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  1. he definitely has a history or hamstring injuries, so I say let him sit this week and rest it up. need him 100% down the stretch
  2. I go almost every year, since I live in SC. It's never been too bad. I splurged a little this year and got tickets in Section 114, Row 4. Can't wait to be there!!
  3. Houston and Hall would be legit in Nolan's defense. They simply never had a good DC while here All of us knew Schaub had it, he was just stuck behind Vick. nice to see them all light it up today
  4. grab Nnamdi after the iggles let him go, grab Giovanni Bernard in the 1st, DE with the 2nd, and OL with the rest
  5. Giovanni Bernard out of UNC. The guy has great size, speed and every trick in the book.
  6. being an App State grad - I watched every one of Mark Legree's games. He has a lot of potential and is an absolute ball hawk. He was nominated for Defensive Player of the Year 2 years in a row. Very happy with this signing
  7. I'd be fine with signing T-Jack if he gets cut by Seattle. He would be an excellent backup - and would be fine managing games with our offense should the unthinkable happen
  8. thanks. He's one of the young ones I would love to see step up and make an impact this year
  9. Has anyone heard anything about Spencer Adkins?
  10. nice reference, but if you read the books - you will HATE that man more than even Joffrey
  11. i'm there with ya! cancelled friday night plans only to be ****kkked up the arse by some bullllshit
  12. you have to be fuuuuuuckinngggg kidddding me! i was looking forward to this ever since the first announcement of it. goddddd dammmmnittt
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