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  1. Falcons - Jessie Tuggle (tackling machine) Bucs - Derrick Brooks (ultimate linebacker mentality on the field) Panthers - Kuechly (high motor and talent)
  2. I think his contract extension will be for 23mil/season.
  3. Btw @mashburn*Fibonacci...are the Saints still in Cap Hades?
  4. You didn't elect to not continue sparring...you lost the match.
  5. And you're the the perfect one to know about having nothing in their life.
  6. Much too late for that. Your mods killed this once thriving place.
  7. How is this "spamming the board"? Btw... it's "making" not "mking".
  8. Dang. He played a big part in that historic Super Bowl comeback/collapse. Thanks for memories, good sir!
  9. I was posting here, during that period, sporadically because the rivals group (Falcons, Panthers, Bucs and Saints fans) was exiled to another site because of the stupidity of some on here. Lighten up... ...Francis. I'm here. Btw...love the way you completely ignored my other comments correcting your inaccuracies.
  10. Btw. I was here in rivals for 8 years solid every day until the mods changed the rivals section and it became the vast wasteland that it currently is. I now frequent another rivals site that doesn't have the restrictions that this site and Saints Report both have.
  11. Wrong again, doofus. I've been a Saints fan for 43 years. I didn't even know this place existed until 2007. But don't let facts get in the way of your ignorance.
  12. We weren't up by 35-0. It was 35-17 at the half. We switched to a soft zone coverage and they ate it up. Guarantee you that won't happen again.
  13. Hey everyone! How's everything going?!?
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