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  1. Bottom line is that it is WAY more fun to watch Eagles games than and team in the NFL, from a pure FOOTBALL fan perspective. It's more exciting, you cannot deny that.
  2. I'm a Falcons fan, but I'm also still a fan of Vick, and his redemption story is by far the best story in the NFL this year. You can be a fan of teams and individual players, I think, and it doesn't make you less of a fan imho to be a fan of a player of a rival team. I know many here are too worried about their message board rep to admit it, but I bet MANY Falcon fans that wew once Vick fans are rooting for Vick and are more excited about what he's doing in Philly than you are excited about the Falcs this year. Anyone else brave enough to admit it?
  3. that's probably true, Ward is more athletic, but not all that much faster/more athletic (I'm talking about Hines Ward now, not in his physical prime.
  4. Both former QBs. Neither taken high in the draft. Both big, strong, slow possession receivers that have great hands and route running ability. Hines ward simply knows how to play the position, knows how to run routes and get open, and has the hands and toughness to be successful. Meier seems to have these traits as well.
  5. Peterson was terrible in coverage. Nicholas was our best coverage LBer. Nice post overall though, but I think Spoon is definitely a day one starter. It's Peterson vs Nicholas for SLB, and I think Nicholas wins that battle. Peterson is a quality backup that can fill in at all three positions.
  6. I seriously doubt TD would throw our draft pick under the bus like that, I'd definitely need a quote to believe it. Like head busta from augusta said, we scouted Spoon more than any other player. There is no reson to believe he wasn't above the two DEs on TDs draft board.
  7. How did you manage to get a hand on TDs draft board? Quite impressive.
  8. Next year Sid and Biermann will be in their 3rd and 4th seasons. Abe will still be a decent player at least next year if we hold onto him. If we don't, we can find a solid 3rd DE in FA, and we will probably draft a DE pretty early in next year's draft. That's 3 good DEs, 3 good DTs and one or two servicable tpye DEs (Davis).
  9. Sid going into year two is in the same situation as Biermann was going into year two, so I expect him to have a similar jump is production this year. He is nearly 270 and runs under a 4.6, and is high character/hard worker or else TD wouldn't have drafted him. When you put that together with our quality DLine coaching, I think he is in for a Bierman-like jump in production this year. Especially with the improved coverage and superior interior rush.
  10. We already have two young DEs that are well along in that long learning curve, and we will start to see the fruit of the harvest this season with Biermann entering year three and Sid entering year two. We might pick up a DE in next years draft, but we didn't need one this year.
  11. That's true they were off the board, and it's easy to say we would have picked one of them up when in reality we don't know if we'd go with spoon or one of them given the opportunity. But I think Spoon was the guy all along, it's unlikely that either of those rookie DEs would be bettery than Biermann going into year three since rookie DEs have long learning curves.
  12. All along sensible fans were saying "why draft a DE when they are hardly ever impact players in year one, we already have two DEs further along the learning curve, better interior rush will help," etc etc. So foor all of the fans wanting a DE, what do you think about this draft? TD clearly feels we are solid at DE.
  13. Jerries health is a concern. I think we'll probably pick up another DT in this draft just for insurance. We need him healthy though, no doubt.
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