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  1. The 28-3 stuff is played out but that Marta bus thing is funny. I gotta give credit where credit is due.
  2. 3 ints, still hung 20 on them.
  3. Just saying. Hope I'm not 1 of 1000 threads just started about the same thing.
  4. You're *
  5. Anyone know of any hall of fame vegan tight ends who might want to play again?
  6. Ben Mcadoo begs to differ
  7. It will be kind of hard to get Ryan to yell at McDaniels during a game, but I guess we could work something out with cellphones or what-not.
  8. kneel, call timeout with 1 second left. Let Sanu kick a field goal. edit better yet, let Sanu do a drop kick.
  10. He can't throw a 51 yard TD pass... but I guess that's why we have Sanu.
  11. The roof was closed because Chik-Fil-A doesn't like a breeze when frying their chicken.
  12. Breaking news: Sark just called another toss sweep for a 4 yard loss.
  13. yeah and Sarah saying "long road" also implies that IMO.