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  1. Mike Bobo isn't the problem. Only problem I have with him is we have 2 stud FB's that blow LB 's up. I'd love to run behind them more. That said, 34 per game even if he's predictable should be plenty. The defensive scheme couldn't stop a nosebleed with a case of tampons. 9 players on active NFL rosters from last year's and it couldn't stop anyone either. Grantham sucks
  2. It wasn't PI, it was an illgeal blow to the head. By the rules, that's a valid and legit penalty. Is it a soft one to call? Yes, but it was the correct call if you go by the rules. It sucks, but it's also undisciplined. Averaging a league best 18.1 PPG and then folding, especially in the second half, where you couldn't stop a nosebleed with a case of tampons in regards to the run game is demoralizing. It's still a team loss. I'm not unhappy because our D overachieved. It gives us glaring holes that are obvious now in our needs. Big man up front to eat blocks and free up the DE's, MLB that can play all 3 downs, and hope Ewing can blow LB's up in the hole so we can actually run the ball (haven't been able to since Ovie has been gone, that's reality).
  3. Not mad at Ryan. Mad at 2 boneheaded penalties preventing us from getting off the field when we set an NFL record for the fewest penalties.
  4. My original prediction, pre-bounty gate was as follows: 1. Saints 2. Us (wildcard) 3. Carolina 4. Tampa Post bounty-gate, they're as follows: 1. Us 2. Carolina (wildcard) 3. Tampa 4. NoLa with a sub-.500 record
  5. LadyDawg, we were the only team with a shot at the Sugar Bowl. If Bama and LSU play in the BCSNCG, that shuts the SEC out of any further BCS bowls. Two teams per conference except in the case that the top 2 ranked teams in a conference play in the NC game, but neither win the conference. We were the only team with a shot repping the SEC in the Sugar. (null)
  6. I'm rooting for us to win out. We do that and we win the division. Yahoo and NFL and ESPN all have playoff scenario generators. Plug us winning every game left in there and we win the division. (null)
  7. Why are we picking the wrong night? I hate on him after every game, ask any of my friends. It's not just tonight. And his brilliant offensive mind that moved the ball in the first half did nothing in the second. If he's such a great coach, why hasn't he had anyone pursuing him for a HC job? Sorry, you can like him all you want, I don't. His predictability is getting old. (null)
  8. I said today wasn't on him. That said his body of work is why I don't like him. His offense is too predictable, period. Look at what we've done under him. Consistently underperformed. if you think he's a great OC, well I have to be a dissenting opinion. I think he's terrible as a whole. We were much better and more consistent when CMR was calling the plays. I don't care for Bobo, never have. I don't think he's a championship caliber OC because he's too predictable. Did he do a good job today? Yes. As a whole? No. Look at the talent that's come through under his watch. Miami is the only team in college football that's sent more players to the NFL, if I'm not mistaken (I know they are during Richt's tenure). What do we have to show for it?
  9. Here's to hoping we can recruit a RB that's not a pansy, cause Crowell isn't what he was billed as. I want a kid that will hit you in the mouth, run over you like a dump truck and leave a few footprints on your chest as he's doing it. Think we could talk the NCAA into letting Herschel into having his last year of eligibility? Or at least put him in charge of strength and conditioning? I also hope we can get rid of Bobo. Sure, today wasn't all on him, but it's his body of work I'm not happy with. I don't like his offense, and it's as predictable as a watch at times. Seriously, congrats to LSU, I still don't like you and hope that whomever you play smashes you in the National Championship. I don't root for my conference, or anyone else but my Dawgs. So, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you get killed in the National Championship.
  10. You've never touched a football in your life, nor ever played QB have you? You obviously have no clue. Ryan has a noodle. Defend him all you want, but take off the homer glasses and get off his nuts and you'll see it.
