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  1. NFL network has decided not to show the falcon game does anyone have a PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL link up or anything that may be showing the game
  2. why cant we get rex in here and give the d to himand turn him loose,promote tice to oc and let him still work with the o line as well and give matt the helm and let him call the plays at the line in a 95% no huddle
  3. we will have I new hc as well as a new oc and dc next year here is to hopeing we want have to wait to long to find out who they are
  4. if your house burns down do you move back into the ashes? no you rebuild the house and go from there. our house is on fire guys and I hate to say it but I see no way of putting out, it may be that time that we have to start to think of rebuilding this program from the ashes, save what you can and trash the rest
  5. I wonder if mr blank has called td and mike smith into the office yet and asked---- WHAT IN THE BLUE H3LL IS GOING ON
  6. they are showing the sucks game in my area sunday does anybody have a web site i can use to watch our game
  7. release the hounds lets go after bridgewater with all we got and make the kid beat us I don't think he can
  8. this goes for both sides of the ball, without them our lines can not be fixed nuff said
  9. this goes for both offence and deffence with out them our lines can not be fixed nuff said
  10. Hawley ( if he is on the team ) scores on a 72 yard punt return
  11. at which point the midget saints fan flushed himself down the toliet screaming-- IT SMELLS LIKE HOME
  12. does a slow children playing signe meen that you should go slow or are the children that are playing slow
  13. these are a few of my observations in the world jaymadd, i guess i just look at life a little sideways sometimes
  14. ok here i go again, -why do they put brail buttons on a drive through atm
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