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  1. Falcons - Jessie Tuggle (tackling machine) Bucs - Derrick Brooks (ultimate linebacker mentality on the field) Panthers - Kuechly (high motor and talent)
  2. I think his contract extension will be for 23mil/season.
  3. Btw @mashburn*Fibonacci...are the Saints still in Cap Hades?
  4. You didn't elect to not continue sparring...you lost the match.
  5. You're clearly missing the point (which isn't surprising) ...severe lack of quality depth behind your starters is the common denominator. Given, the quality of the Saints defensive starters has drastically improved, but so has the depth behind those starters. Can't say the same for the Falcons this season. Cheers.
  6. The reality is that the Falcons are now going through what the Saints previously went through. Cheers.
  7. I'll send this to the Cavaliers organization immediately
  8. He's 15 years old...doubt that he's got that kind of cash.
  9. Ever since the Hornets/ Pelicans have been in the West I've watched enough to know that Parker AND Duncan are floppers.
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