  11. He doesn't have any zip on his deep passes, they're all rainbows. Look at them, the WR's are never hit in stride. They either have to slow up or try and speed up faster than they're capable of. A good deep ball thrower hits his WR's in stride. Look at Rogers, Manning, Favre, etc. Always in stride (though Favre also got caught forcing throws into coverage too, but he always hit his guys in stride). Ryan can't do that, his arm strength isn't good enough to do that. Brady developed his deep ball and became known for it when Moss was there. Any other QB he's played with also did. Why? Because you can throw it as far as you absolutely can and Moss will make a play for you. Daunte Culpepper was a prolific passer with Moss. What happened when he left? Look at NE's offense now. They're not eating up chunks of yardage, they beat you in the slot with Welker and with their TE's. Dink and dunk, and it works. Matt Ryan can read defenses with any QB in the league presnap and could be as effective as any throwing 5-10 yard passes. Our success comes when he does that too. Run the ball and dink and dunk and chew clock. That's the QB he is, and I don't understand why we have the desire to go deep when he has problems throwing that pass.
  12. I hate the term swag and swagger. Why not use a real word, like confidence, for example?
  13. I like him, and he's a great kid and is as clutch as they get. But, there's no hope for him ever being able to deliver the deep ball. He's not going to magically gain arm strength and accuracy down the field. Accept it, and hope that the powers that be do as well and use him as his talents allow. Joe Montana wasn't a deep ball passer either, and we know how he fared.
  14. I don't blame Mularkey at all. Why? He knows we want to go deep, but he also knows that Matt Ryan can't accurately deliver the deep ball. Sorry, I'm a fan, and I like Matt Ryan A LOT, but he can't throw the deep ball accurately. He has too much of a noodle arm to go deep and do it with consistency and accuracy. He either throws his rainbow waaay over the WR's head, or they either have to slow up to wait on the ball and give the defenders an opportunity to catch up and make a play. Mularkey knows this and that's why he doesn't try to go deep more often. If Matt could deliver the deep ball on time and accurately (I've yet to see one since he's been here), then we'd go vertical a lot more often. Unfortunately, we've gotta rely on a dink and dunk offense, not that anything is wrong with it. Joe Montana made a great career out of a dink and dunk offense.
  15. Problem with letting Julio be our Moss is Ryan doesn't have the big arm nor time in the pocket to let him get downfield and give it the old heave ho. He has to float it downfield and throw it immediately after a 5-7 step drop to let Julio run under it, and either over throws it because he rainbows it too much or underthrows it and Julio has to slow down. Ryan doesn't have the arm to go downfield more than 15-20 yards from the line of scrimmage. The QB's that have done that with Moss have big arms and can sit in the pocket and let it develop then throw a strike downfield on a rope and out throw the coverage. I like Ryan, but he's not a deep ball QB. Also, does anyone else find it kind of startling that when Ryan went down for 2 plays in the Detroit game, his passes after that had much more zip on them than they have during any game? Or was it just me that noticed that?
  16. It's a terrible throw because it was into triple coverage. If you're a fan of your team, you cringe when your QB throws at a single WR with 3 men in coverage, I don't care who your QB is or who the WR is. If it were any QB in the league, I'd say it's a piss poor decision to throw that pass every time, regardless of if the WR makes the play or not.
  17. I think this guy has something to say about that single season thing: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d805d6d38/2007-Best-of-Tom-Brady Brady went on a tear from game 7 through 14, let's see if Rogers can keep up with that pace. Until he surpasses Brady's 2007 season, he's still behind him too.
  18. How does Rogers not crack a single top 10 list anywhere then?
  19. Unitas threw for 40k yards in his career in 12 and 14 game seasons. Get back to me when Aaron throws a TD in 47 CONSECUTIVE games, leads the league 4 years in a row with TD passes (or 4 years period), plays with a broke nose, torn ligaments in his arm or anything else.
  20. He's not in the top 10 all time. And he couldn't hold Johnny Unitas's jock strap.
  21. It was a poor throw, much like all of his deep balls. First, it was a terrible read, you never throw into triple coverage. Julio bailed him out BIG TIME. Matt needs to go back to being Matt. I know we took Julio to go down the field, but Matt doesn't have the arm to do that. Over 15 yards, his accuracy goes way down and his passes float and have a rainbow shape. I like the kid, but he's a dink and dunk QB. Not that anything is wrong with that, Montana made his bread doing it.
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