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  1. Oh yeah I forgot Branden Jacobs runs so many option routes doesn't he? Nope. That is why you have a 2 back system. No one on defense knows when an option route is coming so they will not have a bead on it by who is in the backfield. Turner will still run routes and screens just not option routes. When you add the screen game he becomes a bigger weapon. Big man in open field blockers a head of him is a scary sight for CB and S.
  2. I know it does not change that fact, but when you talk about investment this and people stop buying tickets that and all this other stuff without acknowledgement that he approved it, so why would he do such a risky move. He is a business man first. He is very close with Robert Kraft; he is and has learned from one of the best.
  3. Again I will repeat what was disregarded in a previous post. HE signed off on this signing. It is his money, his team, and his passion. He gave the go ahead.
  4. Some people who buy tickets. That will be the same people who are going to the games in the end.
  5. Why would turner have to run it? He could do something with Quizz that MM would have never been able to do.
  6. Unpopular with who? YOU the rest of the people on this board. Despite what everyone wants to think AB signed off on this move period. Big names mean jack. Mike Singletary was a big name look what he did.
  7. ^^^^^and spags is out of town. People think they have this great football mind, but last I checked they are working a 9-5 in average joe jobs not on any NFL team. Why have they not had any front office offers?
  8. If the falcons had 3-4 sure FIRST ballet HOF; would the falcons not be doing tons better on the defense side of the ball. People think that the Falcons had all these great pieces in place on both sides of the ball when Ryan, Smith, and TD came into town, but the truth is we had jack on either side.
  9. Yeah you are right a blown assignment is always stemming from a scheme problem.
  10. The pressure to start him has been relieved when his replacement did exceptionally well against arguably the best RDE in the league. If he does the same this week all pressure will be gone. If all else fails we can always go the tebow route and put up a billboard protesting him near the practice facility.
  11. Green Bay also has 47 of 53 man roster that they drafted. Also, more than half of their team has only played for them. Rome wasn't built overnight, nor will a Super Bowl team.
  12. That statement can also be said about JJ. You guys are acting like this is the old NFL rookie wage scale. He is getting paid 16.2 million over 4 years.
  13. Way to dance around the questions asked, so that you can try and make your point. We were not talking about Flacco, nor talking about game managing. You still, nor never will be able to name 3-4 HOF players on the Falcons d that are first ballot.
  14. How are you going to agree with me then start talking about Flacco. Anyways, name me 3-4 first ballot hall of famers on the falcons defense, or a HOF defensive mind. Sure MR makes some mistakes and everything, but the defense sure is not winning any games for him either. Go back and look at the Ravens VS Jets game from this year a total of 30+ points were scored by the defenses.
  15. How do you figure? They were saying that the ravens and jets are similar situations; when in all actuality it is very different. MR and Brees had about the same caliber offense around them to start their carrers.
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