something in the medicinal field. I almost posted it but I thought of all the security questions asking "What is your first pet's name" and as an IT professional I thought better of it. Also this post serves as a notice to yall -- think carefully what you post LOL.
  4. He did beat the charges on the double homicide, but I believe he was still serving a life sentence without parole from another murder conviction.
  5. Here come the ping pong balls!
  6. They get no cup of Gatorade.
  7. I have heard this before, but honestly, I dismiss the idea of him using the option more simply because in High School, if you're the Quarterback, you're the best athlete on the team (generally) and his becoming an NFL QB confirms that. Whatever system a High School coach knows, he will have his kids run it and since he was more athletic than the other kids (probably) it worked. As competition got tougher in college and pros, he fit more into a passing QB. I'm not saying we WON'T ever run the option, its a nice wrinkle; I just don't think we will lean on it heavy, even in a Chip Kelly offense. Just my $0.02.
  8. I think the voice-over guy has waited all season to use 2 puns as corny as the 2 right around the 11 minute mark. I was thinking "In that Anna Kendri.... oh boooooo...hsssss..."
  9. Sorry I don't know how to put the video in the post so the link is below: We Are The Champions
  10. The bestest entertaining thing to watch on artificial grass.
  11. not sure here. I am no expert in air pressure or fluid dynamics, but I'm just trying to think this one through. If I had to guess (and its just that--a guess) I would think the thrown ball would only have a yard or two extra if even that much. the thrown ball is in a spiral and already cutting through the air as efficiently as possible. the lower air pressure will definitely have an effect on the distance but since its already thrown in an aerodynamic way I think the increased distance would be lower. A FG kick is flipping end over end and gets way more drag so the less dense air would result is a greater distance increase. What do yall think?
  12. I don't think I've ever seen the Joe Buck/Troy Aikman team get such a small part of the map.