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  1. Great job @JD dirtybird21 Proves just how sensitive you pusses are.
  2. Lol. Mods moved the thread from TATF because the hens got agitated
  3. They remain paper thin depth-wise.
  4. Yet you feel the need to keep replying. Way to go.
  5. Just like a majority of your posting history?
  6. 2 pages in 2 hours isn't too shabby
  7. Apparently you think pretty highly of yourself
  8. You can thank your lovely mods for that.
  9. Gee... a Falcons joke that a Falcons fan doesn't find funny? *GASP*
  10. Did you jackwagons really think that I posted this to make friends on here? Lol.
  11. That would've worked as well.
  12. This guy gets it. Kudos. Take notes...again @DD: Objective Elite
  13. Looks like you still haven't changed your tampon. @TD_Lover can probably help you with that.
  14. If you expect better, then why are you a Falcons fan?